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A collection of artifacts of historical importance from our past.

Welcome to the Total Motorcycle Museum! Celebrating motorcycling online. Collection of historical web pages, photos, collections, exhibits, history and artifacts from our past.

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Total Motorcycle Museum

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Supporting Motorcyclists since 2000 – Total Motorcycle Museum Guide

Free entry, free tours, free exhibits since 2000! Visit the Total Motorcycle Museum and take a step back in history as you tour through our very special historical artifacts from the past.

See our very first webpages, all restored to their former beauty and fully functional! Read about the history of Total Motorcycle that was at first called “the Rider Homepage” then “100% Motorcycle Website” before evolving into Total Motorcycle today. View our very first logos and see the progression of logo design changes since then with special TMW logos mixed in.

Also don’t forget to stop at our Motorcycle information kiosk of time, where you can read past motorcycle news events that changed the world of Total Motorcycle.

I hope you enjoy visiting our Total Motorcycle Museum and come back often, it’s always open and it’s always free of charge, even for the oldest of kids.