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Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XT550, XT600, XT600E

Years Made: 1978 – 1984 (XT550), 1984 – (2003+ (XT600, XT600E)
Style: Dual-Sport
Engine Type:
550cc/599cc Single
mm/ “
Weight: 350lb HP: 40/45
Torque: 35
Top Speed: 90/105mph MPG: 50/55
New Cost: $2,199 (1982) – $2,099 (1983) – $2,799 (1984) – $4,715 (1988) – $5,470 (1992) – $7,449 (1996) – $7,899 (2000) – $8,299 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $429 Medium $1,729 High $6,350

XT600E: Equipped with rugged off-road bodywork, a highly agile chassis and an upright riding position, the Yamaha XT600E is built to survive today’s urban environment! The gutsy 595 cc single-cylinder engine delivers plenty of power for zapping around town or escaping into the countryside. And with its long-travel suspension, disc brakes and dual-purpose tyres, the versatile XT600E feels as strong on the trail as it does on the street. -Yamaha

Notes: XT550 became XT600 in 1984. Avoid XT500. 1995 Last year in North America for XT600, XT600E

UMG Says: XT550 better at low revs with two choke carb, four valve head and engine balancer, but has a weak clutch. Ironically, the better XT550’s very rare (the four valve head goes eventually)

UBS Says: XT500 suffers from poor carburation and chain snatch at low revs, reluctant starting, quick wear piston and magnesium crankcases that rot away. XT550 better at low revs with two-choke carb, four-valve head and engine balancer, but has a weak clutch. Ironically, the better 550 very rare (the four-valve head goes eventually), while many 500s survive. C1 £1200, C2 £600, C3 £250

IGM Says (XT350, XT550, XT600): This bike traces its roots back to the original big Japanese thumper, the XT500 of the 1970s. Although it was a very nice dual sport, it wasn’t competitive with the other thumpers from Japan and was discontinued in 1995.