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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: VT600C Shadow VLX/DLX
Years Made:
VT600VLX/DLX: 1991 – Current (2003+)
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
583cc V-Twin
650mm/ “
Weight: 450lb HP: 40
Torque: 35
Top Speed: 100mph MPG: 50
New Cost: $ 9,074 (1994) – $9,400 (1996) – 8,900 (1998) – 7,990 (1999)
Average Used Costs:
Low $2,145 Medium $3,068 High $4,295


Few entry-level customs can boast as many big-bike features as Honda’s VLX. Just like its larger stablemates, VLX is powered by a 52-degree V-twin engine. And like the big boys, VLX boasts three-valve cylinder heads for maximum power and twin spark plugs in each combustion chamber for maximum efficiency.

VLX also has the lowest seat height of any of our cruisers for both a comfortable riding position and easy flat-footed stops. Then there’s VLX’s unique ‘hardtail’ rear suspension that emulates the ‘rigid’ look of custom choppers. But thanks to its hidden Monoshock design and seven position preload adjustment, there’s 90mm of plush suspension travel.

The Honda Shadow VLX. Light on the wallet. Heavy on the features. – Honda


The Shadow cruiser line (VT500/VT600/VT700/VT750/VT800) contains some of the most reliable motorcycles manufactured in the past couple of decades. IGM especially recommeds the 1986-87 VT700 Shadows, which combine striking looks and genuine comfort with the low maintenance of shaft drive and hydraulically-adjusted valves. In IGM’s opinion, this model makes a better all-around motorcycle than any of the new mid-sized cruisers. The 1988 VT800 looks much the same as the VT700, but it only comes with a four-speed transmission, detracting from its versatility. – IGM

MBG Says: (Rating 7/10) The VLX is low, light, easy to ride and won’t intimidate anyone. The problem is that the same, and more can be said of its big brother, the ACE 750. Such as: more generous dimensions, a more popular classic look and especially a much better engine. All this, for a nearly identical price. Thus, unless one is terrified by higher weight and power, the 750 is clearly a better buy.

UMG Says: Shadow’s extreme custom based on the VT500, which is at least tough and in this mild state full of torque. Handles okay up to 70mph and the finish lasts for a couple of British winters. Also Jap market 400cc version, some grey’s only has 30 horses, lacks the low end grunt of the 600.

UBG Says: It’s Hardly Davidson, but good enough. Fake hard-tail hides modern monoshock and the engine came straight from the Transalp. Fuel tank grew in ’93, which is also when the Shadow name attached itself. seat height and easy handling make this a real rival for the 535 Virago.
£850 to £2950

IGM Says (Best Buy, Best First Bike): The small Shadows are maneuverable and fairly comforatble bikes, with roomy riding positions. With a windshield and some saddlebags, you can even tour on them. The VLX is no exception.