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Manufacturer: kawasaki…….TOP
Model: EL250, ZL250 Eliminator, VN250 Eliminator
Years Made: 1993 -2001
Style: Muscle Standard Cruiser
Engine Type:
248cc Parallel Twin
Weight: 320lb HP: 27
Top Speed: 80mph MPG: 55
New Cost: $5,337 (1993) – $6,199 (1995) – $6,199 (1997) – $6,199 (1999) – $8,690 (2001)
Average Used Costs:
Low $2,673 Medium $3,379 High $4,191


Kawasaki EL250 Eliminator


UMG Says: Detuned GPX250 engine in cruiser chassis whose styling’s ruined by naff radiator and downtubes but not too nasty on the road and quite comfy for town work. Sensible twin rear shocks and drum brake. In this state of tune should be reliable and long-lived. Quite a few have already turned up in breakers, where they go for around £1250 with mild cosmetic damage. New retail prices are high but dealers haggle.

IGM Says: This nifty little power cruiser shares its engine with the EX250 Ninja, meaning that it is a snappy bike. These motorcycles are easy to ride, plenty fast, and with their small bikini fairings, just about the cutest bikes ever made.