2020 Bimota TESI H2 Guide

2020 Bimota TESI H2

2020 Bimota TESI H2 2020 Bimota TESI H2 2020 Bimota TESI H2 2020 Bimota TESI H2 2020 Bimota TESI H2


Introducing the 2020 Bimota TESI H2.

Recognizable by exclusive appearance and legendary innovative engineering the new TESI H2 is redefining hyperbike class of motorcycles. Its revolutionary hub centre steering enables superior riding dynamics and ensures shortest stopping distances. In the heart of the bike is mounted the most powerful serial engine on the market: Kawasaki supercharged engine H2 power plant. Highest quality is assured by Italian artistic sensitivity and craftsmanship.





2020 Bimota TESI H2 Guide Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

Exclusive appearance, it’s a Tesi motorcycle. Immediately recognizable as a Bimota Tesi H2

“High Quality”
Aluminium machined parts bounded, carbon body parts, forged wheels, handmade painting, every single detail are is parts of the design. Pleasure for the eyes, demand for the ride.

Ride it and feel the differences, no any other motorcycle can be a Tesi. The Italian artistic sensitivity meets the craftsman ship. Ride an exclusive Italian artistic Icon.




2020 Bimota TESI H2 Guide Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

Italian Motorcycle Investment S.P.A. Conference at EICMA 2019

Greeting by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Mr.Hiroshi Ito, B and Motion S.A. (former BIMOTA S.A.), Mr.Marco Chiancianesi and Mr. Pierluigi Marconi

Mr. Hiroshi Ito, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Motorcycle & Engine Company, Planning Division Manager

I am Hiroshi Ito from Kawasaki Japan. I’m very happy and very excited to be     able to share the revival of BIMOTA here with you all. Kawasaki has established Italian Motorcycle Investment here in Italy as a subsidiary of Kawasaki Motors Europe. At this stage, we are in the process of having BIMOTA S.A.’s trademarks registered in the name of our company.

Once that has been completed, IMI will be renamed BIMOTA S.P.A., with B and Motion S.A. (former BIMOTA S.A.) as 50.1 ,and Kawasaki Motors Europe as 49.9% shareholders.

The story has began three years ago. A small investment bank approached us inquiring if we were interested in an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. The company name was veiled, but when I checked the documents I instantly noticed. Oh it’s BIMOTA !!!. Yes, that BIMOTA.

For motorcycle enthusiast at my age, BIMOTA was legendary motorcycles that  we used to dream of with its incredible chassis, jewel-like parts and an unaffordable price tag .

I immediately flew to Milan and met Sig. Marco, CEO of BIMOTA S.A. November, 2016 — just three years ago. He talked he was so excited about his racing activity on BIMOTA, I thought “this project will be a success”. Because he is a real motorcycle enthusiast. Later, I had the chance to spend almost whole day with BIMOTA’s legendary designer Sig, Marconi.

We forgot all about the time when we talked. “Combining this engine and that chassis… adding these parts… we can make a great bike.” I was convinced our project will make a great success and we can make new history. BIMOTA is Italian premium motorcycle brand born and grown in Rimini, Italy and has been passionately loved by motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world who really understand value. BIMOTA is a jewel of Italy. So It must be based in Rimini, Italy. It must be designed by Italian designers. And it must be built by Italian craftsmen otherwise it will lose it value. So, our mission is clear, we will support Sig. Marconi and his team will make new legendary history of BIMOTA with Kawasaki’s legendary engines! We’d like declare now “BIMOTA is here as most premium motorcycle in the world. “

Viva BIMOTA, Viva Kawasaki! Let the good time roll, let the good times roll with BIMOTA

! Grazie mille !



Mr. Marco Chiancianesi, President, B and Motion S.A. (former BIMOTA S.A.)

Thank you for that kind introduction. I am Marco Chiancianesi. I am very happy that we will be able to work together with Kawasaki. As you know, I am a motorcycle enthusiast, and I love this Italian-born brand. In fact, I love it too much to have bought the company itself.

But riding a motorcycle, and running a motorcycle business is different s. As       you are aware, BIMOTA has been facing some  difficulty.  We  received  many offers, but I thought that Kawasaki’ was the best. Through the communications with Mr. Ito, Mr.  Kinuhata and other Kawasaki staff, I understand we may share  the same passion, emotion and values. I believe Sig. Marconi and his team will make a great motorcycle again with support by Kawasaki. Thank you very much.


Mr. Pierluigi Marconi

Thank you all for attending the Italian Motorcycle Investment Press Conference today. As *** said, I am Pierluigi Marconi. Today, together with our friends from Kawasaki to be able to introduce our new BIMOTA project to all of you makes   me very, very happy. But please allow me to also tell you a little bit about myself.

1973 in that year I was only 14 years old and went to school in a branch of the   Toti in Rimini the city where I was born that was located just above the BIMOTA factory. I could hear the sound of a motorcycle running and I rushed to the  window to see what it was … it was a first BIMOTA  motorcycle just born and    from that day my dream of being able to design a motorcycle was born. I    continue my studies but in the meantime  I  start  the  motorbike  races (motocross) and I delight in  modifying  my  bikes,  monocross  shock  absorber with chassis modification, auxiliary transfer ports on the 2-stroke exhaust and  much more. Time passes the university with a single goal: to be able to design       a motorcycle one day.  Then a golden opportunity, to pass the machine project it   is necessary to do a project. With a friend of mine from childhood, Roberto   decided to make a bike and with the help of whom ?? why not of BIMOTA who is   in Rimini. Let us take courage and seek an appointment with Mr. Morri, the administrator and founding member of BIMOTA. Everything is born from that. Now I’m here.


Let me explain shortly the fantastic story with Kawasaki before I continue the story of TESI.

When I heard Kawasaki was making an offer,  I thought they would make an     ideal partner. Because their company  makes  engines  possessing  top performance, top durability and top quality. And among those, the miraculous supercharger-equipped H2 engine. Then in the many meetings with Kawasaki’s    Mr. Ito, Mr. Kinuhata, and many other Kawasaki staff, I was convinced that their values are in line with ours. Our mission is to work hand in hand with BIMOTA (a well respected motorcycle brand born in Italy) and continue to fulfill dreams for motorcycle fans and provide the ultimate motorcycle throughout the world. And together with Kawasaki we promise  you  that  we  will  strive  towards  realizing this goal. So I continue to introduction my new motorcycle. The bike was already   in in my mind, why not making a horizontal structure with all the forces moving     in the least possible space?, we only need to design a steering wheel, but must    be symmetrical, we cannot use a wheel like car because like that we introduce       a torsion force to the swing arm. This was the first study and patent. All the      data of the traditional motorcycle was supplied to us by BIMOTA  company as     well as the possibility of equipping a traditional  motorcycle  with  a  data acquisition system to verify the forces arriving from the ground in track use.

With these data my dream start and the possibility  of  transforming  into  a drawing and a piece what for many years passed into my head was possible to start. The bike with development of the horizontal frame and a separate steering and suspension system, starts. The years pass and one after the other I     managed to realize many projects that have ranged from racing bikes to street bikes with some off-road projects, but as I think it’s easy to imagine, I always   have a thorn in my heart, that to be able to design and create a real TESI     without any compromise. Compact and enclosed masses around the engine, electronic  suspension  system,  supercharged  engine  with  exceptional  power, use of structural composite materials  glued  to  the  aluminum  elements, possibility to easily adjust the height of the  vehicle  without  changing  the essential driving characteristics, to easily adjust the position of the footrests, traction control, abs, every kind of electronic device is present and lastly the possibility to film my outings with friends on video. This is the TESI H2 a dream   for me that becomes reality.






2020 Bimota TESI H2 Guide – Totalmotorcycle.com Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $  USD
Canada MSRP Price: $ CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: £ GBP (On The Road inc 20% Vat)
Australia MSRP Price: See Dealer for Pricing in AU

No specification data has been released yet.




Manufacturer Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice on Total Motorcycle (TMW).

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