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Thank you VERY much for being a big part of Total Motorcycle! As many of you may already know there is a push for internet sites and services to protect and look after your data called GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation. For the past 19 years, I (Total Motorcycle) have never sold your data and have always done my upmost best to protect any data that you share on my site, Total Motorcycle. Because of this compliance was “easier” for Total Motorcycle than many other sites (looking at you Facebook), I had to make sure the 3rd party services we use were compliant as well and they were upholding the high standards I expect. As of May 25th, Total Motorcycle is 100% GDPR compliant and 100% HTTPS secure.


“Your Data is Riding Safe with Total Motorcycle.”


I have also updated all our Privacy Policies and T&C’s to reflect everything I do and use at Total Motorcycle:

Also those in the EU will be served a “This website uses cookies” popup message to accept. ALL sites use cookies, and the internet would not function without them… after all, how could you login or post a message or view a site otherwise? But some cookies are bad and we don’t use those. Nor do we ask for any information that isn’t necessary. Please consider accepting all of Total Motorcycle cookies, they are not there to harm you in any way but to help you make the best of Total Motorcycle and help us support motorcyclists and motorcycling worldwide.

I have also made changes to our 3rd party providers and now this “GDPR” type protection extends to everyone worldwide, even if you are not in the EU or an EU citizen. I believe EVERYONE, not matter where they are located, has the right to have their data treated fairly and protected!

With a lot of hard work over the past 19 years GDPR presented us another opportunity to showcase that WE CARE and PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY yet again and I thank you for not only visiting my site, Total Motorcycle, but for trusting in me and my site too.


“Trust is Earned, Not Given…”


I always treat each user and their information like gold and I wanted to make sure I did everything possible to protect them. Everyone has put a lot of trust and loyalty into Total Motorcycle and it was the least I could do to show you that trust was well deserved. Trust is a two-way street, it is something that is earned, not given, and I hope over the past 19 years I have earned your trust. Even if you are new to Total Motorcycle and never visited before (welcome to the internet), I hereby pledge to keep your information safe, secure and will never use your information for any other purpose than helping you enjoy TMW and making TMW better for all.

Professional. Unbiased. Quality second to none. With 300 Million Readers and 19 years in online we have built a solid, trustworthy and dependable reputation. Total Motorcycle is your destination for bike, gear, products and accessory reviews, views and opinions. Total Motorcycle – Built by Riders for Riders.”

For those wanting to read more into GDPR


Thank you again for visiting Total Motorcycle and making it the #1 motorcycle website in North America (and soon Europe!). Ride safe, ride long and enjoy the ride.

Michael Le Pard
Owner, Total Motorcycle

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