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2015 Yamaha TMAX

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2015 Yamaha TMAX
2015 Yamaha TMAX

2015 Yamaha TMAX
2015 Yamaha TMAX

2015 Yamaha TMAX
2015 Yamaha TMAX

2015 Yamaha TMAX
2015 Yamaha TMAX

2015 Yamaha TMAX Review

2015 Yamaha TMAX on

More TMAX than ever…

Introducing the 2015 TMAX, a fully highway capable scooter that shatters the scooter stereo type. Get ready to experience some serious performance, handling, comfort and convenience. Significant improvements for ’15 include a 41mm inverted fork, radial mount 4-piston front brakes, a revised front fender and fairing with brilliant LED headlights. And for added convenience we are proud to introduce the Smart Key system just like on a car.


2015 Yamaha TMAX Key Features

/// Key Improvements for 2015:
• New 41mm inverted fork
• New radial mount 4-piston front calipers
•New Smart Key System
•New front fender & front fairing
•New LED headlights, revised LED position lighting
•New mirrors & 12 volt DC plug-in
•New instrument – meter design



2015 Yamaha TMAX Features and Benefits

/// Engine
• 530cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valves (4 valves / cyl), twin cylinder, 4-stroke engine provides great serious performance combined with good fuel economy and low emissions. Highway speeds are easily obtainable; with this is powerful sports oriented engine.
• Convenient electric starting with automatic decompression system for fast, reliable starting.
• DOHC, 4-valve cylinder head design provides optimum breathing efficiency for great engine performance. Valve actuation is via under bucket shims… just like on most sport bikes.
• Lightweight aluminum cylinder block features 68mm ceramic composite cylinder “bores”. This “liner less” design means the ceramic coating is sprayed directly on the aluminum block (instead of using heavy iron liners) and ensures great heat dissipation for consistent power delivery, reduced friction and reduced weight.
• Closed deck cylinder design allows the cylinders to be spaced more closely together, allowing for a narrower engine.
• Liquid cooling maintains consistent engine temperatures even while idling at stoplights or in heavy traffic, for maximum performance and extended engine life. Liquid cooling also reduces mechanical engine noise for a quieter ride.
• High flow water pump and oil pump optimize engine cooling and lubrication for excellent durability.
• Automatic hydraulic cam chain tensioner with silent type cam chain reduces both mechanical engine noise and maintenance chores.
• “Piston-style” engine balancer assembly reduces vibration to a minimum for excellent rider and passenger comfort. The balancer shaft connecting rod and “piston” feature a special design to reduce pumping losses and further reduce vibration. The “cylinder” the balancer piston travels in is made of lightweight aluminum for reduced weight.
• Crankshaft design optimizes engine performance and throttle response while offering excellent durability.
• Carburized connecting rods are used for excellent durability and extended service life
• Lightweight forged aluminum pistons reduce reciprocating mass for fast engine response and excellent durability.
• Downdraft style intake is used for maximum engine performance.
• “Closed loop”, dual bore 34mm Mikuni throttle body fuel injection uses R6 based, high performance 12- hole injectors for excellent fuel atomization. The “closed loop” system means there is an oxygen sensor in the exhaust that monitors the exhaust emissions and constantly regulates / adjusts the fuel mixture for optimum performance and reduced emissions.
• The FI system also features a TPS (throttle position sensor) which feeds back info to the ECU for optimum ignition timing and maximum performance.
• Fuel injection benefits include; crisp throttle response, no hassle choke free starting, reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
• Maintenance-free TC (transistor controlled) ignition system provides a precise, high-voltage spark for seamless engine performance, sure starts and excellent reliability.
• Sport bike inspired curved radiator design with electric fan provides maximum cooling efficiency. Note: A curved rad offers more cooling area than a conventional flat rad.
• Fully automatic, CVT (constantly variable transmission) V-belt transmission ensures easy “twist-the-throttle-and-go operation”. There is no hand clutch or gear shifting to worry about. A wide range reduction ratio is used for strong sports performance. Special dual paper air filters allow cooling air to enter the belt case for extended V-belt life. The belt is a double cog type belt for extended durability
• Clean, quiet, low maintenance belt drive system. For 2015 the drive pulley has been revised.
• Stylish upswept muffler contains a catalytic converter to reduce harmful hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide emissions. The muffler produces a quiet exhaust note and its upswept design provides an excellent styling highlight.

/// Chassis/Suspension
• Unique CF die cast aluminum frame is lightweight yet rigid for excellent sports handling. This frame design is a cross between a motorcycle type frame and a scooter step-through design. The TMAX is one of the most sporty handling scooters on the market today … it handles more like a motorcycle than a scooter.
• Lightweight motorcycle inspired, aluminum swingarm reduces unsprung weight for sporty handling and excellent ride comfort.
• All new 41mm inverted fork offers 120mm (4.7″) of front wheel travel for a smooth, comfortable ride. Inverted forks reduced unsprung weight for better handling and improved strength and rigidity by clamping the larger diameter “sliders” in the triple clamps.
• Pull type single rear shock actually extends as the rear wheel moves through its stroke. The shock is mounted between the engine and the swingarm to reduce the centre of gravity and offers 116mm (4.6″) of rear wheel travel.
• New, dual floating 267mm front discs are squeezed by R6 inspired radial mount, four piston monoblock calipers. The radial mounting design helps to reduce caliper distortion for improved braking performance with excellent control and good lever feedback.
• Large 282mm rear disc with single piston caliper provides strong, reliable stopping power.
• Parking brake mechanism provides additional confidence when parking the TMAX on unlevel ground. A convenient handlebar-mounted lever activates a special secondary brake caliper to prevent the unit from moving. The lever is designed to interfere with the left handlebar to prevent the unit from being ridden when the park brake is activated.
• Lightweight 15″ mag style die cast aluminum 5-spoke wheels. Front wheel size is 3.50×15 and is fitted with a 120/70R15 tire, while the rear wheel size is 5.00×15 and is fitted with a 160/60R15 tire. Both tires are tubeless and radial construction. For 2015 the tire compound has been revised.
• New, more sporty styled front fender
• Roomy, 2-person seat ensures excellent comfort. The rider portion of the seat features a 3-position back support for even more comfort and allows the rider’s position to be adjusted forward or backward to add or reduce leg room.
• Large, locking under seat storage compartment can easily hold a full-face helmet. A vanity light is provided in the rear section of the trunk for added convenience.
• Additional storage can also be found in the front area of the rider cockpit. There are two storage compartments on the left and right side of the inner fairing panel.
• 15 litre fuel tank includes a 3 litre reserve portion and an internal electric fuel pump.
• Revised front fairing features a more sporty design which reduces wind turbulence behind the screen. Fairing & floorboards provide excellent wind and weather protection highlighting the TMAX’s functional side.
• 2- position adjustable windshield provides excellent wind and weather protection. The windshield features a “hard coated” finish for scratch protection. There is a 55mm (2.2″) height difference between the low and high positions.
• All new dual “cat-eye” LED front headlights. Both lights illuminate whether on low or high beam. There is also new LED position lighting located above the new LED headlights.
• Diamond shaped LED rear taillight provides excellent visibility
• All new Smart Key System… just like on a car. The Smart key also doubles as an anti-theft immobilizer as well. The ignition switch, seat & steering locks are now electrically operated by the Smart Key System. There is a new centrally located Smart Key command rocker style bevel switch in the centre of the inner fairing. A mechanical key is integrated into the Smart key fob to open the fuel cap and front storage pocket. The RHS handlebar switch gear is revised to accommodate the Smart Key System.
• Revised, multi-function instrumentation panel provides a sense of depth and a 3D feeling. The shape of the dials has been revised with a black base colour scheme with red accents to reinforce the sportiness of the TMAX. Analog functions include speedometer and tachometer. Digital functions include dual tripmeters, clock, temp gauge, fuel gauge and fuel tripmeter. Other functions include outside air temp, plus average and instantaneous fuel consumption readouts. There are also V-belt and oil change trip functions to inform the rider of pending maintenance.

/// Details
• New 12 volt DC outlet located on LHS of the inner fairing.
• Newly designed folding mirrors have been raised by 60 mm (2.4″) for improved visibility
• Revised centre stand features a new tab with a 10 mm hole to insert a disc lock into for improved theft prevention.
• Side stand safety lock-out switch prevents unit from being ridden when the side stand is down.
• Convenient spin on type oil filter
• 5-position adjustable front and rear hand brake levers
• Convenient passenger grab rails
• Push-to-cancel-type turn signals
• 12 amp hour low-maintenance, sealed battery
• Locking fuel cap is hidden by special-access panel located at the front of the seat.
• Stylish heat shield on muffler protects rider and passenger from hot components.
• Yamaha diagnostic tool coupler is located under the seat. This system can significantly reduce diagnostic time in the event of a problem.




2015 Yamaha TMAX – USA Specifications/Technical Details



2015 Yamaha TMAX – Canadian Specifications/Technical Details
Canada MSRP Price: $10,499 CDN

4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valves (4-valves / cyl), inline twin
530 cc
68 x 73mm
5.3 kg-m (38.3 ft-lbs.) @ 5,250 rpm
Mikuni 34 mm throttle body F.I.
19kpl/53mpg (Imp)
Dry Sump
TCI / Electric Start
Fully automatic CVT

41 mm inverted fork / 120 mm (4.7″) wheel travel
Swingarm – single shock / 116 mm (4.6″) wheel travel
Dual 267mm discs – 4 piston calipers
282mm disc – single piston caliper

2,200mm (86.6”)
775mm (30.5”)
1,420 or 1,475mm (55.9 or 58.1”)
1,580mm (62.2”)
125mm (4.9″)
800mm (31.5”)
15 litres (3.3 Imp. gallons)
220kg (485 lb)
197kg (434 lb)
Dark Metallic Gray




2015 Yamaha TMAX – European/UK Specifications/Technical Details
UK/European MSRP Price: NA GBP (On The Road) (including 20% VAT)


Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Yamaha and Total encourages you to ride safely and respect fellow riders and the environment. Images shown in this brochure depict professional riders performing under controlled conditions. Specifications and appearance of Yamaha products as shown here are subject to change without notice on Total Motorcycle (TMW) and may vary according to requirements and conditions.

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