An Indian Summer Ep3: Gear Up in Style

An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style

An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style

An Indian Summer: Indian Motorcycle partnered with Total Motorcycle in 2020 so we could review their bikes and gear for our readers! In this episode, An Indian Summer Ep3: Gear Up in Style, we review some cool men’s and ladies’ t-shirts, stylish hoodies and not one but two pairs of Indian Motorcycle Red Wing leather motorcycle boots! So, what did we think? On with Ep3! (Read Episode 1, Episode 2 in case you missed them).

At Total Motorcycle we do real life, long-term reviews. We live with the gear, ride the bikes and use the products, and it takes time to review properly and do it right the first time. Thus, all our gear, bikes and product reviews are long-term, upwards of 6 weeks! When Indian Motorcycle asked if we wanted to do reviews, we were happy to oblige, and Indian was generous enough to give us 4 weeks with an Indian Scout and an Indian Springfield. Thank you Indian!

After you’ve read the article, please scroll back up here and watch the YouTube video that goes with this article. All the same information, presented in beautiful living color!



Overview – An Indian Summer Ep3

Andrea: A long-term rider of 17 years, I haven’t been one to buy motorcycle branded clothing. Typically I am only focused on buying high-quality riding gear such as jackets, helmets, gloves and boots. So when I was approached by Indian Motorcycles to review apparel, I thought I’d give it a go. I was able to select my own choices from their current catalog, and I ended up going with:

Mike: As the site owner I’m an even longer-term rider, but I do own some motorcycle branded clothing. I chose to order the:

What drew me to this t-shirt was the homage to the American Flat Track racing, and specifically, the iconic Indian Scout represented. I really liked the wine colour and overall just thought it was a nice looking shirt. The boots are an iconic classic colour and I really like the boot cap at the toe and the lace-up styling.

Opening up a home-delivered box feels a bit like Christmas, which is always fun. We pulled out the tops first. All of the tops feel very high quality and their presentation is great. They are neatly folded with beautifully designed vintage looking tags delicately hanging from the inside neck label with a tiny safety pin and cotton twine. The two pairs of boots are at the bottom of the box, in their own boot boxes as you’d expect. The boots are gorgeous! We are excited to explore each of the items further.


“All of the tops feel very high quality and their presentation is great.”


Andrea: Shopping for clothes and footwear online can be tricky, especially if you’ve never bought the brand before. I always do my homework by taking my measurements first and aligning them to the size chart on the website. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out. For me, this was one of the times where the online chart wasn’t quite right for my body. The tops are a bit large and the boots are a tiny bit long and narrow. Thankfully though, all of them fit well enough to keep them and wear them, so I will wear them and comment on them after some time.

Mike: I was looking forward to our An Indian Summer Ep3: Gear Up in Style review as I don’t have much riding gear, just the necessities. Typically I let my staff get as many of the review products instead. So here I am riding in gear that is older than my 2013 Moto Guzzi! Last year my jacket was almost considered “vintage” at 20 years old! OMG, time to replace that gear, Mike.

I will say, men are so much easier to shop for online, LOL. The t-shirt and boots I ordered fit as expected and they actually look better in person than online. But to be honest, nothing beats shopping in a store to support your local motorcycle shop. Order online if you must, but please, first check out your local shops and support those who support what you love.



T-Shirts – An Indian Summer Ep3

An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style
An Indian Summer Ep3: Indian Women’s Script Logo T-Shirt, Black


Andrea: The Women’s Script Logo Indian Motorcycle t-shirt is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend and is luxuriously soft and stretchy. This is exactly what I would expect from this high-quality brand and price. It has a lovely figure-fitting cut and is nicely breathable. The logo on the chest is quite classy; it’s a nice muted gold with a touch of vintage crackle to it. Interestingly, the print feels as though it is a part of the t-shirt instead of being a painted-on decal like other t-shirts. This is one heck of a nice t-shirt!


“…luxuriously soft and stretchy.”


Mike: I really like the Indian red color as well as the American Flat Track racing history (TMW covers AFT racing daily) on the Wrecking Crew Graphic T-Shirt. The Indian Scout racing design on the front with “Wrecking Crew” (that’s Indian’s official AFT racing team) is just so cool to me and adds “fun” to the shirt without it being “cheesy” if you know what I mean.

The men’s Indian Motorcycle t-shirt is made of 100% Cotton Single Jersey, like most other t-shirts. I noticed the same thing as Andrea, the print appears to be a part of the t-shirt as opposed to be painted on top, which I like. It is a great looking t-shirt made to a high quality, so I imagine this shirt will be in my closet for a long time.

An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style
An Indian Summer Ep3: Men’s Wrecking Crew Graphic T-Shirt, Port



Andrea: Remember that I did take my measurements before placing my order and I relied on the online size chart for picking the correct size. For both Indian tops (t-shirt and hoodie), my measurements indicated I should order a medium even though I normally fit a small. Unfortunately, both tops are a bit too big to be flattering, but at least the size of the t-shirt offers the breathability that I look for in a riding shirt.

Truthfully, I wish I had ordered both in my normal size and ignored the online chart, but the t-shirt will work for me. If you want this shirt to be a snug fit then buy the size you normally buy. But if you want it to have some breathing room, follow the measurement chart on the website and go with what they say.


“…the size of the t-shirt offers the breathability that I look for in a riding shirt.”


Mike: I ordered my normal size, a large, and it fits me perfectly as it should!



Andrea: I truly love the silky feeling of the fabric against my skin and it is super comfortable to wear. When I first started wearing the t-shirt I was concerned it was too big, but now that I’ve been out riding in it I like the extra room for breathability. It fits well under my motorcycle jackets and the logo shows nicely when I unzip the jacket.

Another nice touch is that because the logo is essentially a part of the fabric and not painted on top, I was able to run the iron directly over the logo with no sticking issues. Other than being a tad big, this shirt is a win and I would happily buy it again but in a size small if I want to have it as a daily wearer rather than a t-shirt under my riding gear.

Mike: What can I say, it’s a t-shirt! I can wear it under my riding jacket and I can also wear it day-to-day. I know I will wear this shirt a lot and continue to enjoy the compliments I’ve already received.



Andrea: For the tops, the biggest problem is that the online size guide had me order a size up and I wish I bought my normal size instead. That being said, the slightly larger size of the t-shirt does make it more breathable when I’m riding. The t-shirt feels luxurious and offers great design and breathability.

Mike: The t-shirt is really, really nice. The nice touches are the print which seems to be a part of the shirt instead of on top, the contrast stitching at the neckline, and the hallmark at the bottom right hem. High quality, classy and comfortable. I like it and the color (port) and style goes well with my Indian Spirit Lake boots too.


“High quality, classy and comfortable.”


Hoodie -An Indian Summer Ep3

An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style
An Indian Summer Ep3: Indian Women’s Dropped Back Hem Hoodie Sweatshirt with Glitter Logo, Black


Andrea: The Indian Women’s Dropped Back Hem Hoodie Sweatshirt with Glitter Logo is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester and it feels thick and a bit rigid, not like a traditional casual and floppy sweatshirt. Looking more closely, I see that the body-side of the fabric is a weave, not traditional sweatshirt or fleece. I can tell that this hoodie was built to maintain structure and also last for the long run rather than trying to be ultra-soft and snuggly like some other hoodies.


“I love the touch of the sparkle which keeps it feminine but not overly so.”


The print on the front is a plum-reddish colour with a delicate sparkle over the red ink. The colour of the print reminds me of my hands after picking blackberries with my sister as a child. I love the touch of the sparkle which keeps it feminine but not overly so, and I also like that the print is not thick. The red lining of the hood matches the colour of the chest logo print and it is a nice touch.



Andrea: As per the t-shirt, the online size guide had me order a size up in the hoodie and it is too big to be flattering. Perhaps that adds to its comfortableness but it is not to my fashion liking. I also find that the sleeves are only just long enough for my arms, which means the smaller size may end up with slightly short arms.

This hoodie is made with a high neck, which is great for wearing when riding so you have some neck coverage from bugs (ever been hit in the neck with a bug at highway speed?). However, high necks are not to my liking so it is one of the features with both a pro and a con for me. I find that the hood is quite thick and bulky so it would be best to wear outside of your riding jacket.

A couple of pluses for me are that there are no drawstring cords coming out at the neck and I love that the wrist cuffs will only pull up to a ¾ length and then stay there because I’m a ¾ sleeve kinda gal.



Andrea: The hoodie feels substantial and it does keep me warm but unfortunately it is not as soft and cozy as standard sweatshirts or fleece. Because the material is more of a thick and structured cotton/poly blend and the inner texture is like braided fibers, I don’t love the way it feels on my skin or how it moves. But on the positive side, its structure gives a sturdier look, so when I look back in the mirror I am pleased with the way it lays.

I attempted to iron directly over the chest logo and had no problem with the iron sticking. Ironing the hood was a challenge as it does not want to lay nicely. It’s a small price to pay though as this hoodie is very nice looking and is very high quality.

Do you like the lowered hem at the back? I can see it being useful for wearing over tights or if your backside is a part of your body you like to cover up. I find that it is not to my style, but it works well when riding as the back does go down all the way to the seat, which gives lots of coverage even from the wind that kicks up when riding. It think it is one of those things that you either like or don’t.



Andrea: Overall, I have mixed feelings about the hoodie but I will wear it when just hanging about or under my motorcycle jacket on those cool spring and autumn rides. For me I find the material a bit too stiff with too high of a neckline, the hood is too bulky, and the low back hem does not appeal to me personally. But I do love the gently sparkling logo and red-lining of the hood, and it is truly great quality.



Boots – An Indian Summer Ep3

An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style
An Indian Summer Ep3: Indian Women’s Leather Connelly Boot x Red Wing Shoes, Black
An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style
An Indian Summer Ep3: Indian Women’s Leather Connelly Boot x Red Wing Shoes, Black


Andrea: My goodness, these Indian Women’s Leather Connelly Boots are made with tremendous quality! I am really, really impressed! The oiled matte black leather is so soft and supple and with great structure to hold up well to the elements. As I’ve been wearing them the boots are forming to my feet and are earning their crease marks where the leather bends and flexes for my feet. This is exactly what a high quality pair of leather boots should do.

The soles are rubber with an asphalt-inspired tread. After riding a number of times with these boots, I am finding that the leather is molding well to my feet and the rubber soles have been great at providing a nice grip on the pavement when coming to a stop.

I have actually been looking for a classy pair of safety-conscious black leather boots for a while to replace my old brown cowboy boots and it looks like I finally found what I was looking for. To flex an old song title… these boots are made for ridin’!


“Foot safety is just as important as your helmet…Thankfully all these conditions are met.”


Mike: I am a really picky when it comes to riding gear as I want to fit and function a certain way or I just won’t like it, or at worst, it will just sit in the closest unloved. Boots really fit into that “must be 90% perfect” category. Foot safety is just as important as your helmet, so full ankle coverage, full leather construction, a great tread pattern, oil resistant sole and designed to sit high enough past the ankle it will not only cover your ankle properly but also prevent the boot from being thrown or (heaven forbid) ripped off is required. Thankfully all these conditions are met here on the Men’s Leather Spirit Lake Boots. I also wanted to draw your attention to an additional “safety” feature, the Vibram 430 sole.

What is a Vibram sole? Mr. Vitale Bramani was an alpine mountain climber and designed the Vibram (“vee-brahm”) sole with Goodyear to save mountain climbers lives in the Himalayas due to exposure from slow climbs. With excellent traction and being freeze proof, water-resistance, slip-resistant, electrical hazard-resistant and hard wearing, they are the standard for which all soles are judged. Boot soles are a tool, and it just so happens that Vibram makes some of the best for the various tasks that your boots are called upon to do.


An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style
An Indian Summer Ep3: Men’s Leather Spirit Lake Boot x Red Wing Shoes, Brown



Andrea: I am a size 10 in footwear but sometimes I do better in a 9W. It’s not that I have particularly wide feet, but they are just ever-so-slightly wider than a standard foot, so depending on the fit of the brand and style I typically opt for a 10 but occasionally fit a 9W better. Because I ordered these boots online and there are no wide widths or half sizes, I have to order my normal 10 and then cross my fingers that the boots fit perfect.

As I slip on the boots for the first time I find that they are tight across the top. I go for a walk across the living room, and ouch, ouch. The issue is not with the length. In fact, as a 10 it is slightly longer than most 10’s. They also feel good on the sides. The issue is really across the top of the boot, up at the part where the foot bends into the leg at the point where the boot is constructed to hold the foot in the boot. There’s only one way to fix this. Loosen the buckle by one hole and then just wear them to try to stretch them.

Sitting in front of my TV each night, I wear the boots for many days in a row, about an hour at a time. Thankfully, each day the boots feel a bit better and eventually stretch enough that I can try wearing them on the bike. I start riding with them and, honestly, they are nicely shaping to my foot as any high quality leather boot will do. When I walk my heel slips just a tiny little bit, a natural occurrence since they are a tad bit long for a size 10. That top part that is snug is now much more comfortable and works well to keep my foot in the boot, although I still wish it had just a tiny bit more give in that area.

There are silver buckles with working straps to adjust the top of the foot and the calf width. The buckle mechanisms work well as I loosen the top of the foot strap it by one hole. Because of the calf buckles you can easily choose to wear skinny jeans or boot-cut jeans.

On a further positive note, my feet do not get hot or sweaty in these boots. I do love the breathability of leather, and in this case both the upper and the dense insole are made of it.  The boots appear to breathe quite well and provide good comfort and I am sure they will continue to mold to my feet as time goes on.


“I do love the breathability of leather, and in this case both the upper and the dense insole are made of it. “


Mike: I have big feet and I wear big “Frankenstein” boots, Size 12D (and sometimes a 13 depending on fit). It sure can get you noticed if you are wearing the wrong boot! Luckily, these boots make my feet look small. That is honestly rare!

As I mentioned above, I’m picky with gear so fit is critical. With new boots, fit is never going to be “like a glove” when you start wearing them and it definitely takes time to “break-in” boots, which can be uncomfortable. I found the Indian Spirit Lake boots to fit very well. 12 or 13 is what I am, 12D is what the boots are and they are true to size if not roomy to feel more like a 13.

Nothing pinches, and the boots don’t feel abnormally uncomfortable either, even to begin with before they are broken in. When I walk in them, I have no rubbing of my heel or sliding of the feet and my foot feels secure. The leather will need to break-in and soften up but that will come in time and I can already tell these will be replacing my 7 year old Justin steel-toe “Texan style” work boots I currently ride in.



Andrea: The boot tip does fit nicely under the shifter. Since the boot finish is matte, the shifter is already starting to gently rub the texture and of course I cannot polish them because of their matte finish. Honestly, I am not worried about that though as it is clear evidence that I am a rider. It’s just something to be aware of when selecting any boot for riding.

In other good news, I have experienced great traction from the sole when coming to a stop. They are also really nice looking boots and I can see myself wearing these for years to come now that they are broken in.

Mike: As Andrea mentioned, fitting under the shifter can be the first real test if a boot will work on a motorcycle. You would be shocked how many boots are “too tall in the toe” to fit under a motorcycle shifter! The “shorter the toe” the more comfortable your leg’s angle will be when you shift. So having a good toe height is critical.

My Justin boots have a flat squared off toe (they are vintage looking cowboy boots I bought in Texas) and the Indian Spirit Lakes boots have a more traditional toe that is double capped. Thankfully the Indian boots pass the shifter test as failing this would mean no matter how good the boots are, they are not good for motorcycling!

I would like to also point out that the sole is Goodyear welt stitched, meaning, the boots can be resoled easily. And as an unexpected bonus, the heel can also be replaced too separately from the sole.


An Indian Summer Ep3 Gear Up in Style
An Indian Summer Ep3: Men’s Leather Spirit Lake Boot x Red Wing Shoes, Brown



Andrea: Regarding the boots, they do fit a tad bit long and narrow. They are quite snug across the top and my heel slips up as I walk. Not a deal breaker, but it’s not a perfect fit. Had I have paid the MSRP and received them to my door I would probably have returned them, but that being said, now that I am breaking them in they are becoming more comfortable and they are now my daily riding boot. I have learned to live with the snugness across the top of the foot because they are just so gorgeous I can’t get rid of them!

Mike: With great sole traction from the Vibram 430 sole, full leather construction and the boots offering good protection in the right spots, I can see these boots working out just fine. That said, I would offer up a few suggestions to Indian to improve the product (at least for me).

1) I would like to see a removable insole, as the insole found in the boots is glued in and not the most comfortable. Maybe Indian wants you to buy their optional insole or get an aftermarket one, but at the price these boots are, it is a negative.

2) The laces are not very good due to their “inflexibility” and thus lacing up the boot is finicky; looks like I may be buying laces too! I am sure they made those laces to last but they are rigid and tough to use.

3) Steel-toe: While I know not every rider wants steel toe boots, I find them to be “extra safe”. I had an experience on my bike where I decided to “superman” over the handlebars and, believe it or not, the steel toe deflected the metal from entering my boot… so steel toe, heel or foot plate would be a nice addition, for me.


Review Summary – An Indian Summer Ep3

As you can tell, we have a mostly positive review here. We are massively impressed with the quality of these tops and boots from Indian Motorcycles but Andrea had some struggles with the sizing of all three of her products (t-shirt, hoodie and boots). As with any online ordering, we recommend you go to the store to try things on if you can. If not, try ordering the size that you normally wear and ignore their size charts altogether unless you want things to fit a bit bigger.

All of the apparel gets 5 stars for quality, without question. The only reason to knock this review down to 4 stars is the size chart on their website for the ladies wear and Mike’s suggestions on the boot insole and laces, which are things that Indian can easily remedy. If they do, we will happily bump our rating up a full 5-Stars for them!

Overall: 4 stars

Don’t forget to watch the YouTube video that goes with this article. All the same information, presented in beautiful living color!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Indian Motorcycle for providing the gear to Total Motorcycle for our An Indian Summer Ep3: Gear Up in Style review.



Next Week – An Indian Summer Ep4

We hope you enjoyed reading An Indian Summer Ep3, and in our next article, cover the fit, feel, and finish of the new Indian Scout.



Indian Motorcycle is America’s First Motorcycle Company and a true American Idol. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivaled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship.

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