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The Complete Motorcycle Compendium
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Manufacturers Name

2004 Triumph Rocket III
2004 Triumph Rocket III

Tami Korea, Folding scooters
Tas Japan, Built small engines that mounted on the front wheel of bicycles. Sold as Spitz, Bike Bug, Sears Free Spirit
Czechoslovakia, 1950’s -1960’s, Scooters
Teco Germany
England, 1930’s
Terrot France, 1920’s
Testi Italy, Minarelli engines
Taiwan Golden Bee Co., LTD started making scooters in 1978
TGM Italy, Terzi Giovanni Marchesini
USA, 1900. Thiem Mfg. Co., Minneapolis  see Joerns
USA,1900, see Auto-bi
The Aurora Automatic Machine Co. built engines, to the design of Oscar Hedstrom, for the first Indians. It also sold these engines to other motorcycle builders using the Thor brand-name. Reading-Standard, Racycle, Emblem, Brandenburg, Yankee and others used Thor engines or assembled complete Thor bikes and rebadged them. The first complete Thor motorcycles were built in 1907 and stopped in 1916
Thoroughbred USA, 1904, Made by Reading-Standard. see Aurora
Three Spires England, 1938 – 1940 Autocycles
Thumpstar Australian, 2004+. (2007 briefly renamed to Terra Moto). Founded by racer Timothy Hunter. Manufacturer/importer of a Taiwanese Pit Bikes. In 2015 Thumpstar had over 16 models for sale in 20 different countries.
Tiger USA, 1906? – 1909?, The Tiger Cycle Co., Harry Gliesman sold many brands of motorcycles and one of his various companies apparently produced the Tiger Special 
Tiger Sweden, it was a re-badged Svalan
Tiger Germany, The name used on some exported Allrights
TIZ Russia, 1930’s
Titan USA, Another of the growing number of Harley Davidson clone motorcycles built with after market parts. Filed for chapter 11 in Jan. 2001
Tohatsu Japan, Motorcycle production was taken over by Bridgestone in the 1960’s
Slovenia/Netherlands, Mopeds
Italy, 1960 – 1965, Built by Aermacchi, sold in the U.S. as a Harley-Davidson Topper. It was large for a scooter, with a step through frame and a 165cc engine with a rope pull start
Germany, 1926 – 1955 
Tornedo Poland, 1938 – 1939
Tote Gote
USA, 1958 – 1970, Trail scooters
USA, 1905 – 1907, Newark NJ, Breeze Motor Mfg. Co.  500cc single 
Torpedo USA, 1901 built by Glenn Curtiss
Toyomotor Japan
USA, Early 1900’s
USA, They make trike conversions using Honda GL1200 and GL15OO Gold Wing, Valkyrie, Interstate and Kawasaki engines
USA, early 1900’s
Triumph England, Triumph registered as New Triumph Co. Ltd in 1887. Started building motorcycles in 1902 when they put a Minerva 2.25 horsepower engine on one of their reinforced bicycle frames. Triumph was sold to the “BSA Group” in 1951 and later became part of Norton, Villiars, Triumph (NVT). By 1957 the parts on Triumph, Norton and BSA were starting to be interchanged with each other. After NVT folded, John Bloor bought the manufacturing rights and the Triumph name from the bankrupt company in 1983. A new factory was built in 1990 and the company is on the upswing
Traumannsdorf Austria
Tule Trooper USA, 1960’s, Made in Washington State
India, Started in 1911 by T. V. Sundaram. They made their first mopeds in 1979. The formed a joint venture with Suzuki in 1982 to become TVS-Suzuki. They ended their partnership in 2000
Twin Eagle USA, Harley clones
TWN Germany, 1903 – 1957, was originally started by Triumph as Orial TWN (Triumph Werke Nuernberg) They produced at least one model that was the same as a British Triumph, but most were their own design. A few were imported to the USA