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Product: Pledge Furniture Polish
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Manufacturers Description: Wear and tear from everyday use can cause your wood furniture, cabinets, and surfaces to lose their luster–that healthy look and feel that add so much to the ambience of your home. Pledge® Aerosol Furniture Polish has gentle cleansing conditioners that remove dust, smudges, and dirt and help protect against water damage and stains. And it leaves no residue build-up.

Actually repels dust; leaves no waxy buildup. Excellent on wood furniture, cabinets, paneling, vinyl and leather. The good qualities in Pledge®, such as better scratch resistance, can be used to a refinisher’s advantage

Suggested Uses: Polishing wood (pine, teak, oak, and walnut).

Vinyl and Leather – For couches, chairs, seat covers, and more.

Marble – Polishing marble is quick and easy with Pledge®

Our First Hand Review: Ah, yet another weird product for a motorcycle site to review! Yes, you can use it on your motorcycle vinyl and leather seats, but what is the other great purpose we found for it? You will just have to keep reading to find out…

Telling anyone you are going to use Pledge wood polish on your motorcycle is a guaranteed way to get them to look at your wierdly. First thing they think is, you got wood on your bike? What year is it?….

We tried different versions, but buy the Lemon aerosol version only. Others may not work as well or leave a buildup. The lemon one is the yellow can, common version you’ll find forsale almost anywhere.

We found amazing results on rubber and plastic bike parts. Even on black painted parts it worked well! Plus, it leaves a nice lemony scent as you clean the bike! haha.

Spray directly into a very soft cloth and run in on your rubber and plastic bike parts. It works, it works great! Better in fact than Armor All, Simonize and other rubber/plastic products we have tested to date.

As I’ve said, it works great on plastic of any colour and even on windshields and helmet visors as well. No, it doesn’t turn clear plastic a yellow tint, it leaves no waxy buildup. It works like Rain-X in the rain and makes bugs come off easy as well as the dirt and dust. Rubber and plastic become more rich and dark in colour and the richness in uniform.

Make sure you polish it into the surface and don’t leave areas of buildup or runs.

The only problem with using this product in this way is after you wash your bike, you’ll have to reapply it again. But then, it smells great…

The cost is on the lower side for what the product is and does compared to other competing products. Seen how much windshield plastic cleaner/polish is lately?

This product is very easy to find and any disount store most likely will carry it.

Overall: We found amazing results on rubber and plastic bike parts. Even on black painted parts it worked well! Plus, it leaves a nice lemony scent as you clean the bike! haha.

People might think you are crazy when you tell them you use Pledge on your motorcycle, but then they will stand back and admire the results!

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