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Product: Silvo All Purpose Metal Polish
Manufacturers Website: Silvo Homepage – Reckitt Benckiser Inc
Manufacturers Description: Silvo Multipurpose Metal Polish is a creamy liquid polish you can use with complete confidence – it leaves a smooth polished surface and brilliant long-lasting shine with no harsh abrasives.

Contains no harsh abrasives, mercury or acids.

Suggested Uses: Cleans and polishes:

– Silver – Silverware, trophies, tea sets.
– Gold- jewerly
– Chrome – bathroom fictures, car trim, appliances, boat hardware.
– Nickel – golf clubs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, picture frames.

Also Cleans and polishes sterling silver, silver plate and mirrors.

Our First Hand Review: The little metal can (unique today) looks old fashioned, and it is, Silvo has been around a long time in that can. The contents are quite liquidy and white with a touch of abrasiveness to it.

I used this in the Army to polish up my cap badge, buttons etc so when I saw it for $2.74 at a liquidation store I figured I’d try it on my bike (chrome parts only).

Well, it does work on chrome and doesn’t leave any scratches either. I didn’t notice any different over the Autosol polished chrome (which is still impressive) but I come to think of it as “liquid Autosol”.

Don’t use this on aluminum or anything but smooth chrome since it is liquid and can find pits to stay in after you finish buffing…

The cost is on the high side for what the product is and does compared to other competing products.

This product isn’t the easist to find either, you may have to look for it at specialty stores, some disount stores and some automotive stores.

Overall: This product works “ok” polishing parts on your motorcycle, but there are just better products (like Autosol) out there to do it. It takes longer to cut though to get that like new finish and can be hard to get out of pits and imperfections of the metal. Since it is very liquidy, you need more of it to do the work and at the end, it takes more work to get the job done.

We would recommend this for polishing perfect, mirror-like, new parts on your bike since it isn’t very abrasive. But forget about using it for/on your old parts.

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