Team Suzuki Press Office – December 2.

Charles Lefrancois: (SX1) – 3-3- 3rd overall
Boris Maillard: (SX1) – 2-4 – 4th overall
Kevin Moranz: (SX2) – 2-4 – 2nd overall

Suzuki mounted Charles Lefrancois, Boris Maillard and Kevin Moranz raced their RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 machinery to podium positions at the weekend’s second round of the German ADAC Supercross Championship at Chemnitz.

After a successful opening event in Stuttgart at the beginning of November, the Suzuki squad was strong again at the second round, where 10,000 fans visited the Messehalle Chemnitz.

Charles Lefrancois (Twenty Suspension) added to his excellent performance in Stuttgart and finished both of the event evenings in Saxony on the podium. The Frenchman had to secure his qualifying through the ‘last-chance’ race on Friday night, but this did not worry the 29-year-old: With a good start into the final he was part of the top group from the start and secured himself third place.

The Saturday qualifying went to plan with a victory in the qualification run. Lefrancois was able to win the ‘Bar2Bar’ Race and got an additional point for the overall standings inside the SX Cup. He started into the final with a lot of self-confidence but had to settle with fourth place in the end. He said: “My benefit was a crash of Boris Maillard and I was able to finish on the podium again. This meant that I also ended the event in third position and was able to fix my second place in the SX Cup. It’s been a good weekend for me and the team.”

Maillard ( Johanes-Bikes Suzuki) was in good form at Chemnitz and rode to second position on the first evening of the event. If he did not have a slider in the final on Saturday evening, the Frenchman would have achieved two podium finishes for sure. He said: “I found a good rhythm on the tight course and I was in the run for the podium on both evenings. The small crash on Saturday was really a pity, as at that point I was again fighting for second place. But that’s racing. The direction is good and with the third position in the overall standings of the SX Cup I have a good basic position for the last race of the series in Dortmund.”

Justin Starling (Team Castrol Power 1 Suzuki Moto-Base) showed a strong performance as well in Chemnitz. The American easily qualified for the finale on both evenings and was able to finish in sixth position on Friday, as well as on Saturday. He said: “My weekend did not go ideal, but the fifth position in the overall standings is a clear improvement towards the first race in Stuttgart.”

Kevin Moranz (Team Castrol Power 1 Suzuki Moto-Base) is competing in his second race in Germany in the SX2-class on the Suzuki RM-Z 250 and showed some strong and consistent work on the tight track course. The American took second position on Friday evening. Also, Saturday’s event started off ideal as he led the start and was able to ride for the win at the beginning. But he was held off by a small slide and had to settle with fourth at the finish line.

Gabriel Chetnicki ( Johanes-Bikes Suzuki) made the jump into the final on both evenings and was able to push towards eighth position to finish Saturday inside the Top 10.

Final ADAC SX Cup Chemnitz, SX1, Friday:

1. Ryan Breece (USA, YAM), 20 laps
2. Boris Maillard (FRA, SUZ), +7.758
3. Charles Lefrancois (FRA, SUZ), +12.096
4. Mike Alessi (USA, HON), +17.711
5. Matt Goerke (USA, KAW), +26.013
6. Justin Starling (USA, SUZ), +36.213
7. Dominique Thury (GER, HUS), +1 Rnd.
8. Tyler Bowers (USA, KAW), +1 Rnd.
9. Hugo Basaula (POR, KAW), +1 Rnd.
10. Nick Schmidt (USA, SUZ), +1 Rnd.

Final ADAC SX Cup Chemnitz, SX1, Saturday:

1. Mike Alessi (USA, HON), 20 laps
2. Ryan Breece (USA, YAM), +5.616
3. Charles Lefrancois (FRA, SUZ), +9.495
4. Boris Maillard (FRA, SUZ), +15.706

5. Tyler Bowers (USA, KAW), +18.357
6. Justin Starling (USA, SUZ), +24.741
7. Dominique Thury (GER, HUS), +34.245
8. Julien Lebeau (FRA, KAW), +1 lap
9. Robin Kappel (FRA, KAW), +1 lap
10. Jack Brunell (GBR, KTM), +1 lap

ADAC SX Cup Chemnitz, SX1, overall standings:

1. Ryan Breece (USA, YAM), 47 points
2. Mike Alessi (USA, HON), 43
3. Charles Lefrancois (FRA, SUZ), 40
4. Boris Maillard (FRA, SUZ), 40
5. Justin Starling (USA, SUZ), 30

6. Tyler Bowers (USA, KAW), 29
7. Dominique Thury (GER, HUS), 28
8. Julien Lebeau (FRA, KAW), 22
9. Hugo Basaula (POR, KAW), 22

Overall standing ADAC SX CUP 2019 / 2020 (SX1)

1. Ryan Breece (USA, YAM), 98 Punk¬te
2. Charles Le¬fran¬cois (FRA, SUZ), 87
3. Boris Maillard (FRA, SUZ), 73
4. Mike Alessi (USA, HON), 72
5. Tyler Bowers (USA, KAW), 61
6. Justin Starling (USA, SUZ), 59

Final ADAC SX Cup Chemnitz, SX2, Friday:

1. Robbie Wageman (USA, YAM), 15 laps
2. Kevin Moranz (USA, SUZ), +14.934
3. Dare Demartile (USA, HON), +22.386
4. Dylan Woodcock (GBR, KAW), +25.437
5. Lance Kobusch (USA, KAW), +30.074
6. Clement Briatte (FRA, KAW), +37.034
7. Jimmy Clochet (FRA, KAW), +40.851
8. Jayce Pennington (USA, KTM), +1 lap
9. Carl Ostermann (GER, HUS), +1 lap
10. Jerome Bussink (NED, HUS), +1 lap

Final ADAC SX Cup Chemnitz, SX2, Saturday:

1. Robbie Wageman (USA, YAM), 15 laps
2. Lance Kobusch (USA, KAW), +7.028
3. Dylan Woodcock (GBR, KAW), +14.679
4. Kevin Moranz (USA, SUZ), +18.144
5. Jimmy Clochet (FRA, KAW), +20.688
6. Hakon Frederikson (NOR, YAM), +23.169
7. Dare Demartile (USA, HON), +26.268
8. Gabriel Chetnicki (POL, SUZ), +29.187
9. Richard Jackson (USA, SUZ), +36.406

10. Paul Haberland (GER, HON), +1 lap

ADAC SX Cup Chemnitz, SX2, overall standings:

1. Robbie Wageman (USA, YAM), 50 points
2. Kevin Moranz (USA, SUZ), 40
3. Lance Kobusch (USA, KAW), 38
4. Dylan Woodcock (GBR, KAW), 38
5. Dare Demartile (USA, HON), 34
6. Jimmy Clochet (FRA, KAW), 30
7. Gabriel Chetnicki (POL, SUZ), 22
8. Carl Ostermann (GER, HUS), 22
9. Jerome Bussink (NED, HUS), 20
10. Clement Briatte (FRA, KAW), 15

Overall standing ADAC SX CUP 2019 /2020 (SX2):

1. Dare Demartile (USA, HON), 72 points
2. Lance Kobusch (USA, KAW), 69
3. Kevin Moranz (USA, SUZ), 63
4. Dylan Woodcock (GBR, KAW), 61
5. Paul Haberland (GER, HON), 58
6. Jimmy Clochet (FRA, KAW), 56

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