2017 Motorcycle Fuel Economy Guide

A guide to motorcycle gas mileage (MPG and L/100km) and efficiency

Your guide to motorcycle and scooter fuel economy in MPG and L/100km.
Over 5500 bikes by year, manufacturer and model from 1934 to today.

2017 Motorcycle MPG Fuel Economy Guide
World Changing Event: Any guesses???


2017 Motorcycle Fuel Economy Guide

Congratulations riders, we did it!

Back when we started the very first Motorcycle Fuel Economy Guide in the world in 2005 we set out to change the way consumers could compare motorcycles like they did cars, by how efficient their engines were using gas or electric. At the time, gas was approaching $4 a gallon and there were no guides, no information and manufacturers were not regulated to publicly test or release MPG figures. Though 13 years of hard work, dedication and the support of many readers and 39 manufacturers we were able to not only create a guide used by schools, governments and institutions around the globe but also to raise awareness of how efficient motorcycles are. Today, motorcycle manufacturers now choose to not only list but promote MPG data on their bikes and consumers have a greater voice and a choice. We believe our Total Motorcycle Fuel Economy Guide was a catalyst for these changes and today is a better day for all riders because of it.

Today as this information is now included with every motorcycle model we post in our yearly Motorcycle Buyers Guides we will continue our Total Motorcycle Fuel Economy Guide here for historical information and because we really like to post what (we felt) was the most important event that happened each year. So for the most current years (2017+) please refer to our yearly Motorcycle Buyers Guides for MPG model data. Feel free to use our MPG Search Tool as well.


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