GoPro Suction Cup Mount Review

GoPro - Be a Hero
GoPro – Be a Hero!

It’s sucks hard but it doesn’t blow!

GoPro Suction Cup Mount Review

GoPro Suction Cup Mount
GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Let us first start off by saying the GoPro Suction Cup Mount is a must have.

You might very well find yourself using the GoPro Suction Cup Mount the most as it will securely suck to any flat, smooth area on your motorcycle such as your bike’s gas tank, a motorcycle fairing or even if you are lucky a rear tail piece. Anything even slightly curved and you might be out of luck.

But that leaves a lot of options and areas where you can suck this to and be careful, when installed it will really be on there so make sure you use the “pressure relief button” and the “pressure relief handle” to remove it without damage to the part. The GoPro Suction Cup Mount mounts so well that it’s rated to 150 mph and some have gone even faster with it attached (ie airplanes), so you can trust your GoPro HD camera to it.

When mounted to your motorbike’s petrol tank (a little British language in there for those in Europe) it can give you a great view of the road ahead, gauges (clocks) included and will give an amazing feel of speed as well. There is quite nothing like “feeling” the speed of your motorcycles as it’s RPM gauge and speedometer climb.

The GoPro Suction Cup Mount harness worked impressively well and produced some really nice video results and angles. Total Motorcycle mounted it different positions and have included video below for your judgement on what view you like best and what worked best.

Overall this is a MUST have and we were extremely impressed with the mount and awarded it our Total Motorcycle Editor’s Choice Award, 5 out of 5.


The Positives

1. GoPro Suction Cup Mount is easy to use, put on/take off and adjust.

2. You can mount it to anything that is flat and smooth.

3. Vibration is very controlled.

4. Unique video angles.


The Negatives

1. None, other than we would like to see GoPro offer another smaller suction cup mount so we can suck it to other smaller bike areas.


GoPro Suction Cup Mount Field Photos

GoPro Suction Cup Mount
GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount
GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount
GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount Specifications

Industrial strength suction cup for your quick-release HERO camera. This is the suction cup mount that comes with the Motorsports HERO and Motorsports HERO Wide cameras. Strong enough to pull dents out of a car door (unfortunately tested and proven by GoPro) or stay attached to an airplane at 200mph+, proven though not endorsed by GoPro per FAA rules.

Perfect if you own a Helmet HERO, Surf HERO, or Wide HERO camera and want to add a suction cup mount to your arsenal. Attaches to cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, cockpits, you name it.

NOT RECOMMENDED for surfboards, snowboards or other high-impact sports. Only recommended for non-impact activities.

What’s Included:
– 1 Suction Cup Camera Mount
– 1 Rotational Joiner Arm
– Warranty: 1 Year


Model Number: GSC30

Construction: nylon and polycarbonate

Hardware: stainless steel

Total Motorcycle GoPro Suction Cup Mount review video

Total Motorcycle GoPro HD Hero review video

Overall, we give the GoPro Suction Cup Mount 5 out of 5 stars.

Total Motorcycle Editor's Choice Award
Total Motorcycle Editor’s Choice Award

GoPro - Be a Hero

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