Hyperdrive Loading Speeds Engaged on Total Motorcycle

As today is the release of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in theaters I thought it was the perfect time to let you know that we have hyperdrive loading Speeds Engaged on Total Motorcycle! Pages now load 100% faster and in just over 1 second! Now browsing multiple pages on Total Motorcycle and discovering our 400,000 pages of content will not only be a breeze but also even more enjoyable. This all works faster on the computer, tablet or any phone too!

I have been working hard for the past few months optimizing the site, removing any unnecessary loading, coding and plugins, working on making our 1 million images load faster and reducing ads too. I hope you enjoy it and enjoy looking around and discovering even more of Total Motorcycle!

Let me know in our forums if you are finding it faster for you in your area, country and if so I’ll keep working on making it even faster for you. “Just over 1 second” is 1.2 seconds in North America, 1.5 seconds in Europe and a hair under 2 seconds in Australia.

Adblocker: Just a quick work on using AdBlocker on Total Motorcycle. Please don’t. Yes, the pages will load a second faster but the offset is it hurts the site, the community and myself financially. I (not a company) run this site as an individual and I do not sell any products, ask for any memberships, there are no fees and I ask for nothing from you for my 20 years of work I have put into Total Motorcycle. The ads are the ONLY way I make money to pay the bills, keep the site going and put food on my table. So again, please do not run AdBlocker on Total Motorcycle, you may “win” but everyone else loses.

Now, go and enjoy the newest Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and when you are done, come on back and enjoy Total Motorcycle. And for you Star Wars fans, here is the current Star Wars Movie Poster (huge size), just for you:

star wars rise of skywalker poster

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