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2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi
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2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi
2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi

2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi
2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi


- 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi

The Kawasaki Vulcan™ 1500 Classic Fi cruiser earned numerous accolades upon its introduction last year, including being named “Cruiser of the Year” by Motorcycle Tour & Cruiser magazine. Not only does the Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi feature the look, feel and sound of a 1950s-era cruiser motorcycle, but its high-tech digitally-controlled fuel injection system and other refinements give it great performance.


Classic adulation

The Kawasaki Vulcan™ 1500 Classic Fi cruiser earned numerous accolades upon its introduction last year, including being named “Cruiser of the Year” by Motorcycle Tour & Cruiser magazine. Not only does the Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi feature the look, feel and sound of a 1950s-era cruiser motorcycle, but its high-tech digitally-controlled fuel injection system and other refinements give it great performance.

The big 90 cubic-inch V-twin engine in the Classic FI pumps out plenty of torque and power with high-compression pistons and cam timing taken from the original Vulcan 1500. A Mitsubishi digital fuel injection system feeds each cylinder its high-octane (minimum 90 octane required) fuel mixture through twin 36mm throttle bodies. A separate intake tract for each throttle body provides smooth engine operation. The tip of each injector contains four nozzles, with two of those aimed at each intake valve.

Two different systems automatically and accurately control the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders. A 16-bit electronic control unit (ECU) uses readings from sensors that monitor engine coolant temperature, intake air temperature, atmospheric pressure, intake air pressure and throttle position to adjust the amount of fuel injected. Under light engine loads, such as at partial throttle while maintaining highway speed, the fuel amount is calculated from intake pressure and engine speed. At mid-to-heavy engine load, fuel injection is determined by the throttle position and engine speed. The overall result is excellent engine response and power with increased fuel efficiency. The ECU also has a special pin that allows technicians to check the fuel injection system if needed.

There are four valves per cylinder actuated by single overhead cams. Two valve springs are used on all valves to ensure tight valve closure, while hydraulic valve lash adjusters automatically maintain valve clearance for smooth engine performance, reduced noise and no maintenance. Automatic cam chain tensioners keep cam timing accurate and provide greater reliability with no upkeep. The right-side crankcase and clutch cover are designed to make it easy to check the engine’s oil level and to perform regularly scheduled maintenance.

A gear-driven engine counterbalancer and rubber engine mounts reduce handlebar and floorboard vibration, yet the engine retains its distinctive V-twin rumble. The engine produces 85 foot-pounds of torque at 2,500 rpm so that a crack of the throttle punches out smooth acceleration.

A long, low-slung chassis provides the classic cruiser look. The Classic Fi’s floorboards are positioned to put the rider in an upright and comfortable position. The rear brake pedal is designed to make it easier to apply the brake that has plenty of power with its dual piston caliper. Other conveniences include wide, five-way adjustable brake and clutch levers for added rider comfort, self-canceling turn signals and a repositioned steering lock for easier use.

An electronic speedometer eliminates a wheel-driven mechanism and its speedometer cable for a cleaner look, plus it allows more fuel to be carried in the five-gallon flangeless tank. The speedometer face atop the gas tank features an LED display for the odometer and tripmeter, as well as a clock.

Kawasaki recognizes that customizing is a very big part of the cruiser experience and offers a full line of genuine FIRE & STEEL™ accessories for the Classic FI. Among the choices are many chrome pieces, leather bags and trim, backrests, lights, racks and windshields. They can be found at Kawasaki dealers and online at

The Vulcan 1500 Classic series of cruiser motorcycles has featured Kawasaki’s strongest selling models over the past several years – and for good reason. With its strong performance, visual appeal and accolades from the press, the Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi is sure to help continue that sales trend.



1,470cc OHC V-Twin

85 foot-pounds of torque at 2,500 rpm
Dual valve springs on all valves
Liquid Cooling

More even running temperatures mean no “power fade” on hot days and longer engine life
Includes warning light
Auxiliary fan keeps things cool, even in traffic
Four Valves per Cylinder

Compact combustion chamber for increased compression ratio without detonation on minimum 90 octane fuel
Boosts low end torque
Provides maximum valve area for optimum flow
Hydraulic Valve Lash Adjusters

Keep valves quiet with no maintenance, no adjustment required
Digital Fuel Injection

Provides excellent engine response and power with less fuel consumption
Two different systems are switched and used automatically according to engine load for accurate fuel injection control
16-bit electronic control unit processes information faster for better engine response
Dual Throttle Bodies

Dual 36mm throttle bodies use one injector for each cylinder
Separate intake tract for each throttle body for smoother engine operation
Four nozzles at the tip of each injector, with two nozzles aimed at each intake valve
Dual Plug Digital Ignition

Microprocessor controlled timing, never needs adjustment
Two spark plugs in each combustion chamber cut detonation for extra durability
Gear-Driven Engine Balancer

Counter-rotates at engine speed to cancel vibration
Allows use of single-pin crankshaft without the heavy vibration
Rubber-Mounted Engine

All but eliminates engine vibration at all speeds
Five-Speed Transmission With Positive Neutral Finder

Five-speed transmission combines great around-town acceleration with relaxed highway cruising
Just lift the shift pedal from first at a stop to find neutral easily, every time
A Kawasaki exclusive
Shaft Drive

A reliable and quiet, low-maintenance system
Hydraulic Clutch Release

Easy to operate
Easy to maintain
Fuel Tank

Full 5-gallon capacity
New clean, flangeless design
Large Diameter Reflector Beam Headlight

Brighter, more focused beam to light the way
Chrome-Plated Wire Spoke Wheels

Fat tires front and rear on sparkling chrome 16-inch wheels make a classic styling statement



Kawasaki Vulcan™ Cruisers

By introducing the KZ900 LTD in 1976, Kawasaki was an early leader in what has become today’s cruiser movement. Ten years later, when the Vulcan™ 750 cruiser debuted, it was one of Kawasaki’s first V-twin-powered cruisers and featured high-tech items such as dual disc brakes up front and mag wheels. In 1995, Kawasaki unveiled the Vulcan 800, which was one of the first V-twin metric cruiser models to feature American styling.

And now Kawasaki features one of the fullest and most diverse lines of cruiser motorcycles in the industry. From our top selling Vulcan 1500 Classic and the bikes it has spawned like the 1500 Nomad™ and Drifter™, Kawasaki has a cruiser to suit your style. And whatever you choose, you will invariably be happy with the styling, quality engineering and performance of a Kawasaki Vulcan cruiser.

A key element to the cruiser lifestyle is customizing to fit individual design tastes and performance needs. Fortunately, Kawasaki offers its own extensive line of genuine Fire & Steel™ accessories. Motorcyclists can choose from literally hundreds of parts to customize their Kawasaki cruiser motorcycles, and doing so, make their own bold statement. Customers can find Fire & Steel accessories at their local Kawasaki dealer or shop online at

New for 2001:

Black Pearl
Luminous Vintage Red / Metallic Cremora Olive


Revised for 2001:

Steering lock



Engine Type
4-stroke V-Twin


Bore x Stroke
102 x 90 mm.

Compression Ratio

Valve System
SOHC, 8 valves

Fuel System
Mitsubishi 36 mm x 2
Dual Plug Digital Ignition



32 degrees


Suspension, Front
41 mm. hydraulic telescopic fork

Suspension, Rear
Dual rear shocks with 4-way spring preload adjustment

Tire Front

Tire Rear

Brakes, Front

Brakes, Rear

Seat Height

Fuel Capacity
5.0 gallons

Dry Weight
659 pounds

Specifications are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations.