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The Complete Motorcycle Compendium
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Manufacturers Name

2005 Kawasaki ZX10R
2005 Kawasaki ZX10R

Kaestner Chicago
Kahena Brazil, 1991
Kane Pennington USA, 1895
England, They make V-6 and V-8 Chevy and Ford powered bikes
Kasea Korean
Kanuni Turkey, This company started importing MZ’s in 1987, after MZ became MuZ the old plans and machinery were shipped to Dudullu, Istanbul and are sold as Kanuni
Kawasaki started producing motorcycles when they bought out Meguro in 1963. Their first Model was the W1 (K1) Introduced in 1965 and sold in the U.S. in 1966, the W2 in 1967 and the W3 was last produced in 1974. It had an Air-Cooled , 4-stroke, Twin OHV 496cc engine mounted in a double-cradle frame. It was a copy of a BSA A7 
Keating USA, 1901 , Keating Wheel and Automobile Co
Kendal England, 1927 Scotts that were modified and rebadged and then sold as Kendal or Kendal Scotts
England, 1919-1924 A small scooter with around a 150cc engine and a variable speed drive 
Kent Australia, 1910 – 1920
USA, 1910-1914, Used Waverly engines
Kerry England, Belgium 1902 – 1914, Kerry made motorcycles and sidecars. There was also a Kerry-Abingdon made in conjunction with Abingdon motorcycles. May have been a Belgium made motorcycle but sold by the East London Rubber Co., who marketed many products by catalogue 
Germany, Was a tracked military motorcycle that was conceived by Heinrich Kniepkamp. Most were produced by NSU
USA, Early 1907 – 1912, Kiefler Motor Works had a 5hp single in 1909
Kievlyanin Russia
USA, A one off electric motorcycle built for drag racing. It set a world record for electric powered bikes in Aug. of 2000 with a run of 9.45 seconds at 152.07mph. The battery powered motor uses 624 batteries that put out 312 volts and 3600 peak amps. A new more powerful one is under construction in 2002
India, 1972, Mopeds to 124cc Motorcycles in partnership with Hyosung 
Kirby Special English racer Alf Hagon built light weight racers with JAP engines, he won eleven national titles with them
Kirkham USA, 1903. Kirkham Motor Manufacturing Co. Built engines for the first Curtiss Hercules motorcycles and produced a limited number of complete motorcycles
KMZ Dnepr
Kobas Spain, 1970’s – 1980’s, Racers using Rotax engines
Kodiak USA,. 1999, Custom Harley Clones
Koehler Escoffier France
Kokomo USA, Kokomo, IN
Komar Poland, 1960 – 1974
Korea, Korea Special Small Motors started making three wheeled scooters and utility scooters in 1988
Italy, builds competition motocross bikes
Krauser Germany
Kreidler started making bikes in 1951 in Germany and stopped in 1983. Garelli rebadged some of their small cc bikes as Kreidler until around 1988
Kreidler Florett Holland, They have four models that are produced in limited numbers. A Taiwanese company also makes a line that uses the name
KTM Austrian, Hans Trunkenpolz started a motorcycle sales and repair shop in 1934 selling DKW’s. Introduced their first production series of KTM motorcycles in 1953. They won the first 5 places in the 2001 Paris to Dakar Rally
Kulture USA, 1909 – 1917, The Deninger Cycle Co. perhaps made their own motorcycles or just rebadged others such as Manson and Emblem with the Kulture badge
Kumoto started in 1997, they are assembled in China with engine parts imported from Honda
Kurier Germany, In 1920 Kurt Hanfland developed an engine called the Kurier that was used BMW’s Flink motorcycle and others
Kymco Taiwan, Made their first bikes in 1970, Kymco is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Scooters and Motorcycles. They are also assembled under license in Argentina and sold as ISMA