More New 2023 Yamaha’s: Go Beyond Expectations!

More New 2023 Yamaha's: Go Beyond Expectations!

More New 2023 Yamaha's: Go Beyond Expectations!

Have you seen that Yamaha has released More New 2023 motorcycles? Then Go Beyond Expectations and see how 2023 Yamaha is fighting for your  hard-earned dollars! From newly released Supersport YZF-R1M and sport bikes YZF-R1, YZF-R7, YZF-R3, R125 a crazy new NIKEN GT 3 wheeler, new adventure Super Tenere ES and Tenere 700 bikes plus pure dual sport XT250 and TW200 motorcycles. But that isn’t all!

Maybe you are a scooter fan? Looking for economical urban transport? Then you have everything from 100% electric to 100% gas powered options this year. See the new Tricity 155 and Tricity 125, NEOs Electric and XMAX plus returning BWs 125 and Zuma 125. Scooters rule when you have more low cost choices!

But I hear you want to go off road? Well, that’s a huge category buffet for you in 2023. We have the new 2023 Yamaha YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition, YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition, YZ250 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition and YZ125 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition plus new off-road competition and cross country 2023 Yamaha YZ125X models.

Lots and lots of returning motocross’s YZ450F, YZ250FYZ250, YZ125YZ85YZ85LW and YZ65. Off-roader’s WR450F, WR250FYZ450FXYZ250FX, and YZ250X

Looking to relax on the trails? Then how can you not love the returning 2023 off-road recreation lineup of 2023 Yamaha TT-R230, TT-R125LETT-R125, TT-R110E, TT-R50E and  PW50 for the kids.

Total Motorcycle has you 100% covered for 2023 Yamaha and 2024 Yamaha model information, features, specifications and more! No one, absolutely, no one does it better for less (ie free) then we do at TMW.


2023 Yamaha NIKEN GT

Revised 890cc NIKEN GT with connectivity and enabled for navigation

Sport Touring evolution

With its twin leaning front wheels the NIKEN GT offers supreme riding comfort together with elevated feelings of stability, unmatched cornering confidence and all-weather capabilities. Unlike any other model in its class, this high-tech machine is designed for open minded riders who want to take the next step in their motorcycling journey.

Featuring a higher specification together with a premium finish, the new 2023 NIKEN GT is one of Yamaha’s most sophisticated Sport Tourers and benefits from a range of advanced new engine, chassis and electronic control technologies that are designed to elevate the quality of every ride.

Equipped with a more powerful 890cc CP3 EU5 engine as well as connected TFT meter enabled for Garmin navigation**, enhanced suspension, improved ergonomics and state-of-the-art electronics, this unique machine delivers the excellent corner carving performance together with remarkable long distance capabilities.

Solo or with a passenger, this flagship Sport Tourer has the potential to offer an alternative perspective on the world – as well as the ability to inspire, excite and exhilarate on every journey to any destination.


Newly developed 890cc CP3 EU5 engine

The 2023 NIKEN GT receives a substantial upgrade to its performance and ride quality with the newly developed 890cc EU5 engine. With an increase in engine capacity of almost 5%, this latest generation of Yamaha’s highly successful CP3 engine is a variation of the design used in the TRACER 9 GT and MT-09 – two of the most popular models in their respective classes.

While the basic architecture is similar to the powerplant used on these models – in-line 3-cylinder, 12-valve, 890cc, 11,5 : 1 compression, and bore x stroke of 78,0 x 62,1 mm – the NIKEN GT’s new engine is a further development of this highly regarded design.

The key difference is the use of reshaped crank webs with an increased mass of 8% – giving a significant change in engine character that delivers stronger acceleration from a standstill and gives greater ease of use and better controllability at lower rpm. For 2023 the new NIKEN GT engine is mounted with a 5° forward incline for optimum chassis balance and to accommodate this the new 890cc engine, features a redesigned crankcase – while a new radiator is fitted to handle the increased performance.


7-inch TFT multi-theme meter

The NIKEN GT riding experience is elevated to a new level with the fitment of high luminosity 7-inch TFT meter that enhance this unique machine’s premium feel and character.

The full colour display offers a choice of three different screen themes, each one of them designed to match different riding scenarios and personal preferences to create a feeling of harmony between the machine and rider.

Smartphone connectivity

For an enriched experience the NIKEN GT is equipped with a communication control unit that enables the rider to link their smartphone with the machine using Yamaha’s free MyRide-Link app. Once the connection is made via USB-cable*, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® it is possible for the rider to view information on incoming calls, emails and messages on the TFT meter – and by using a Bluetooth®-connected headset* NIKEN GT riders and passengers can also listen to music and respond to calls.

Various menus and functions can be selected using the joystick and home button on the left handlebar. When stationary the NIKEN GT’s TFT meter can be set to display everything from weather reports to detailed notifications.

*Not included with the NIKEN GT.


Garmin navigation enabled

After connecting a smartphone with the MyRide-Link app and downloading the Garmin Motorise app** a navigation window can be displayed on the connected TFT meter. The Garmin Motorise app can be operated by a joystick and home button on the left handlebar while the machine is stationary –  but the app is locked on the connected TFT meter and cannot be operated by the joystick when the NIKEN GT is in motion.

Garmin’s Motorise app enables the rider to select from a choice of different types of route such as fastest, shortest, highway and more – and spoken turn-by-turn directions can be sent to a paired Bluetooth®-connected headset*. Map data is downloaded to the smartphone and so the NIKEN GT rider can still access navigation even when the smartphone signal may be interrupted in mountainous regions.

Navigation functions include real time traffic***, estimated time of arrival, and alternative routes to avoid congestion – and real time updates display local weather information as well as the weather situation at the chosen destination. Garmin Motorise also includes rider alerts that provide information on potential hazards such as sharp bends*** – and prevailing speed limits are displayed. There’s also a PhotoReal junction view that is automatically displayed in a split screen format when approaching a junction, giving information on the best lane to use for the next exit.

** Garmin Motorise requires a subscription service agreement.
*** Availability may vary per country.


Adjustable windscreen

For improved long distance comfort for riders of varying sizes the NIKEN GT is equipped with a new screen that offers 70mm of manual up & down adjustment using a lever next to the new TFT meter. This new screen is specially designed to distribute a smooth air flow both into and around the exterior of the cockpit to equalise air pressure for a smoother riding experience.


Redesigned comfort seat

Every new feature on the NIKEN GT is designed to provide increased ride quality and enhanced performance, and the new seat has been specifically designed to give improved foot reach to the ground. With a revised shape and different thickness of padding where it is in contact with rider’s inner thighs, the new seat makes getting on and off – and putting feet down when stopped – much easier and more comfortable.


New handlebar switches, twin power outlets, heated grips

New handlebar switches include a 5-way joystick to operate various TFT functions including smartphone displays and Garmin navigation. The cockpit is equipped with a USB-A outlet – with a 12V outlet under the seat. For all year warmth the NIKEN GT, comes with grip heaters as standard equipment.


Full size hard side cases

To underline its excellent long distance capability the NIKEN GT is fitted with hard side cases giving 30 litres capacity per side. New style luggage stays are featured to give a secure mount and there are comfortable passenger handgrips.


High quality black finish with bronze coloured parts

NIKEN GT’s all black body, engine and front end reinforce the premium looks and confirm the flagship status of this unique Sport Tourer. The perfect fit and high quality finish is second to none – and the appearance of this exceptional machine is further enhanced by the bronze coloured wheels and key body parts that reinforce its high end specification.


Enhanced electronic control technology

For the highest degree of controllability the NIKEN GT is equipped with a range of new electronics. A Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) and ride-by-wire Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG) replace the previous model’s cable and pulley system to give a smooth and natural feel to the throttle. The starting acceleration assist system is also revised to provide a more natural level of intervention by automatically maintaining an appropriate rpm level when the clutch is engaged.

D-Mode settings are amended to work effectively with the new high torque 890cc engine, and the rider can select from ‘SPORT’ (direct throttle response), ‘STREET’ (smooth throttle response) and ‘RAIN’ (mild throttle response) settings. In ‘RAIN’ mode maximum power is reduced by 18% to ensure the rider experiences an easy to use engine character for a high degree of controllability.

The parameters of the NIKEN GT’s traction control system have also been adjusted to match the increased performance of the new engine, and the system offers three levels of intervention – with ‘1’ being the minimum and ‘2’ being the maximum, as well as an ‘OFF’ option. The degree of intervention of the traction control system is also automatically adjusted to match whichever D-Mode is selected to ensure that the rider maintains optimum control.

To match its long distance capabilities the NIKEN GT is also fitted with a cruise control system. The rider can activate the system when in 4th gear or higher and can adjust the speed in 2 km/h increments for greater convenience and comfort.

2023 Yamaha Super Tenere ES

Full up & down quickshifter, A&S clutch

For effective acceleration the NIKEN GT’s new more powerful engine is fitted with a quickshifter, and the system on the 2023 model is upgraded to offer both up and down functions – whereas the previous model was upshift only.

Together with the new Assist and Slipper (A&S) clutch, the quickshifter helps to maintain the NIKEN GT’s high levels of stability when shifting gears and during acceleration and deceleration.


Refined main frame design

NIKEN GT’s unique main frame is a special design that features a cast steel head pipe assembly to accommodate the LMW front end, together with a tubular steel main frame and cast aluminium rear brackets. For 2023 key sections of the main frame have been redesigned to match the requirements of the new more powerful 890cc CP3 EU5 engine which is inclined forward by 5º to achieve optimum handling performance.


Revised rear suspension

To complement the redesigned frame and ensure an ideal stability balance with the LMW front end, NIKEN GT’s rear suspension layout is revised. An all-new rear shock linkage arm is manufactured from forged aluminium, saving 236g in unsprung weight compared to the previous steel component.

This new lightweight arm features a revised lever variance ratio which, together with new rear shock settings and a smaller diameter shock spring, provides a smoother solo ride and gives firmer and effective rear suspension performance when riding with a passenger.


Specially designed front tyres

The dual leaning front wheels are fitted with 15-inch radial tyres that have been specially developed to meet the particular requirements of the LMW front end steering assembly. With an optimised balance of rigidity and special compound the 120/17R15 front tyres and 190/55R17 rear tyre provide excellent handling performance together with enhanced feelings of stability and confidence associated with the Yamaha LMW system.


New intake and exhaust design

Every detail of the NIKEN GT has been evaluated and analysed in Yamaha’s mission to make it the ultimate high end long distance sport tourer, and for an even more relaxing and enjoyable journey the intake and air cleaner have been redesigned for a quieter ride. There’s also a new exhaust to meet EU5 regulations, and the new design offers increased ground clearance that helps to reduce the likelihood of accidental damage.


Technical highlights

  • Dual leaning front wheels for feelings of stability
  • LMW-Ackermann steering – high agility with corner carving confidence
  • New more powerful 890cc CP3 EU5 engine
  • New 7-inch full colour TFT multiscreen meter
  • New smartphone connectivity
  • Capability for Garmin full-screen navigation
  • New ECU and enhanced electronic control technology
  • New ride-by-wire throttle
  • Redesigned handlebar switches
  • New grip heaters
  • New up & down quickshifter
  • New Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch
  • New +/- 70mm adjustable screen
  • New comfort rider’s seat
  • Redesigned main frame
  • Revised rear suspension linkage and settings
  • Quieter intake design
  • Revised exhaust system
  • New radiator
  • Hard side cases with new mounting stays

2023 Yamaha XSR700

New name and new colours Yamaha’s middleweight Sport Heritage

Yamaha XSR700 Legacy: Pure riding fun

Offering up to the minute engine and chassis performance combined with timeless good looks, the XSR700 Legacy captures the true essence of the Yamaha Sport Heritage concept. Its classic scrambler inspired design features black fork gaiters and a braced handlebar with off-road grips, while the traditional bench seat and round headlight, now featuring an integrated headlight guard, provide a timeless image. The gold coloured 10-spoke cast wheels with chunky block pattern dual purpose tyres add to the bike’s rugged style.

Driven by the torque-rich 690cc crossplane engine that has established itself as one of the most popular and characterful powerplants ever made by the company, this middleweight is all about pure honest riding fun. XSR700 Legacy will be offered in a dedicated new colour that underlines it’s rich Yamaha heritage and timeless classic scrambler style.

Technical highlights

  • Torque-rich 690cc crossplane technology EU5 engine
  • Light and slim tubular backbone frame
  • Classic scrambler & Speedblock design
  • Braced scrambler handlebars, grips and chunky footrests
  • High-tech XSR family round LED headlight & taillight
  • Block-pattern Pirelli MT 60 RS dual-purpose tyres
  • New dedicated retro inspired colours and graphics

Price and availability

Please contact your national Yamaha press officer for more detailed information on the local price and availability.


XSR700 Legacy is available in Speedblock Silver.



Featuring the special Sport Heritage formula that sees handsome retro looks blended with modern technology, the XSR125 gives newer riders the chance to join Yamaha’s Faster Sons movement.

Its best-in-class EU5 11kW engine provides strong performance. The sophisticated R-125 derived chassis features 37mm USD front forks, lightweight 17-inch wheels and classically styled round LED headlight and taillight.

XSR125 will be available in new colours for 2023.

Price and availability

Please contact your national Yamaha press officer for more detailed information on the local price and availability.


XSR125 is available in Heritage White, Yamaha Blue and Impact Yellow.


2023 Yamaha XMAX

Yamaha Introduces Remaining 2023 Motorcycle Lineup

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, is announcing the release of its remaining 2023 motorcycle lineup including the first extensive update to the acclaimed Yamaha XMAX Sport Scooter since its 2018 introduction, encompassing a more aggressive look, distinctive new X-shaped LED headlights and taillights, new high-tech 4.2-inch full-color TFT display, and newly introduced Yamaha Motorcycle Connect (Y-Connect) smartphone connectivity with Garmin navigation compatibility. Additionally, the 2023 Yamaha MT-07 receives a new high-tech 5-inch full-color TFT with selectable Street or Touring screen displays and Y-Connect smartphone connectivity featuring incoming call, email and message notifications, and extensive ride data collection enabled through the Y-Connect app.


With its outstanding performance, aggressive good looks, agile handling and easy-to-ride character, the Yamaha XMAX has established itself as the ultimate mid-sized Sport Scooter providing enthusiast with a fun, stylish and economical way to commute during the week or a dynamic, sporty leisure ride to enjoy on weekends. For 2023, the new Yamaha XMAX represents the biggest step forward in Yamaha scooter design in recent years with a striking, futuristic new look and innovative new Y-Connect smartphone connectivity, including Garmin navigation compatibility displayed in full, rich color on an all-new TFT display.


Updated Styling

While being careful to retain the XMAX’s distinctive styling character, Yamaha designers focused on creating a bold, modern new look. Virtually every part of the XMAX’s sleek and sporty exterior has been redesigned to create a more compact and visually impressive machine. Radical new X-shaped LED headlights and taillights complement the aggressive styling and instantly distinguish the new XMAX from anything else on the road. New high-mount LED front indicators add to the streamlined look, while a completely redesigned seat increases comfort and decreases leg reach to the ground for greater accessibility.


New Yamaha Motorcycle Connect

New for 2023, Yamaha is introducing Y-Connect smartphone connectivity allowing riders to connect their smartphone directly to their scooter, enabling a wide-range of convenient new capabilities including phone and music control, as well as a newly available full Garmin turn-by-turn navigation system. The 2023 XMAX comes equipped with one of the most impressive dashboards to be found on any scooter. This comprehensive instrumentation features a 3.2-inch LCD speedometer located above the new high-tech 4.2-inch color TFT infotainment display, and combines with intuitive new handlebar-mounted switchgear to enable connectivity control. Y-Connect and the Y-Connect app (available for either iOS or Android operating systems beginning on November 8 at 10p.m. EST) are free-of-charge, and provide the following functionality for the new XMAX:


Onboard Navigation

Through the installation of the Garmin StreetCross navigation app on the user’s smartphone, the TFT display can be used as an onboard turn-by-turn navigation system. Garmin’s StreetCross app is available for either iOS or Android operating systems beginning on November 8 at 10p.m. EST and is also free-of-charge.


Call, Text & Email Notifications

Y-Connect can be paired with a Bluetooth headset to enable ability to receive or reject incoming calls, as well as display text and email notifications, weather forecasts, time, phone battery level and connection status information on the TFT display.


Music Capability

Y-Connect can be paired with a Bluetooth headset to enable music selection and volume control.


Vehicle Running Information

Through the Y-Connect app, engine speed, average fuel consumption, coolant temperature, battery voltage and ambient temperature can be displayed on the TFT screen. Vehicle data can also be collected within the app for viewing information such as service interval recommendations or last known location of the vehicle on the user’s smartphone.


Riding Log & Ranking Function

Riders can also generate personal riding logs to track an array of specific ride information for reference or sharing with friends. Riders can even receive rider rankings comparing things like their mileage or fuel economy with other Yamaha riders within the U.S. or around the world.


Returning Features

In addition to a host of new features, the 2023 Yamaha XMAX retains the key attributes that make it a class leader in the Sport Scooter category. Its ultra-reliable single-cylinder 292cc Blue Core engine delivers thrilling acceleration along with eco-friendly performance. Motorcycle-type front forks, 15-inch front wheel, 14-inch rear wheel, Traction Control, and strong disk brakes both front and rear offer sure-footed control and capability in a sporty, agile package. Lastly, the two-position windscreen, adjustable handlebars, cavernous underseat storage with room for two full-face helmets, 12-volt accessory outlet and Smart Key keyless ignition serve up the type of comfort and practicality that make the Yamaha XMAX the ultimate urban commuter.


XMAX Colors, Availability & Price

The 2023 Yamaha XMAX will be offered in Granite Gray and will be available from dealers beginning January 2023 for an MSRP of $6,099.


2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric

NEW 2023 MT-07

With its ultra-aggressive styling, agile chassis and thrilling torque-rich CP2 engine, it’s little surprise the MT-07 has become one of the most successful Yamaha models of all time. The 2023 MT-07 includes key upgrades that enhance the overall package while remaining true to the basic concept that’s loved by so many riders.


New TFT Display

One of the most significant additions for 2023 is the installation of a new 5-inch full-color TFT display that provides a choice of two different screen modes. The “Street” mode is a more modern layout with a bar-type tachometer, digital speedo and gear selection readouts. The “Touring” mode features a more conventional circular analog-style tachometer on the right of the screen and digital speedometer on the left.


Yamaha Motorcycle Connect

The new 2023 MT-07 now features Yamaha Motorcycle Connect smartphone connectivity which works in conjunction with the free-of-charge Y-Connect app (available for iOS and Android) to enable a direct connection between motorcycle and smartphone. New Y-Connect capability for the MT-07 includes the ability to view incoming call, email and message notifications, along with time, phone battery level and connection status on the new TFT display. Additional useful functions include the ability to track and record key motorcycle ride data within the app, including distance covered, acceleration, fuel economy and much more. Collected data such as fuel consumption can then be shared by the rider to receive rankings comparing themselves with other Yamaha riders both within the U.S. and around the world.


Pre-wired for Quick Shift

To facilitate the fitment of a quickshifter, the new MT-07 is pre-wired with the necessary electronics for installation, making it quick and easy to install Yamaha’s Quick Shift System available through the Yamaha Genuine Accessory catalog.




2023 Yamaha MT-09

Introducing the new 2023 Yamaha Motorcycle Guide.

New Bike Reviews, Huge Photos, Full Specifications. Get it all at Total Motorcycle with the 2023 Yamaha Motorcycle Guide.



– 2023 Yamaha YZF-R1M

– 2023 Yamaha YZF-R1

– 2023 Yamaha YZF-R7

– 2023 Yamaha YZF-R3

– 2023 Yamaha R125 – New model (Europe)




– 2023 Yamaha MT-10

– 2023 Yamaha MT-10 SP

– 2023 Yamaha MT-09 SP

– 2023 Yamaha MT-09

– 2023 Yamaha MT-07 – New model

– 2023 Yamaha MT-03



Sport Heritage

– 2023 Yamaha XSR900

– 2023 Yamaha XSR700

– 2023 Yamaha XSR125 Legacy – New model (Europe)



Supersport Touring

– 2023 Yamaha FJR1300ES

– 2023 Yamaha NIKEN GT – New 3 Wheel model (Europe)



Cruisers / Touring

– 2023 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

– 2023 Yamaha V-Star 250



Adventure Touring / Dual Sport

– 2023 Yamaha Super Tenere ES

– 2023 Yamaha Tenere 700

– 2023 Yamaha XT250

– 2023 Yamaha TW200



eBikes/Electric Bikes

– 2023 Yamaha TY-E 2.0 – New model

– 2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC – New model

– 2023 Yamaha Moro07  – New model

– 2023 Yamaha Wabash RT – New model

– 2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric (Europe)




– 2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric (Europe)

– 2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 – New model (Europe)

– 2023 Yamaha Tricity 155* – New model preview (Europe)

– 2023 Yamaha XMAX – New model

– 2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 (USA)

– 2023 Yamaha BWs 125 (Canada)




– 2023 Yamaha YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition (USA, UK) – New model

– 2023 Yamaha YZ450F

– 2023 Yamaha YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition (USA, UK) – New model

– 2023 Yamaha YZ250F

– 2023 Yamaha YZ250 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition (USA, UK)

– 2023 Yamaha YZ250

– 2023 Yamaha YZ125 Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition (USA, UK)

– 2023 Yamaha YZ125

– 2023 Yamaha YZ85

– 2023 Yamaha YZ85LW

– 2023 Yamaha YZ65



Off-Road Competition / Cross Country

– 2023 Yamaha WR450F

– 2023 Yamaha WR250F

– 2023 Yamaha YZ450FX

– 2023 Yamaha YZ250FX

– 2023 Yamaha YZ250X

– 2023 Yamaha YZ125X – New model



Off-Road Recreation

– 2023 Yamaha TT-R230

– 2023 Yamaha TT-R125LE

– 2023 Yamaha TT-R125 – (Europe)

– 2023 Yamaha TT-R110E

– 2023 Yamaha TT-R50E

– 2023 Yamaha PW50

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