2010 Buell 1125CR

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2010 Buell 1125CR
2010 Buell 1125CR

2010 Buell 1125CR
2010 Buell 1125CR

2010 Buell 1125CR
2010 Buell 1125CR

2010 Buell 1125CR
2010 Buell 1125CR

– 2010 Buell 1125CR

2010 Buell 1125CR

As Erik Buell’s vision of a modern day cafe racer, the Buell® 1125CR blends class-leading performance with sinister styling and a wicked attitude to push the boundaries of the streetfighter category.

Buell Lightning models and the new 1125CR™ are at the core of what Buell is all about – pure performance with a broad, seamless power delivery in a stripped down, raw and aggressive package.

Each Buell model is designed utilizing the Buell Trilogy of Technology™ – chassis rigidity, centralized mass, and low unsprung weight – to produce a motorcycle which responds instantly to rider input.


Model Highlights

New Tapered aluminum streetfighter handlebar
New Polished stainless steel headers
New Master cylinder piston seals for improved brake feel
New Engine cover sight glass for convenient oil-level checks
New Pre-wired battery tender harness
New Designer Black wheels with red pinstripe
New LED taillight
New Clear-lens rear turn signals
New Bodywork graphics and fly cut brake logos
New Arctic White/Midnight Black color combination
New Battery tender plug

– Buell® ZTL2™ four-pad, eight-piston front brake
– Two-piston rear brake caliper mounted directly to inner swingarm
– Brushed stainless steel exhaust outlets
– LED front turn signals integrated with mirrors
– Digital lap timer and gear indicator
– Minimalist flyscreen with integrated head lights
– Removable tail cowl over passenger seat
– Versatile riding position with relaxed footpegs and a short reach to the bars


Key Features

As Erik Buell’s vision of a modern day café racer, the Buell® 1125CR blends class-leading performance with sinister styling and a wicked attitude to push the boundaries of the streetfighter category.

Buell Lightning models and the new 1125CR™ are at the core of what Buell is all about – pure performance with a broad, seamless power delivery in a stripped down, raw and aggressive package.

Each Buell model is designed utilizing the Buell Trilogy of Technology™ – chassis rigidity, centralized mass, and low unsprung weight – to produce a motorcycle which responds instantly to rider input.

– Buell Helicon® 1125cc liquid-cooled fourstroke, 72-degree V-Twin engine with DDFI 3 Electronic Fuel Injection ECM
– Compact oblique stacked six-speed transmission configuration
– Ram-air pressurized air box
– Goodyear® Hibrex® final drive belt with Flexten Plus technology with a constant-tension pulley for smoother on/off throttle transitions
– Underslung muffler with Helmholtz chamber
– Twin side-mount radiators with outer covers designed to absorb impact
– HVA (Hydraulic Vacuum Assist) clutch with slipper action
– 6-spoke, cast aluminum wheels
– Pirelli Diablo Corsa III tires
– Steel braided brake lines
– Fully adjustable 47 mm Showa inverted fork
– Fully adjustable Showa rear shock absorber
– Fuel-in Frame Intuitive Response Chassis
– Rigid cast-aluminum swingarm
– Adjustable hand and foot controls



2010 Buell 1125CR – Specifications
USA MSRP: Midnight Black $11,999, Racing Red $11,999, Arctic White/Black $11,999
Canada MSRP: See Local Canadian Dealer For Pricing


Overall Length2 80.7 in. (2,050 mm)
Seat Height, Laden3 30.5 in. (775 mm)
Seat Height, Unladen 32.7 in. (831 mm)
Overall Width without mirrors4 29.3 in. (744 mm)
Ground Clearance, Unladen2 5.43 in. (138 mm)
Rake (Steering Head Angle) at Ride Height (degrees) 21
Fork Angle at Ride Height (degrees) 21
Trail at Ride Height 3.3 in. (84 mm)
Wheelbase, Unladen 54.5 in. (1,384 mm)
Fuel Capacity, Total 5.3 gal. (20.1 l)
Fuel Capacity 0.8 gal. (3 l)
Oil Capacity5 3.3 qt. (3.1 l)
Dry Weight 375 lb. (170 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 850 lb. (386 kg)
Load Carrying Capacity 390 lb. (177 kg)


Engine Helicon, Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 72 V-Twin
Displacement 68.7 cu in (1,126 cc)
Bore 4.055 in. (103 mm)
Stroke 2.658 in. (67.51 mm)
Peak Torque per SAE J607, North America 82 ft-lb (111 Nm)
Peak Torque RPM per SAE J607, North America 8,000
Peak Horsepower per SAE J607, North America 146 hp (109 kW)
Peak Horsepower RPM per SAE J607, North America 9,800
Compression Ratio 12.3:1
Mileage per US EPA Urban Trace, CITY6 36 mpg (6.5 l/100 km)
Mileage per US EPA HIGHWAY Fuel Economy Test6 47 mpg (5 l/100 km)
Intake Zero-resistance airbox, Pressurized RAM air intake


Primary Drive Type Helical gear
Primary Drive Ratio 1.806:1 (65/36)
Secondary Drive Type7 Belt
Secondary Drive Member Pitch Length (# of Teeth or # of Links) 149 tooth belt, 14mm pitch
Secondary Drive Ratio 2.815:1 (76/27)
Transmission type 6-speed, straight cut gears
Transmission Ratio, 1st 2.462
Transmission Ratio, 2nd 1.75
Transmission Ratio, 3rd 1.381
Transmission Ratio, 4th 1.174
Transmission Ratio, 5th 1.042
Transmission Ratio, 6th 0.96


Front Brake ZTL-2 braking system
Front Rotor and Caliper Configuration 8-piston ZTL2 front caliper from Nissin
Front Rotor Size, OD 14.76 in. (375 mm)
Number of Front Brake Rotors 1
Rear Brake Two-piston, direct mount caliper, 240mm, stainless steel, fixed rotor
Rear Rotor and Caliper Configuration Same rotor as XB. Rear caliper is new solid mounted 2-piston design from Hayes
Rear Rotor Size, OD 9.45 in. (240 mm)
Rear Suspension Type and Configuration Fully adjustable (adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload), coil-over monoshock with attached reservoir.
Front Suspension Type and Configuration Fully adjustable (adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload) inverted forks.
Front Fork Slider Tube Diameter 1.85 in. (47 mm)
Fork Lock Availability (true or false) True
Suspension Travel, Front Wheel, Along Fork Line 4.72 in. (120 mm)
Suspension Travel, Rear Wheel, Vertical 5 in. (127 mm)
Lean Angle at Full Suspension Compression, Soft Contact, Left (degrees)8
Lean Angle at Full Suspension Compression, Soft Contact, Right (degrees)8
Lean Angle at Full Suspension Compression, Hard Contact, Left (degrees)8
Lean Angle at Full Suspension Compression, Hard Contact, Right (degrees)8
Frame Aluminum, fuel in frame, IRC or Intuitive Response Chassis
Swingarm Description A new cast- aluminum swing arm

Wheels and Tires1

Tire Brand and Model, Front Pirelli Corsa III
Tire Brand and Model, Rear Pirelli Corsa III
Tire Size Designator, Front 120/70 ZR-17
Tire Size Designator, Rear 180/55 ZR-17
Wheel Type, Front 6-spoke, ZTL cast aluminum
Wheel Type, Rear 6-spoke, cast aluminum
Wheel Size, Front (width x dia) (in) 3.5 in x 17 in
Wheel Size, Rear (width x dia) (in) 5.5 in x 17 in


Battery Type and Specifications Sealed Lead Acid, maintenance-free, 12-volt, 12 amp-hour (per Battery Council International rating), 200 cca.
Charging System Specifications 37-amp, permanent magnet, three-phase alternator with solid-state regulator (520W peak power)
Starter System Specifications Starter motor 900W, starter drive (gears) and one way clutch.
Headlamp Type and Wattages (high, low and position lamp) Three-bulb headlamp with daylight running mode. 55 watt low beam (one (H7) 55 watt bulb), 110 watt high beam (one additional (H7) 55 watt bulb), 5 watt position lamp
Tail Light Wattages (stop and running) .55W for tail light, 5W for stop light
Turn Signal Lights Type (manual or self-canceling) and Wattage Manual cancelling, Front = non-serviceable LED’s. 3W (per side), Rear = replaceable bulbs, 10W (per side).
License Plate Lamp Wattage 5W


Windscreen or Flyscreen Flyscreen
Warranty Term9

Midnight Black $11,999
Racing Red $11,999
Arctic White/Black $11,999


Body Work (molded in color) Midnight Black , Racing Red, or Arctic White/Black
Frame Phantom Metallic
Wheels Designer Black for all models

1. Specifications for non-US markets might differ. Buell reserves the right to discontinue models or change specifications at any time without incurring any obligations. Vehicle specifications may vary from country to country depending on local laws. Some models are not available in certain countries.
2. Unladen, wet configuration (no rider, all fluids).
3. Laden, wet configuration (180lb. design rider, all fluids).
4. Without mirrors.
5. Oil capacity at oil change, with filter.
6. Based on tests conducted under lab conditions per U.S. EPA test procedures. Mileage will vary depending on personal riding habits, weather conditions, trip length and vehicle condition.
7. Hibrex® and Flexten® are registered trademarks of Goodyear® Technologies, Inc.
8. Bottomed-out configuration (100% suspension compression).
9. Please refer to motorcycle owner’s manual for warranty details.


2010 Buell 1125CR – Media/Press Releases


New Lightning® CityX XB12SX brings more power to the streets

EAST TROY, Wis. (July 25, 2009) – The Buell® riding experience embodies radical designs and intuitive performance that rewards uncompromising riders. From the race track to the back road, a Buell® motorcycle will take any path necessary to put its rider out front because Buell believes a deep bond between rider and machine is the essence of motorcycling.

Buell maintains its defiant stance in 2010 with a versatile line-up of motorcycles designed to inspire riders to achieve ultimate performance. For the street, the 1125CR™ café racer with new upright handlebars, and the extended XB Lightning® line-up for Europe – including the new Lightning® CityX XB12SX motorcycle – are now packing more style and power than ever. In the sportbike category, in a nod to Buell’s increasing victories and success on track, riders will see even more of Buell’s convention-breaking liquid-cooled 1125R™. For adventures that go way beyond the road, the Ulysses® XB12 range sees various upgrades make it the most exhilarating ride yet.

“The story of Buell® motorcycles shows that great things can happen with creativity, vision and hard work,” said Erik Buell, Chief Technical Officer, Buell Motorcycle Company. “A dream that started with a few of us getting our hands dirty in garages and on racetracks in the 1980s is now providing riders with quality American-built motorcycles and winning at the top levels of AMA Pro Racing.”

In 2010 Buell continues to focus on the ride with the addition of features like front brake master cylinder piston seals and rotor mountings, LED taillights and rear turn signals, oxygen sensors and tyres, as well as new graphics and bodywork. Whether it’s the 1125cc Helicon® liquid-cooled, four-stroke, fuel-injected 72-degree V-Twin engine or the 1203cc Thunderstorm™ air/oil/fan-cooled, four-stroke, fuel-injected 45-degree V-Twin engine, Buell blends original design with productive power and dynamic performance for a light and tight ride.

Always willing to challenge conventional motorcycle design with leading edge innovations like fuel in the frame, oil in the swing arm or a perimeter-mounted front brake, Buell continues to give its riders what they want in a performance sport bike. The Buell Trilogy of Technology principles of low unsprung weight, mass centralisation and chassis rigidity have long guided the Buell ruthless approach to motorcycle engineering. This approach ensures that riding a Buell motorcycle is a fully satisfying experience, whether weaving through the city streets, taking on a tight corner on the track, or tackling off road terrain.

2010 Buell Highlights
Out in the Street
For those looking for a bike with agile handling, as well as serious torque and acceleration for real urban power, MY10 sees the introduction of the new Lightning® CityX XB12SX. Receiving its debut in Europe, the XB12SX marries the sheer power of the Thunderstorm™ 1203cc V-Twin engine with Buell’s popular Lightning CityX XB9SX chassis and suspension, inspired by the needs of today’s urban rider. Delivering a whopping 104 Nm/ 77 ft lbs of torque, the bike is available in Valencia Orange Translucent & Hero Blue Translucent, both with black wheels.

Meanwhile the Lightning® CityX XB9SX, is readier than ever for a street fight, with the broad, smooth power of its Thunderstorm™ 984 V-Twin engine, wind deflectors, frame pucks, headlight grille, airbox cover X-guard and new Designer Black wheels. Features such as the upright rider position, wide Supermoto style handle bars and intuitive handling help the Lightning CityX XB9SX and XB12SX dodge through back streets and effortlessly pull away from the traffic – enabling the ultimate urban riding experience.

Buell® XB Lightning® streetfighters, powered by an air/oil/fan-cooled Thunderstorm V-Twin engine, have a ferocious look with new airbox cover graphics added to blacked-out frame, forks, engine and other components. Lightning XB models receive new oxygen sensor with updated calibration, fuel pump and sensor, front brake piston seal and LED taillight, and front and rear turn signals. The XB12Ss with supermoto-inspired long suspension has size, comfort and convenience, and the Lightning® XB12Scg road-hugging suspension for a low centre of gravity.

As a modern café racer, the Buell® 1125CR™ motorcycle is powered by a 146-hp, liquid-cooled Helicon® 1125 V-Twin engine with Buell Intuitive Response Chassis (IRC), new upright tapered aluminium streetfighter handlebar, and new graphics to deliver top sportbike handling in style. Final-drive gearing optimises acceleration and performance, along with new water pump bearing, front brake piston seals and rear wheel bearings and axle. The 1125CR will be available in Arctic White, Midnight Black or new Racing Red bodywork.

Taking it to the Track
Whether on the street or the track, Buell® sportbikes are engineered for high levels of performance and handling – providing a ride no less exhilarating than a bike built specifically for racing. This is perfectly illustrated by the Buell® 1125R™. European sport performance riders will see more of this convention-breaking, large capacity sport motorcycle in 2010. With its 72 degree liquid-cooled V-Twin 1125cc BRP-Rotax® engine – exclusively designed to Buell specifications; all-new Buell IRC (Intuitive Response Chassis) – the stiffest chassis ever offered by Buell; Quiet Zone™ aerodynamics; and fully-adjustable Showa® piggyback suspension, the 1125R™ motorcycle offers power, torque, handling and agility that takes its owner to a new level of riding experience. Available in Arctic White, Racing Red or Midnight Black bodywork and with distinctive styling that leaves many of its mechanical components exposed, the bike has a uniquely aggressive look. This is further enhanced by an athletic riding position allowing for unparalleled comfort whilst in pursuit of superior street or track performance.

On and off road
The sport-touring Buell® Ulysses® XB12XT and the versatile, all-road Ulysses® XB12X are equally exhilarating rides in the Buell Adventure Sportbike category. Both Ulysses models feature a new right-side air scoop, fan shroud, header shield, and ECM calibration that work together to reduce heat and improve rider comfort.

Light and agile on any kind of road, the Ulysses XB12X is equipped with a broad, usable Thunderstorm™ 1203cc V-Twin engine, rugged protective features like frame pucks, headlight grille and wind deflectors. The XB12X has a new blacked out Phantom Metallic frame, swingarm, and footrest supports, and triple clamps, as well as new Sunfire Yellow bodywork and smoked windscreen. The Ulysses XB12XT is ready to carve the continents on new Pirelli® Angel ST tyres with side and top cases, heated grips and a tall windscreen. Both Ulysses models feature the patented Triple Tail™ system that adjusts between three functional positions.

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