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The Complete Motorcycle Compendium
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Manufacturers Name

2005 Victory Hammer
2005 Victory Hammer

V-8 Holland, Chevy engines
Van Veen Dutch, 1976 to 1978, They had a 996cc Comoto (made by NSU-Citroen) rotary, a Moto Guzi frame with shaft drive and a top speed of 130mph 
Vauxhall England, 1922 – 1923, English car maker Vauxhall.

Vee Two
Australia, Started out making dependable engine parts for Ducati’s.
England, 1905 – 1971
Velocipedraisiavaporianna (Steam) Germany and France, 1818, It used a steam turbine in each wheel instead of the usual piston steam engine. The vehicle was tested in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris on April 5, 1818, but was invented in Germany
Veremati Italy
Vespa Piaggio
Victoria Germany, 1901 – 1958, at one time used BMW engines, had a supercharged engine in 1925. They were taken over, along with DKW and Express, by Zweirad-Union from 1958 – 1965 and then by Sachs
Victory USA, Made by Polaris, has Harley styling. They produce their own ohc, four valve per cylinder, 92 cu. in. V – Twin engines. Started development in 1993 and rolled the first one out in 1998. Today (2004) Victory is a large motorcycle manufacturer offering high technology, high quality cruisers.
Villa Italy, Motociclette Villa
England, The Villiers Engineering Company produced engines from about 1911 until NVT died in the 1970s
Villof Spain
Phil Vincent started making bikes in 1937, stopped around 1955. The HRD name was dropped in 1950. Models include the Comet, Rapide, the Black lightning racer and the famous Black Shadow (a street version of the Black lightning)
Vis Fabrik Germany, 1920’s Built the Vis-Duplex that had a 496cc two stroke engine
Russian rotary motorcycles
Vogelbilt USA, Vogelbilt Corp has a prototype retro looking bike with Harley styling but using an electric motor with a top speed of 80 mph that they call the Electric Hog
USA, A small electric motorcycle made by Nova Cruz Products, Inc.
Italy, Vor Motori was started in 1998, motocross and supermoto joined in a partnership with ATK in 2001
Voskhod Russia, 1966
France, 1995