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Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XV250 Virago, VX250S

Years Made: 1995- Present (2003+)
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
248cc V-Twin
mm/ “
Weight: 320lb HP: 21
Torque: 15
Top Speed: 75mph MPG: 55
New Cost: $6,193 (1995) – $6,299 (1997) – $6,145 (2000) – $11,390 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,419 Medium $2,352 High $2,835

Description:XV250 Virago
Let us introduce you to the Virago 250, a feature-packed, lightweight cruiser.
The Virago 250 is a quarter-liter mount that the magazine press dubbed, affectionately, a “kick-butt little cruiser.”

We, of course, have been saying that for years, and so have the multitudes of motorcyclists who’ve discovered the joy of cruising aboard one. From its deceptively strong air-cooled V-twin powerplant and widely geared five-speed transmission to its pair of chrome exhaust pipes and wire-spoked wheels, everything about the 250 says big-bike features in an affordable, entry-level package.

Add to that light weight, a low (27″) seat height, and long wheelbase, and you start to see why so many beginning riders have entrusted their learning curves to this nimble, confidence-inspiring cruiser. The Virago 250. Heavyweight styling. Lightweight packaging. -Yamaha

Manufacturer’s Sugg. Retail Price…$3,399*


UMG Says: The XV250’s been around for a long time on the Jap home market (there’s also a 40hp, 400lb XV400 version) so it’s reasonably well developed and reliable. Tough enough, useful for those who want to pose on the cheap.

IGM Says: While this makes an ideal bike for your first few weeks of riding, it is just too small for real-world use. It is a cute little thing, though.