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The Complete Motorcycle Compendium
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Manufacturers Name

2005 Norton 952 Commando
2005 Norton 952 Commando

Narcisse France, 1950 – 1953
Nelk USA, 1946-1948 
Neracar USA, 1922 – 1928, Made by the Ner-a-car corporation in Syracuse NY. Was designed by Carl Neracher who had worked as designer for Cleveland motorcycles. It was also produced in England until 1926
New Courier England, Built a powered three wheeler in 1899.
New Era England
New Hudson
England, early 1900’s, New Hudson Ltd. The New Hudson badge was used on motorcycles and autocycles off and on until 1958
New Imperial Early British Co. bought by Triumph
Niemen Poland, 1934 – 1939
Denmark, 1934 – 1960, Made by Fisker & Nielson. They were the first motorcycle to use a telescoping front fork
Nioga USA, 1903 The Nioga Cycle Works possibly produced a motor bicycle
Iran, started in 1985. They make scooters and small cc motorcycles. Their top of the line is the Nami – CG125 P with a 124cc 4 stroke single
Norman England, 1938 – 1964, Norman Cycles Ltd.
Norsman USA,
James Norton Started in 1901, combined with Villiers and Triumph to become NVT. Norton reemerged in 1998 as Norton Motors International. First new Norton Motorcycle the 2005 Norton 952 Commando goes into production in 2004 and faithfully lives up to the Norton image.
NSU Germany, 1901 sold in 1957
NUT English, 1910 to about 1930. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne used JAP engines
NVT (Norton, Villiers, Triumph) The group that was formed when “Manganese Bronze Bearings” took over both Villiers in the early 1960’s and AMC in 1966 they also had the rights to Eysink, BSA, Ariel and others. It was an attempt to keep the British motorcycle industry alive. It came apart in the 1970’s and the government temporarily bailed them out
Nzeta New Zealand, They make scooters