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March 10th 2004Motorcycle Performance Guide Updated
February 20th 2004
TMW Featured in UK Bike Trader
February 2nd 2004
Total Motorcycle 483% growth in 3 months!
January 27th 2004
Total Motorcycle breaks 1-Day Records
January 23nd 2004
New main index pages!
January 22nd 2004
New Contest Open – Become a published Writer
January 21st 2004
Maximum Torque game added.
January 20th 2004
Huge 6 section Download section added.
January 19th 2004
New easier to use site Navigation.
January 19th 2004
New Section: Total Motorcycle Headline News Created.
January 18th 2004
New Section: Worldwide Motorcycle Events Created.
January 17th 2004
Huge 4 page 2004 BMW R1200GS Special Report
January 15th 2004
New TMW Interviews section created
January 13th 2004
2005 and 2006 Motorcycle Model information
January 12th 2004
2004 Calgary Motorcycle Show Review Finished
January 12th 2004
New review category and 2 review forums created
January 5th 2004
New Product, Service & Show Review Section Created
January 3rd 2004
Total Motorcycle Caption Contest Closes. Voting now OPEN
December 30th 2003
TMW Breaks all statistics records in December!
December 29th 2003
TMW will have press coverage of the 2004 Motorcycle Show
December 28th 2003
Total Motorcycle featured in Cycle Torque Magazine!
December 28th 2003
Total Motorcycle featured in 2004 Biker Atlas!
December 15th 2003
New Photo Gallery Launched
December 11th 2003
Now 2.5x more Bandwidth.
December 11th 2003 – New Total Motorcycle Mailing List Added! Sign up today.

December 9th 2003Total Motorcycle grows beyond 1 year expectations in just 1 month!

Motorcycle Performance Guide Updated Top

March 10th, Motorcycle Performance Guide Updated. Now includes sections: – Gasoline (petrol) Guide – (Comsumer and Racing Gas) – Aftermarket filters (Air, Fuel and Oil filters)

Total Motorcycle featured in Bike Trader Top

February 20h, 2004: Thanks to the United Kingdom’s Bike Trader for featuring us in their magazine. We thank them very much for taking notice of our (Total Motorcycle) growing website and for the line “It has more or less anything that any biker – from novice to life-ling rider – could wish for”… Many thanks from all of us at TMW!

483% Growth in 3 months Top

Month / Year Unique Hits Visitors Page Views: Bandwidth Used
November, 2003 1,162,802
18,362 76,481 11.5 GB
December 2003 2,368,828 28,773 200,419 23.31 GB
January 2004 3,227,428 64,472 602,559 39.07 GB

February 2nd, We are proud to announce that Total Motorcycle has grown by 483% in the last 3 months! (click here for more detials). Total Motorcycle ranking has increased by 482% and grown by 472%! Total Motorcycle is about to brake into the Top 100,000 most popular sites worldwide. Thanks to all our sponsors and visitors for making us such a big success.

Total Motorcycle Breaks 1-Day Records Top

Unique Visitors
Old Record Day – Dec 30th
1.45 GB
New Record Day – Jan 26th
2.34 GB
Growth Rate

January 27th, We are proud to announce that January 27th, 2004 for Total Motorcycle was the best day ever on record! January 26th broke the record for one day visitors, page views, bandwidth and hits! In less than one month, Total Motorcycle has grown (yet again) by a huge amount! Thanks to all our sponsors and visitors for making us such a big success.

New main index pages! Top

January 23rd: Finally, after days of work, the new index pages are finished. I hope you enjoy them. There is the main “basic” page that is very quick to load and get you into the site while telling a visitor basic information on what we have to offer. Then for those who like animated intro index pages, we have 3 different ones to choose from! This should help with those who just want into the site as fast as possible and those wanting to see an animated page now and then. Let us know what you think of them. 🙂

New Contest now Open – Become a published writer! Top

January 22nd: That’s right, no joke, your story, your name, in print! We wanted to start the year off with an amazing contest, we think we succeded! Total Motorcycle and AME Magazine is proud to bring you the “Become a published writer” contest. The winner’s article will be garanteed to be published in AME Magazine. Plus there will be some other great prizes like 1 year subscriptions and T-Shirts. Contest is open worldwide, so don’t delay, get working on your 1,000 word article and win! Learn More

Maximum Torque motorcycle movie game added. Top

January 21st: We have added a new game to our Online fun and games section for your enjoyment. From the movie Torque comes the game. Choose your motorcycle, paint job and charater. Race against your opponent. Collect Nitro along the way. Do wheelies, power slides and jumps.

Huge 6 section Download section added Top

Desktop Images: Totally motorcyclise your desktop with these great images. Show everyone you not only have great taste but a great lifestyle as well.

Motorcycle Sounds: Listen to the beautiful sounds of the motorcycle. For the motorcycle enthusiast.

Motorcycle Screensavers: Enjoy using a screensaver? Well then you’ll totally enjoy these motorcycle screensavers then!

International Videos and Commercials: Everyone loves entertainment, what could be better than free motorcycle entertainment?

Motorcycle Brochures: Motorcycle model brochures in .pdf

Programs: When we find a really good free motorcycle related program we’ll put it up for you here to enjoy.

Thanks for visiting and making Total a better place for all.


New easier to use Site Navigation created Top

January 19th 2003 – Since Total Motorcycle has grown so large in the past month so many more sections we have changed the left navigation to make it easier to get around. Thanks to all our visitors for supporting us and visiting us often.

New section: Total Motorcycle Headline News Created Top

January 19th 2003 – Like a hawk, we are always on the lookout for the best pieces of Motorcycle Industry news to share with you. When we find a good piece of news we know you would like, we post it here for you to read and enjoy.

New section: Worldwide Motorcycle Events Top

January 18th 2003 – With the popularity of Motorcycle Events, Rallies, Runs, Rides and Fests around the world, we created a special section called: Worldwide Motorcycle Events. We have hundreds of events listed so far, check it out. There are hundreds listed there right now, check it out. If you want to add an event that is not listed there, just add it to the Motorcycle Events Forum and we will include it.

Huge 4 page 2004 BMW R1200GS Special Report Top

January 17th 2003 -Total Motorcycle is proud to present the 2004 BMW R1200GS special report. Our coverage of the new BMW R1200GS is so big, we had to put it on 4 pages!

New TMW Interviews section created Top

Here, you will find all the interviews the Total Motorcycle Website (TMW) has done. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we had doing them. Everything from Motorcycle manufacturers (we have them all interviewed!) to championship riders, you’ll find it here.

TMW Interviews, just one more thing on top to set us apart from the everyday ordinary.

Latest information on 2005 & 2006 Motorcycle Models Top

2005 Honda Rune… 2005 Last year?
– Honda CBR1000RR to replace RC57 plus changes for 2005
– 2005 Honda Silverwing 600 to come to Canada
– 2005 Honda CRF450X
– 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 – Touring Edition
– 2005 Kawasaki Nomad 1500 Changes
– 2005-06 Victory V-Twin Standard Naked Bike
– 2005-06 Victory V-Twin Sport Bike

2004 Calgary Motorcycle Show Update Top

Review now up and finished.
Full coverage and review of the whole Calgary 2004 Motorcycle Show

Just created: Member Reviews & Opinions category& 2 forums Top

We just added another great category with 2 new forums to our growing and popular message forum: Member Reviews & Opinions category with 2 new forums:

-= Motorcycle Model Reviews & Opinions =-
Write a review of your motorcycle. The best reviews are firsthand reviews and who better to write a review of a motorcycle than someone who owns, rides and lives with it?

-= Motorcycle Product Reviews & Opinions =-
Write a review of a motorcycle product you have used. The best reviews are firsthand reviews and who better to write a review than someone who bought it and tried it out.

So, post your hearts out and have a great time doing it!

New Product, Service & Show Review Section Created Top

January 5th, Over the years, Total Motorcycle has reviewed a lot of products first hand. Now with Total Motorcycling expanding its reviews to include Services and Motorcycle related Shows, we felt a new section would be helpful to our visitors. We hope you enjoy reading our first hand reviews.

Total Motorcycle Caption Contest – Voting now open Top

January 3rd, We are happy to announce the end of our very popular and successful “Create a Caption Contest”. Thank you to all who have participated! 🙂

The Voting is now open for you to vote on your favourite caption.
Anyone can vote, member or guest in the forums.

TMW breaks all statistics records Top

Unique Visitors
Dec 30th – Record Day
1.45 GB
Month of November
11.5 GB
Month of December
Growth Rate

December 30th, We are proud to announce that December for Total Motorcycle was the best ever on record! December 30th broke the record for one day visitors, page views, bandwidth and hits! Looks like our visitors have found what they are looking for and keep coming back.

TMW to cover Calgary Motorcycle Show 2004

December 29th, Total Motorcycle will have press coverage at the 2004 Calgary Motorcycle Show (January 9-11th). We will be reporting back to you with photos of the the latest 2004 models as well as show coverage and industry rumors! Thanks to Canada National Sportsman’s Shows for the honour.

Total Motorcycle featured in the Cycle Torque Magazine

December 28th, Thanks to the Australian motorcycle magazine Cycle Torque for featuring us in their magazine. Unfortunately we don’t have a copy of it. Richard Sanford referred to us as “Total Motorcycle, A beginners guide, a huge gallery, Everything is right here…”

Total Motorcycle featured in the 2004 Bikers Atlas

December 28th, On page 27 you will find Total Motorcycle featured under the Wicked Websites section. Thanks to the Bikers Atlas for featuring us.

New Photo Gallery Added Top

December 11th, Check out our brand New Motorcycle Photo Gallery! Now you can upload, rate, comment on photos! 14 great categories to add your photos to!

TMW adds 250% more bandwidth for visitors and growth. Top

On December 11th, we have reached a deal to upgrade our current account by 250%. This is more than a 500% increase over our original account and gives us even more room to grow. You may of noticed we have added new features to our site: Message Forum, Live Chatroom, and an online arcade. We will be continuing to add more unique features as we grow. We are looking to possibly add a new photo gallery software that will allow visitors to upload photos, post comments and more!

Thank you continually visiting us and for making us grow this big, this fast. Thank you for visiting our sponsors to give us the funds needed to keep this site going.

TMW grows beyond 12 month expectations in 1 month! Top

December 9th 2003 – In just one month*, we have already surpassed our yearly growth expectations! Amazingly we have grown so big in one month that we need to purchase a much larger bandwidth package from our host to accommodate the amount of visitors to Total Motorcycle!