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2014 Yamaha XT250

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2014 Yamaha XT250
2014 Yamaha XT250

2014 Yamaha XT250
2014 Yamaha XT250

2014 Yamaha XT250
2014 Yamaha XT250

2014 Yamaha XT250
2014 Yamaha XT250

2014 Yamaha XT250 Review

2014 Yamaha XT250

Conquer Dirt…

The 2014 XT250 may look the same on the outside, but there are a significant number of changes on the inside. A new fuel injection system leads the list. Whether commuting to work or hitting the back country for some exploring, the ultra-reliable XT250 is a fun loving dual sport that is easy to ride. Your adventure starts here.

2014 Yamaha XT250 Total Motorcycle Key Features

Revised, 249cc, air-cooled, fuel injected, single overhead cam (SOHC), 2-valve, 4-stroke single produces easy to use power for daily commuting or exploring our back country.

4-stroke engine produces strong, predictable torque across the entire RPM range for great on- and off-road fun. It is very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly too.



2014 Yamaha XT250 Total Motorcycle Features and Benefits


• 249cc, air-cooled, fuel injected, single overhead cam (SOHC), 2-valve, 4-stroke single produces easy to use power for daily commuting or exploring the back country.
• 4-stroke engine produces strong, predictable torque across the entire RPM range for great on- and off-road fun. It is very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly too.
• Convenient, no hassle push-button electric starting.
• 2-valve cylinder head. Straight design intake and exhaust tracts provide excellent cylinder filling efficiency for strong low and mid-range power.
• Single overhead camshaft is designed to provide good low and mid rpm torque. The conventional rocker arm design means fast, easy valve clearance adjustments.
• Automatic cam chain tensioner reduces mechanical engine noise and maintenance.
• Ceramic composite cylinder “bore” is a “liner less” design with the ceramic coating sprayed directly on the aluminum block. Benefits include; excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery, reduced weight and reduced friction.
• 74mm lightweight forged piston provides fast throttle response, excellent durability and less mechanical vibration.
• Lightweight ball bearing mounted crankshaft for excellent durability and fast engine response.
• Internal engine counter balancer reduces engine vibration to maximize rider comfort.
• Multi plate wet type clutch is utilized. Clutch lever pull is light and easy.
• Easy access element type oil filter. Oil filter housing is located on the right hand side of the engine for easy servicing.
• Maintenance-free TCI (transistor controlled) ignition controls the ignition mapping and produces a hot spark for fast, sure starts.
• 16 bit ECU (electronic control unit) controls the fuel injection process.
• 33mm, Mikuni throttle body fuel injection system. This system is a return-less FI system with TPS (throttle position sensor). It provides excellent throttle response, great fuel economy, reduced emissions and a choke-free design.
• A 10-hole fuel injector is used and provides a 22 degree spray pattern for excellent fuel atomization and strong performance.
• 235 watt ACM (alternating current magneto) is used to power the fuel injection system plus the reminder of the electrical components.
• 2.8 litre air box is located under the seat and utilizes an easy to access viscous (paper type) air filter.
• Wide-ratio, 5-speed transmission and manual clutch are well suited to the engine’s power output for easy, relaxed riding.
• Steel exhaust system with heat shields on both the header pipe and muffler protect rider and passenger from accidental contact. Exhaust note is quiet and environmentally friendly. A US Forestry Approved spark arrestor protects Mother Nature.
• Air Induction System (AIS) injects fresh oxygen into the exhaust to insure complete combustion thereby reducing harmful hydro carbon and carbon monoxide (HC & CO) exhaust emissions.

• Semi-double cradle steel frame and an overall “wet” weight of only 132kg (291 lbs.), make the XT250 one of the lightest, most compact dual purpose machines on the market.
• Rugged, box section steel swing arm is fitted with easy-to-use eccentric chain adjusters
• 35mm KYB fork with 225mm (8.9″) of wheel travel soaks up the rough stuff, both on-road and off. Rubber boots protect fork seals and tubes from dirt and grit damage.
• Lightweight aluminium lower triple clamp reduces weight.
• Link Monocross rear suspension features a spring preload adjustable shock. The adjustment range is 20mm (0.8″). Rear wheel travel is 180mm (7.1″)
• Low seat height of 810mm (31.9″) creates a low centre of gravity for added manoeuvrability and inspires confidence by allowing most riders to put both feet firmly on the ground.
• 285mm (11.2″) of ground clearance enhances off road use.
• 245mm front disc brake with twin piston Nissin caliper provides plenty of stopping power.
• 203mm rear disc brake is squeezed by a single piston Nissin caliper with rugged plastic caliper protector and an integrated (or 1 piece) rear master cylinder.
• 9.6 litre fuel tank features an in tank electric fuel pump. The low fuel warning light will come on with 2 litres of fuel remaining.
• 21″ front and 18″ rear lightweight DID alloy wheels are extremely durable and reduce unsprung weight for enhanced suspension performance.
• Long, YZ-inspired seat creates a balanced riding position and provides roomy comfort for both rider and passenger. The seat features a “pebble style” seat cover.
• Frame-mounted passenger footpegs provide two-up riding capability.
• Powerful, 60/55-watt, enduro-style, halogen headlight
• Small fairing reduces wind buffeting at highway speeds
• Compact digital instrumentation includes: speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeters and a clock. Other features include low fuel warning light, engine warning light and self-diagnosis function.

• Serrated, folding steel footpegs
• Folding gear shift and rear brake lever tip
• Steering and helmet locks
• Locking fuel cap
• Convenient passenger hand rails
• Durable “O” ring chain
• Dependable, low-maintenance, sealed battery
• Flexible turn signals
• Easy-to-use, push-to-cancel turn signals
• Rubber “boots” on brake and clutch levers help reduce mud and dirt damage.




2014 Yamaha XT250 – Total Motorcycle USA Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $NA

Model not available.




2014 Yamaha XT250 – Total Motorcycle Canadian Specifications/Technical Details
Canada MSRP Price: $5,099.00 CDN

Air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve, single
74 x 58mm
2.0kg-m (14.5 ft-lb)@ 6,500 rpm
Mikuni 33mm throttle body fuel injection
30.5kpl / 87mpg (Imp.)
Wet sump
TCI / Electric Start
“O” ring chain

35mm fork / 225mm (8.9″) travel
Adjustable Link Monocross / 180mm (7.1″) travel
245mm disc / twin piston
203mm disc / single piston
2.75 x 21

2,150mm (84.6″)
805mm (31.7″)
1,160mm (45.7″)
1,360mm (53.5″)
285mm (11.2″)
810mm (31.9″)
9.6 litres (2.1 imp. gallons)
132kg (291 lb)
Yamaha Blue



2014 Yamaha XT250 – Total Motorcycle UK/Europe Specifications/Technical Details
UK/European MSRP Price: £NA.

Details to follow shortly.


2014 Yamaha XT250 – Total Motorcycle Australian Specifications/Technical Details
AU MSRP Price: See dealer for pricing AUD

Details to follow shortly.


Specifications, features and prices to change by manufacturer without notice. All information correct as of posted date.


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