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Total Motorcycle Logos 2003
A collection of artifacts of historical importance from our past.

A logo is much more than just a symbol of a company, it is its face.

Total Motorcycle Website Logo (Pre-Total

Year 2003 – 2003 was a landmark year for Total Motorcycle. We were growing by leaps and bounds each month. Even with spreading out the bandwidth and server space among many different free hosts it wasn’t enough we need our own URL and server.

By summer 2003 our free hosts started writing me and saying they couldn’t host such a popular busy site for free. Too big, too fast, too much bandwidth, too much space, our free webhosts were telling me. I had to find a solution for both our visitors and our hosts fast. Total Motorcycle was attracting over 1 million unique visitors (that was a huge amount in 2003 for internet traffic) as I added the Reliable Used Motorcycle Buyers Guide and Beginners Guide to Motorcycling plus the addition of a Motorcycle Photo Gallery. The photo gallery was a manual job where visitors emailed me their photos/details and I edited/resized each, but back in 2003 there were very few places you could add your motorcycle photo to.

After working with several paid hosts everything was set November 8th for Total Motorcycle to move to it’s new home. I found a paid host ( who would host us on their fast network and give us room to grow and accomodate our needs as well. We are STILL hosted there today… How is that for loyality!

November 11th, I aquire the Total Motorcycle domain name (DNS) and fully go online with A “new” logo was required to inform all our current visitors about the URL change and for our new domain. Looking back I was very fortunate to acquire the name Total as it was (in my opinion) a great all-inclusive name for a motorcycle site. There were no other “total” names at the time, today there are many, maybe due to the success of Total Motorcycle in use of the Total name? Since then it is hard to get a good “2 word” URL name anymore and more new sites are using 3 and 4 word names.

Total Motorcycle Website Logo 2003
Animated Total Motorcycle Website Logo 2003 v1. Actual size.

Total Motorcycle Website Logo 2003
Animated Total Motorcycle Website Logo 2003 v2 . Actual size.

By December 9th 2003, in just one month, I had already surpassed me yearly growth expectations! Amazingly Total Motorcycle had grown so big in one month that we need to purchase a much larger bandwidth package from our host to accomodate the amount of visitors to Total Motorcycle.

Since 2003 (as of May 2011), an additional 110 million unique visitors have visited Total Motorcycle. So if you are reading this it is likely you know Total Motorcycle as rather than the 2000-2002 site name of “the Rider Homepage” or “100% Motorcycle Website”.

No matter when you first discovered and visited Total Motorcycle I thank you for coming and enjoying the site. I have always felt Total Motorcycle was unique on the internet and definately one of the friendlists sites out there; because of this I think of Total Motorcycle as a big family that you are part of and thus have refused to sell out all these years.

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