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Product: Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid
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Manufacturers Description: Palmolive Dishwashing Liquids are formulated to remove tough, baked-on grease while still being soft on your hands. And there is a variety of fragrances to choose from.

Palmolive Original – Removeds Baked-on Grease Better than the Other Leading Brand. Thick, rich formula removes even the toughest grease.








Suggested Uses: Cleaning almost anything that requires the removal of dirt and grease.
Our First Hand Review: This might seem a weird product for a motorcycle site to review, but it really fits into the “cleaning a motorcycle” department quite well.

Since we read in Consumer Reports(c) how well Original Palmolive did (#2 in cleaning power*, #1 in value) we had to try this on the shop.

We recommend the Green Original Palmolive dish detergent since we have tried others and found this one to work best. It is also the least expensive.

Think, rich formula, easy to squirt and yes, it really works cleaning things! (Go figure). While you are not doing the dishes in the garage, cleaning parts is quite close to it. We recommend this as your first step in cleaning, as it will strip off the wax on your bike, but won’t harm anything else, it is that good. So you will need to re-wax your bike which you are more than likely going to do anyways after cleaning it.

Don’t just squirt this stuff on the bike and expect it to come clean, this requires a big bucket full of water to fix it in. It’s ok to mix it on the heavy side (more dish detergent) as the bubbles will last longer.

Remember to replace that water to get all the dirt out often. It is best to start washing the parts that that could be scratched with the clean water in the clean bucket, then go from there doing the most dirty parts like the engine, underside last.

We also suggest using a soft sponge or 100% cotton wash mit to do the work. If you can, use one for the top parts you don’t want scratched (incase it picks up dirt) and another for the more dirty parts.

Cost was excellent for what the product is and does. We found it to be cheaper in price compared to other competing products.

It is so commonly available you can pick it up anywhere, even in your own kitchen!

* for those dying to know, Ivory Ultra came first in cleaning power..

Overall: Polmolive mixed very well, lasted a long time and gave us a nice clean bike to work with at the end.

Buying a bigger amount will save you money since you can use this both in the garage and in the kitchen too.

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