An Indian Summer Ep8 – Indian Scout Rate and Review

An Indian Summer Ep8 - Indian Scout Rate and Review

Is the Indian Scout the most fun mid-sized cruiser? After six weeks and nearly 1000 miles with the Indian Scout, we’re ready to give you our final ratings! We took the Scout up and down every canyon we could find. We commuted to work, shopped for groceries, did some banking and pumped gas. Mainly though, what we did on the Scout was had fun. Let’s rate and review our Indian Scout.


Right-side quarter closeup of the Indian Scout


About the Scout

History runs deep with the Indian Scout. Its heritage-inspired design, chrome finishes and modern performance make it stand out from the rest. An integrated USB port now makes it easy to charge your mobile devices and included ABS provides even more stopping power.

The iconic Indian® Scout® features a 69-cubic inch, liquidcooled V-twin that puts out 100 horsepower. It rides into 2019 with more technology in the form of an expanded ABS offering and a USB charging port that’s located on the right-side of the speedometer for easy access.

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The Indian Scout – Reviewed, Rated & Judged! Is the Indian Scout the most fun mid-sized cruiser?

This is the final episode is our series of videos about the 2019 #Indian Scout #Cruiser. We rate the Scout in eight different elements and explain each: Comfort, Power, Handling, Range, Versatility, Sound, Style and Fun. Is the Indian Scout the most fun mid-sized cruiser?Read the full review online on #TMW shortly.Total #Motorcycle Website is accredited media/press for 39 Motorcycle Manufacturers around the world! If you are not on Total Motorcycle you are not getting the Total picture.2021 Motorcycles on Total Motorcycle: Motorcycles on Total Motorcycle: out all our reviews right here: Motorcycle Website Million Readers. #Totalmotorcycle, Built By #riders for riders. #Motorcycle, #product and #gear #reviews, guides, #games and #forums. Supporting riders for over 20 years.Don’t be just be a motorcycle fan, be a Total Motorcycle Fan! Come join us on all our social media pages too.Facebook to our Daily RSS News Feed

Posted by Total Motorcycle on Monday, July 13, 2020

How and What we Rate

Let me start with a quick explanation of our review method here at Total Motorcycle.

First, we base our final ratings on the space between what we expected, and what we actually observed. This helps us “experience” each bike from the mindset of someone who might actually be shopping for that type of bike. It honors the mission of the bike, and that way we’re not grading fish on how well they climb trees.

We rate each bike on eight categories, and those categories get a 1 through 5 star rating.


The Categories

Comfort – How well we fit on the bike, how easy the controls are to reach and use, and whether or not we need to see the chiropractor after an extended ride.

Power – Not just how much power it has, but also how easy that power is to manage.

Handling – How well the bike leans in, and how much lean you can get before stuff starts to drag. Steering feel, moving around in the seat. And how well it stops once you’ve got it going.

Range – Where fuel mileage and fuel capacity meet. This rating can vary wildly based on the type of bike and what you’re likely to do with it.

Versatility – How many types of riding can you do on this bike? What can you use it for?

Style – The spectrum between appliance and art. Utility and volatility. Benign and beatific.

Sound – Volume and note of the exhaust. Also any random squeaks, rattles, or whooshes from the frame and machinery.

Fun – Pure and simple joy. Is it more exciting to get on the bike, or get off it? Do we miss it when we’re in the cage?

Indian Scout Final Scores


Indian Scout Comfort – Review and Rate – 4

A low seat, trim weight, and compact design make the Scout and pleasure to sit on and ride. The controls are all easy to reach and manipulate. And because Indian offers a wide range of ergonomic kits for the Scout, especially small or tall riders can be accommodated. The seat is contoured a little too shallow for my comfort though. Also, wind protection isn’t great at high speeds, especially when combined with the steep angle of the forward controls. At freeway speeds I had to hold my feet at an odd angle to minimize windblast.

Power – Review and Rate – 5

The Scout’s throttle cable seems to link directly to my smile button. Brisk, linear power combined with six forward gears give it all the power you could ever need. It burbles around town comfortably, but also feels relaxed at freeway speeds. Down-one passes and triple-digit sprints are exhilarating.

Handling – Review and Rate – 4

Low bars and a low center of gravity on the Scout lend themselves to mildly aggressive riding. It leans into corners fluidly and confidently, and even with the long foot pegs we didn’t drag any hard parts. Controls are much too far forward to ever make this bike flickable, but it does stand up crisply when you power out of a corner and it will hold of up it’s end of a line if you’ve got yours. The brakes are on the soft side, though, and the steep angle of the rear brake pedal makes it tough to finesse.


Indian Scout Range – Review and Rate – 2

We observed 44.7 miles to the gallon during our time with the Scout. Given the 3.3 gallon fuel capacity, you’re looking at 147 miles of range if you’re comfortable riding on fumes. On the open road, you’re looking for gas stations every 80 to 100 miles, and every station you pass up is a gamble. For a sub-liter cruiser or commuter bike this would be fine, but a bike like this ought to offer more in this category.

Staff writer Eric Leaverton fueling the 2019 Indian Scout.
Beauty and the Beast!


Versatility – Review and Rate – 3

The Scout is superb for bombing around town or taking a day trip around the lake, and with the saddlebags you can even pick up a handful of groceries or commute with your lunch bag and compact laptop. The less-than-stellar wind protection and smallish range make the Scout a bike that likes to stay close to home, though, which is a shame with all that power on tap.


The 2019 Indian Scout pictured in profile. Sunlight gleams from glossy chrome exhaust pipes.
Just look at that motor!


Style  – Review and Rate – 5

The Scout really is rolling sculpture. From every angle the bike just looks great, but without ever being chintzy or gaudy. The shape of the tank is especially beautiful, with just the right amount of angle and curve so that it’s neither bulbous nor boxy. And the motor is a serious contender for the most gorgeous in any production bike ever. The Scout just looks amazing. We got so many compliments from passerby we felt like minor celebrities and NOBODY just walks past the Scout. They stop and point and wave, and some even take pictures if you’re sitting still long enough.


Sound – Review and Rate – 4

The Scout’s exhaust note is throaty and muscular, especially on decel, and it doesn’t edge go all buzzy at high RPMs either. For a bike in this segment, it could stand to be a little louder though. It sure looks like it would be.


Indian Scout Fun – Review and Rate – 5

The Scout never failed to put a smile on our faces. We loved every minute we spent in the saddle, and every time I parked it and walked away I was excited to get back on it. More importantly, I never turned down an opportunity to ride it, and never missed my C14 while I was on it. Or, almost never. I never turn down a chance to recommend the Scout to a fellow rider, experienced or beginner alike, and I’m always excited when I see another Scout out in the wild. I loved this bike, and it really reminded me of why I got into motorcycling in the first place.


Right side of the 2019 Indian Scout, showcasing tank graphics and exhaust pipes.


We would like to thank Indian Motorcycle for fulfilling our long term review request and loaning us a new Indian Scout for 6 weeks to let you know what the Indian Scout is like to own and live with. While our road is at and end with the Scout, it is just beginning with the Indian Springfield, their big bagger. Stay tuned each week for yet another long term unbiased review from Total Motorcycle!

Ride Safe & Ride Often!


Indian Motorcycles


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