Rider Stimulus: Check out the Top 2021 Motorcycle Models!

Rider Stimulus: Check out the Top 2021 Motorcycle Models!

Rider Stimulus: Check out the Top 2021 Motorcycle Models!

Stimulus Check on the way? Are you looking for a way to stimulate the economy while being environmentally conscious on Earth Day 2020? I might just have the answer for you… Exciting New 2021 Motorcycles from BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda and Yamaha have arrived that Michael Jordan would even jump for! Plus with cash back, 0% APR, 36/60 month no payments now being offered by manufacturers you can score and even better deal!

Rider Stimulus: Check out the Top 2021 Motorcycle Models and let’s take a dive into the Top 2021 Motorcycle Models released so far:



– 2021 BMW R18 – New Cruiser from BMW for the first time in almost 20 years with 4 new R18 variants to fit any rider!



– 2021 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP – Focusing on outright track performance, the new CBR1000RR-R is your speed ticket (in a good way)

– 2021 Honda CB300R ABS – The prefect Honda starter bike is back! Light weight, plenty of power, precise handling, it has it all.

– 2021 Honda Super Cub C125 – It’s the machine that changed motorcycling in America, and that put the whole world on two wheels.

– 2021 Honda ADV150 – New concept. City Adventure Cross-Over. What do you get when you combine an Africa Twin and a PCX150? A ADV150!

– 2021 Honda CRF50F – Start the kids off right with the industry’s number-one 50cc trail bike!

– 2021 Honda CB-F Concept – Wow, just wow multiplied by OMG that is amazing. A true retro Honda MUST make. A must see.



– 2021 Harley-Davidson Bronx 975 – A middleweight streetfighter model rolls with an unapologetic attitude and performance to match!

– 2021 Harley-Davidson Bronx 1250 – Flexible performance with a broad powerband that builds to a surge of high-RPM power. Minimizing weight and maximizing performance!

– 2021 Harley-Davidson Custom – Custom motorcycle with a muscular stance, aggressive, stripped down styling and 1250cc of pure performance.

– 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America – Harley-Davidson’s answer to the ADV (Adventure Bike) craze. The new Dual-Sport challenger!



– 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 – The lightweight, go-anywhere Adventure Touring motorcycle with a spirit of adventure embedded within its DNA.

– 2020 Yamaha TY-E Electric Trials Bike – Visions of the future with a soul in the past. Perfect for Earth Day 2020.


Total Motorcycle now has 51 YEARS (years!) of motorcycle model guides, all manufacturers, all models, specifications, features, photos, you name it. That’s tens of thousands of bikes and hundreds of thousands of images; all hand typed. My god, that is over 21 years of my work and life right there… all 100% free.

This year (2020), I present to you our new 2021 Motorcycle Model Guides. I usually wait till May to create them but this year we have 2021 motorcycle models that have come out so up go the 2021 motorcycle model guides! This will help you easily find the 2021 models and as new 2021 models come out it is easier on you (and me) to put them somewhere too.

For 2021, we may be loosing 1 manufacturer due to their insolvency, Norton Motorcycles. Hopefully they can climb back into the production seat once again and I won’t have to delete that guide (as there won’t be any 2021 Norton’s). Read more. 

Also in 2021 I added a new small manufacturer to our 2021 Other Motorcycle Manufacturer Guide, Damon, who is starting to manufacturer high tech electric sportbikes that are “self-aware”… should be interesting. Royal Enfield is starting to make a big play into North America for 2021 so expect more from them. Harley-Davidson just keeps surprising us with new models outside of their “norm” so 2021 is the year we “should see” the H-D Adventure Bike and H-D Sportbike… On the flip side, please Ducati and Triumph, stop making 10 versions of the same bike and calling it something slightly different…thank you. 🙂

Will 2021 be the return of Cruisers and Sportbikes? We have seen so many Cruisers, Tourers and Sportbikes drop off over the past 5 years that other than Harley-Davidson and Indian, pickings are now very slim. Will 2021 be the year younger riders discover the wonders of motorcycling? Will 2021 be the year electric bikes start to fill the sales floors? Are automatic bikes going to now start replacing “standard shift” motorcycles? so many questions, luckily, I, and You, have Total Motorcycle to answer them as we move forward into 2020 and beyond. Rider Stimulus: Check out the Top 2021 Motorcycle Models right here on Total Motorcycle.


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