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2005 Detroit International Motorcycle Show

2005 IMS Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan
Saturday February 26, 2005
By: David Collins -Total Motorcycle Reviewer

I have always been a big fan of Detroit. Actually that is not true. I have not always been a Detroit fan. Prior to becoming an adult I lived in a northern Detroit suburb, and in those days I thought Detroit was a dump and a dangerous, scary place in which to even consider existing. After several years of moving around the metro Detroit area, I found myself living in the city itself. It was one of the many times in my life where I had said that I would never do something, and then ended up actually doing it. Riding motorcycles was also one of these things.

I arrived in downtown Detroit on Saturday around 10am. I parked in the garage attached to Cobo and it cost me a slim $5. Inside the garage it wasn’t made clear where to go, as they had no signs posted. Fortunately, enough people were just arriving, and by watching people and asking a question or two I got myself in the right direction. As it turned out this garage and its elevators led directly into the main exhibition hall. Once at the exhibition level there were ample indicators of where to go as well as a decent stream of people heading in one direction. On my way I found the press booth and picked up my pass. The line to purchase tickets and the line to get in the show was not too long yet. I could see into the hall from outside, and being just after 10am, people were beginning to filter into the show.

Umbrella girls?

Once in the door we were greeted by what I would call “umbrella girls”. I don’t know if that is what they were supposed to be costumed as, but they certainly reminded me of the MotoGP girls you see keeping the sun off the riders at races. The “greeters” handed out a bag for the marketing materials that would be obtained from the various vendors. The hall was arranged with the major manufactures towards the front-center and the smaller players toward the back-center. Vendors selling all other motorcycle paraphernalia were located around the two outer edges of the center section. While it appeared that all of the motorcycle manufactures were well represented, there was neither an abundant nor an organized showing of parts, accessories or riding gear. However, since I came primarily to view the motorcycles, this wasn’t a bother.

2005 Detroit Motorcycle Show Kawasaki Booth

Immediately as I entered I noticed the Kawasaki display – being a rider of the ZRX, my attention was almost involuntarily drawn to its model. It seemed silly to drive for four hours just to see a bike that is locked up outside my bedroom window, but who can resist when it is love. While meandering around the area I noticed a few other guys “sort of” circling the green machine. It ended up that one of these guys was the number-two founder of (the owners association for the ZRX). Offering only his first name, Jim was also using his first stop of the day to pay homage to his favorite beast. Throughout the day, when stopping back at the ZRX display, I continued to meet riders whom I had already met on the Internet. Funny really.

Jim from

Also while at the Kawasaki display, I took time to try a Concourse on for size. An onlooker was kind enough to snap a shot of me enjoying the bike (as much as I could indoors, that is). Also I took time to look at the ZZR600 and 1200, and ended up getting a photo taken of me by a Kawasaki worker running around with a camera. I stopped over by the cruisers as well and took a quick peak at the Mean Streaks. They had an orange one with the light-bar on it, so I snapped a shot. I thought it peculiar that they sell that model without the light-bar, but all those at the show had them installed. Also the optional seat was installed on two of them as well. I took a few more shots around the Kawasaki area and moved on.

David Collins on a 2005 Kawasaki Concourse


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