2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe

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2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe
2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe

2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe
2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe

2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe
2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe

2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe
2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe

2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe
2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe

2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe Review

2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe on Totalmotorcycle.com

CTX1300T – boldly go…

The CTX1300T design philosophy is well defined by its name. The ‘C’ in CTX stands for Comfort, which equals easy-to-access driveability and usability, with low noise at higher speeds and excellent stability, low seat height, and relaxed riding position.

T’ is Technology, a characterful and high-torque V4 engine, Honda’s Traction Control System (TCS), Combined ABS, LED lights and indicators plus a twin-speaker Bluetooth stereo system.

‘X’ is eXperience, smooth and enjoyable all-round performance and cruiser-style riding position. The CTX1300T, with all of these qualities, is a unique proposition, designed to fit neatly with many rider’s desires and expectations.

Ever the innovators, Honda has once again struck out in a bold new direction. Following on the heels of the successful CTX700 models, Honda introduces the next model in the CTX range, the CTX1300T. Built around the venerable ST1300 V4 power plant, the CTX1300T enjoys impressive performance but delivers it in a more relaxed, less aggressive style. The low seat height and natural riding position make it extremely user friendly and immediately familiar to cruiser riders, but the silky smooth engine and sophisticated neutral handling chassis may be more reminiscent of a sport tourer. Right at home on the open road, this impressive do-it-all features integrated saddlebags, a protective frame-mounted fairing, a twin speaker stereo with Bluetooth connectivity, heated handlebar grips and, best of all, a fuel range of over 300 km from the under-seat tank so nothing spoils the fun. The CTX1300T looks like nothing else out there and works like nothing else out there, looks like Honda has done it again.

Progress. Advancement. Evolution.

It’s the law of nature. You evolve or fall by the wayside. The new Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe is an evolutionary step in motorcycling. Watch the video to find out why.

1261cc V-4 Engine

Specially tuned for more low-to-midrange torque, the CTX1300/T Deluxe offers a responsive powerbands that greatly enhances your experience on the bike. One ride and you’ll see what we mean.

Integrated Saddlebags

Going on a trip? The CTX1300/T Deluxe is the perfect choice, thanks to the sleek, integrated saddlebags. A low-cut windscreen for style and wind-cheating bodywork help keep you looking good and comfortable for the long haul.

Low Seat Height

With a CTX1300/T Deluxe, the low seat is great at stoplights, comfortable for cruising and helps contribute to the bike’s low center of gravity, making for a pleasurable, confidence-inspiring ride.

Make It Your Own

We’ll have plenty of Honda Genuine Accessories available to give your CTX1300/T Deluxe its own look. There’ll be a tall windscreen, heated grips, backrest with pad, 12V accessory socket, rear trunk (45L), LED foglight kit, plenty of chrome accents, and more!


2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

•1261cc liquid-cooled longitudinally mounted 90° V-4

•Integrated Saddlebags, adjustable suspension, comfortable seat, LED Headlights

•Adds: Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS), self-canceling turn signals, audio package including Bluetooth connectivity, blacked-out styling elements for a distinctive look.


Low-Cut Windscreen

The low-cut windscreen helps reduce wind buffeting and blends perfectly with the low, lean styling of the CTX1300/T Deluxe. Need a taller screen? No problem—there’s one available as an accessory.

LCD Info Screen

Mounted in the center of the instrument console, the LCD screen provides useful information such as fuel range, MPG, ambient air temperature, and trip odometer. The Deluxe model can also display song and artist information from your device.

Audio System with Bluetooth Connectivity

The CTX1300/T Deluxe Deluxe features a premium audio system that pairs with your device to make a memorable ride even better. The system includes wireless Bluetooth technology that seamlessly integrates with many mobile audio and accessory devices.

Storage Compartments with USB port

Tucked into the CTX1300/T Deluxe’s fairing are two storage containers for smaller items. On the Deluxe model, you also get a USB port to charge your phone or play MP3 music files.

LED Lighting

Clear, crisp, bright: the latest LED technology lets the CTX1300/T Deluxe’s headlight and unique accent lights do more than just light up the night—it gives the bike a strong styling element.. The tallight and turn signals are also brilliant, long-lasting LEDs.

Inverted Fork

A feature that not only looks great but works even better, the CTX1300/T Deluxe’s inverted fork helps with the bike’s precise steering and excellent comfort and handling.

Unique Wheels and Tires

A fat 200-series rear tire and stylish 10-spoke cast wheels give the CTX1300/T Deluxe aggressive style—on the Deluxe model, the wheels are blacked-out to match the other styling elements

Anti-Lock Brakes

Motorcycling can throw you lots of unexpected surprises—that’s where Anti-Lock Brakes can be a big help, when you need to make controlled stops in less-than-ideal conditions. Under normal operation you’ll never know it they’re there, but when you need them, they’re always there to back you up.

Stylish and Functional Bodywork

The CTX1300/T Deluxe’s fairing helps make both your commute and long distance trips a whole lot more pleasant. Stylish and functional, the bodywork reduces wind buffeting and provides some extra storage, too..

1261 cc V-4 Engine

Nothing sounds like a V-4 engine, and nothing feels like one either. Longitudinal engine mounting improves power transfer and drivetrain efficiency, two engine counterbalancers eliminate vibration for super-smooth running, and its specially tuned 1261 cc engine offers plenty of power for long-distance touring.

Low Seat Height

Nice and low—that’s how most riders like their seat heights, and that’s exactly how we built the new CTX1300/T Deluxe. The low seat makes it easy to flat-foot it in parking lots or at stoplights, and just plain feels great, too. . The low seat and uniquely designed fuel tank help lower the bike’s center of gravity and inspire confidence.

Adjustable Rear Suspension

The dual pre-load adjustable rear shocks pair with the CTX1300/T Deluxe’s aluminum swingarm to allow you to dial in the level of comfort and handling that’s right for you.

Passenger Seat Comfort

The CTX1300/T Deluxe designers know that on a bike this cool, passengers will be begging for a ride. The wider, flatter seat and integrated handrails provide a higher level of passenger comfort. There’s also an available accessory backrest.

Adjustable Rear Suspension

The dual pre-load adjustable rear shocks pair with the CTX1300/T Deluxe’s aluminum swingarm to allow you to dial in the level of comfort and handling that’s right for you.

Traction Control

Available on the CTX1300/T Deluxe Deluxe, traction control gives you additional peace of mind under challenging riding conditions.

Integrated Luggage

The CTX1300/T Deluxe’s weather resistant, lockable saddlebags are big enough for many full-face helmets or a weekend’s worth of gear.

Passenger Seat Comfort

The CTX1300/T Deluxe designers know that on a bike this cool, passengers will be begging for a ride. The wider, flatter seat and integrated handrails provide a higher level of passenger comfort. There’s also an available accessory backrest.

Self-Cancelling Turn Signals

A premium feature, the self-cancelling turn signals on our Deluxe model add a degree of convenience seldom seen on most motorcycles.

Innovation—It’s What The CTX1300/T Deluxe Is All About.

Honda’s CTX line of motorcycles are some of the most innovative we’ve ever produced. One look can tell you that, and that’s really saying something when you realize that no other company leads the way in innovative solutions and technologies like Honda. Just check out the new CTX1300/T Deluxe’s long list of features, and you’ll see that this is a bike that can take you cruising into the next century.





2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits


The longitudinally-mounted 8-valve 1,261 cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected 90° V4 power unit from the ST1300 has received major revisions for use in the CTX, boosting low and mid-range torque. Revised cam timing and new PGM-FI throttle bodies are responsible for the change in the engine’s output and character..
The engine’s characterful feel and sound have been amplified by the use of uneven (150mm difference) exhaust pipe lengths in the 4-2-2 system..
Overall gearing is tall, lowering engine rpm and adding to the tranquil, enjoyable ride..
5-speed gearbox and hydraulic clutch drive the rear wheel via maintenance-free shaft drive..
Honda’s Traction Control System (TCS) constantly monitors front and rear wheel speed plus various engine parameters and throttle position. When variations that could mean an imminent loss of traction are registered TCS momentarily reduces engine power by a combination of ignition cut and modulation of the throttle butterflies through the throttle-by-wire system. As the difference in speed between front and rear wheels diminishes, the system transitions into modulating only the throttle butterflies. This ensures seamless, unobtrusive traction control operation..


Brand new steel double cradle split downtube frame with conservative geometry adds to the relaxed and comfortable nature of the CTX..
690 mm long aluminum swingarm operates twin rear shocks, featuring mechanical spring preload adjustment so the ride can be tailored to suit the load..
43 mm inverted forks provide supple and well-damped control..
Cast aluminum wheels – 18-inch x 3.5-inch front/17 x 6.25-inch rear – sport wide 130/70 R18 and 200/50R17 tires..
Combined Braking System with ABS provides both the operating ease of linked front and rear brakes and the control of an advanced Anti-lock Braking System..

Additional Features

A short screen injects attitude to the CTX1300’s silhouette while dual rear panniers integrate fluidly and provide useful storage space. The riding position, with naturally placed swept-back handlebars and forward-set footpegs, is comfortable for a variety of rider sizes..
19.5-litre fuel tank is situated under the seat, lowering the centre of gravity.
Twin-speaker stereo system – controlled from the handlebars – works with iPod, MP3 player and smartphones, displaying track information centrally on the dash. Bluetooth connectivity also allows use of helmet headsets, rider to pillion or bike-to-bike systems..
Analogue speedometer and tachometer provide vital information at a glance, while the LCD digital display includes odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption, engine temperature and clock..
Headlights, taillight and indicators are all LED and give off an intense light signature..
Five-stage heated grips are fitted as standard equipment..



2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe – Totalmotorcycle.com USA Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $17,499 USD

Engine Type
1261cc liquid-cooled longitudinally mounted 90° V-4

Bore And Stroke
78mm x 66mm

PGM-FI with electronic control IACV, four 36mm throttle bodies

Computer-controlled digital with 3-D mapping and electronic advance

Compression Ratio

Valve Train
DOHC; four valves per cylinder



Final Drive


Front Suspension
Inverted 45mm fork

Rear Suspension
Twin rear shocks with spring

Front Brake
Dual 310mm front discs

Rear Brake
Single 315mm disc

Front Tire

Rear Tire



114.3mm (4.5 inches)

64.5 inches

Seat Height
29.1 inches

Curb Weight
731.4 pounds. Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel-ready to ride

Fuel Capacity
5.1 gallons


Model Id

Meets current EPA standards. Models sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.

Available Colors
Metallic Black, Gray Blue Metallic, Candy Red




2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe – Totalmotorcycle.com Canada Specifications/Technical Details
Canadian MSRP Price: $18,999 CDN

Engine Type
Liquid-cooled 90-degree V-4

1,261 cc

Bore & Stroke
78 mm x 66 mm

Compression Ratio

Valve Train
Chain-driven DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder

Fuel Delivery
PGM-FI electronic fuel injection


Final Drive

Front Suspension
43 mm inverted fork

Rear Suspension
Aluminum swingarm with twin shocks featuring spring preload adjustment

130/70R – 18 radial front; 200/50R – 17 radial rear

Front dual 310 mm discs with triple-piston calipers; rear 316 mm disc with triple-piston caliper. Dual-Combined Braking System with ABS

Seat Height
725 mm (28.5 in.)

1,640 mm (64.6 in.)

Curb Weight
331.8 kg (731 lb) including required fluids and full tank of gas – ready to ride

Fuel Capacity
19.5 litres

Candy Prominence Red, Grey Blue Metallic

3 year, unlimited mileage, freely transferable warranty.



2014 Honda CTX1300/T Deluxe – Totalmotorcycle.com UK/European Specifications/Technical Details
European MSRP Price: £NA GBP

Model not available.

Specifications, features and prices to change by manufacturer without notice. All information correct as of posted date.


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