2025 Husqvarna: Fully Redesigned for 2025!

2025 Husqvarna: Fully Redesigned for 2025

2025 Husqvarna: Fully Redesigned for 2025

Husqvarna Amps Up the Enduro Ante! Get ready, off-road aficionados, for 2025 Husqvarna is revving up the excitement with the announcement of its eight-model enduro lineup for 2025. The TE125 is making a comeback, and it’s not alone. No matter if your preference is 2-stroke models or 4-stroke models, every model in Husqvarna’s 2025 lineup is getting a performance and reliability boost, thanks to the newly integrated Brembo components.  Plus Swedish-Inspired Graphics, Aluminum Swingarms, Ergonomic Bodywork, Chromium Molybdenum Frame, WP XACT Suspension, Off-road Control Unit and LED headlight are just some of the new features.

Husqvarna 2025 enduro range is more than just motorcycles; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and the spirit of off-road adventure!

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2025 Husqvarna FE350s


– 2025 Husqvarna EE2

Motocross 2-Stroke

– 2025 Husqvarna TC300 – New model

– 2025 Husqvarna TC250

– 2025 Husqvarna TC150 – New model

– 2025 Husqvarna TC125

– 2025 Husqvarna TC65

– 2025 Husqvarna TC50

Motocross 4-Stroke

– 2025 Husqvarna FC450

– 2025 Husqvarna FC350

– 2025 Husqvarna FC250

Enduro 2-Stroke

– 2025 Husqvarna TE300

– 2025 Husqvarna TE250

– 2025 Husqvarna TE150

2025 Husqvarna TE125 – New model

Enduro 4-Stroke

– 2025 Husqvarna FE501s

– 2025 Husqvarna FE450

– 2025 Husqvarna FE350s

Cross County

– 2025 Husqvarna FX450 – More details to come (photos only)

– 2025 Husqvarna FX350

– 2025 Husqvarna TX300


2025 Husqvarna TE250

Husqvarna Amps Up the Enduro Ante with the TE125 for 2025

Compact Powerhouse Joins the Elite Enduro Ensemble

This small capacity marvel is joining forces with seven other top-tier machines, creating a formidable force of four 2-strokes and four 4-strokes, all brimming with cutting-edge tech and components tested in the crucible of competition.

The TE 125: A Fresh Take for Future Champions

2025 is set to be a landmark year with the TE 125’s complete overhaul. Tailored for the daring youth, this latest iteration inherits the high-performance DNA from its larger 2-stroke siblings, boasting features like Throttle Body Injection (TBI) and a Map Select Switch. Coupled with a precise 6-speed gearbox, WP XACT suspension, and Brembo’s finest clutch and brake systems, the TE 125 is poised to make waves upon its return.

Brembo: The New Benchmark for All Models

Every model in Husqvarna’s 2025 lineup is getting a performance and reliability boost, thanks to the newly integrated Brembo components. The aesthetic isn’t left behind either, with fresh Swedish-inspired graphics and a revamped swingarm that promises to extend the life of the chain slider.

2-Stroke Range: Light, Agile, Unmatched

The 2-stroke lineup – TE 125, TE 150, TE 250, and TE 300 – stands out as a lightweight and highly adept fleet of enduro motorcycles. They promise effortless maintenance, unparalleled rideability, and exceptional build quality, ensuring every rider can harness the competitive edge these machines offer.

4-Stroke Fleet: The Pinnacle of Performance

For the enduro enthusiast who craves the robustness of 4-strokes, there’s a quartet of proven performers: the FE 250, FE 350, FE 450, and the FE 501. These are not just motorcycles; they’re technological marvels, complete with electronic aids like Traction Control and a Quickshifter, to elevate the riding experience.

Technical Triumphs:

  • Brembo’s High-Performance Hydraulics: A new era of clutch and brake systems.
  • Swedish-Inspired Graphics: Stand out with a distinctive visual flair.
  • Aluminium Swingarm: Die-cast for optimal rigidity and enhanced chain slider durability.
  • Start/Stop Button: Geared for competition.
  • Ergonomic Bodywork: Tailored for superior control.
  • Chromium Molybdenum Frame: Hydro-formed for refined handling.
  • GSK Discs: High-performance stopping power.
  • TBI on 2-Strokes: Unrivaled power and rideability.
  • DOHC Engines: The heart of the FE 250 and FE 350’s torque and power.
  • Quickshifter: Smooth shifts under any load.
  • Hybrid Subframe: Aluminium-polyamide construction for durability and rigidity.
  • WP XACT Suspension: Front forks and rear shock designed for handling and comfort.
  • Map Select Switch: Multifunctional control over the Quickshifter and Traction Control.
  • OCU: Offroad Control Unit for reliable and user-friendly electronics.
  • LED Headlight: High-performance illumination.
  • ProTaper Handlebar and ODI Grips: Premium quality for premium control.
  • Electric Start: Effortless ignition with a lightweight Li-Ion battery.

Husqvarna’s 2025 enduro range is more than just motorcycles; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and the spirit of off-road adventure. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to conquer the trails with Husqvarna’s latest offerings.


2025 Husqvarna TC125



Husqvarna Motorcycles sets a new and higher standard for pure motocross performance in 2025 with a strengthened line-up of seven machines for the new model year. Multiple technical updates include revised frames, engine mounts, bodywork, and suspension settings, which all combine to create an elevated riding experience with two exciting, new 2-stroke models added to the range – the TC 150 and TC 300.

Based upon the class-leading TC 125, the new TC 150 bridges the gap between the TC 125 and the TC 250. Offering improved overall power and a considerable boost to the torque, the TC 150 is the perfect machine for racers looking to gain an advantage when competing against 250 cc 4-stroke machines. Assembled with race-tested components throughout and providing all riders with confidence-inspiring handling, the TC 150 certainly strengthens the 2-stroke line-up available from Husqvarna Motorcycles.

The same philosophy applies to the new TC 300. Using the proven foundations of the TC 250, the 300 cc model is capable of racing with 450 cc 4-strokes thanks to its versatile engine that delivers exceptional torque and peak performance. Undoubtedly, the TC 300 sets a new benchmark for motocross machinery, delivering the ultimate combination of unsurpassed power and rideability within a lightweight construction.

The FC 250 and FC 350 continue to be powered by state-of-the-art, DOHC engines that are designed to be lightweight and play a vital role in elevating overall handling. Together with the FC 450 – the flagship motocross machine manufactured by Husqvarna Motorcycles – all 4-stroke models feature the latest technology and electronic rider aids for superior on track performance.

The latest generation frame ensures all seven models offer exceptional handling in 2025. With material reduced around the upper shock mount and at the front of the chassis, the revisions were introduced to enhance flex characteristics, reduce weight, and improve cornering without compromising straight-line stability. Additionally, and exclusive to the three 4-stroke machines, new engine mounts aid the agility of each motorcycle.

Further chassis revisions include new suspension settings, linkage seals, and a smaller diameter linkage bolt to save weight while redesigned tank shrouds allow easier access to the adjusters on the WP shock. The seat height is 5 mm higher and wider at the lowest point for easier movement on the motorcycle while new, Swedish-inspired graphics create a distinctive look.

All models are expertly crafted with the latest technology and rider aids, in addition to featuring an extensive list of premium aftermarket components to ensure each machine delivers best-in-class rideability. New for 2025 are Dunlop’s latest MX34 tyres, which provide improved acceleration and cornering, while ProTaper handlebars, ODI grips, and Brembo clutch and brake systems are retained for their proven performance and durability.


2025 Husqvarna TE300

2025 Husqvarna: Fully Redesigned for 2025!

Husqvarna reintroduces the TE 125 to its Enduro Range for 2025


Husqvarna is proud to announce its eight-model enduro line-up for 2025. With the TE 125 returning, the impressive range now comprises four 2-stroke and four 4-stroke machines – all expertly assembled with the latest technology and race-tested components to ensure best-in-class performance.

The all-new TE 125 is fully redesigned for 2025. For ambitious young riders, the latest generation machine features many of the parts found on the proven, larger capacity 2-stroke models, including Throttle Body Injection (TBI) and a Map Select Switch. Together with a close-ratio, 6-speed gearbox, WP XACT suspension, and Brembo clutch and brake systems, the TE 125 makes an exciting return.

The proven Brembo components are new for all models in the line-up to improve both the performance and reliability of each machine. Further revisions include new, Swedish-inspired graphics and an updated swingarm to enhance the durability of the chain slider.

All 2-stroke models – the TE 125, TE 150, TE 250, and TE 300 – are lightweight and highly capable enduro motorcycles. Offering easy maintenance, class-leading rideability, and an exceptional build quality, the range ensures all riders can take full advantage of the competitive edge that each machine provides.

For those who prefer high performance 4-stroke enduro machinery, a choice of four established models is available – the FE 250, FE 350, FE 450, and the FE 501. Assembled with the latest technology throughout and electronic rider aids, including Traction Control and a Quickshifter, each machine

Technical highlights:

  • New high-performance Brembo hydraulic clutch and brake systems
  • New Swedish-inspired graphics for a distinctive look
  • Revised die-cast aluminium swingarm provides optimal rigidity and improves the durability of the chain slider
  • Competition-orientated start/stop button
  • Bodywork with specifically tailored ergonomics for enhanced control
  • Hydro-formed chromium molybdenum frame designed for refined anti-squat behaviour
  • High-performance GSK discs deliver superior stopping power
  • Throttle Body Injection (TBI) on 2-stroke engines provides class-leading power and rideability
  • FE 250 and FE 350 powered by DOHC engines for class-leading torque and peak power
  • Quickshifter ensures smooth upshifts on 4-stroke models, even under heavy load
  • Aluminium-polyamide hybrid subframe construction provides specifically calculated rigidity and advanced durability
  • WP XACT Closed Cartridge front forks offer progressive damping and predictable handling
  • WP XACT rear shock features a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) optimised main piston and tool-free adjusters
  • Multifunctional Map Select Switch controls the Quickshifter and Traction Control on 4-stroke models
  • Offroad Control Unit (OCU) for exceptional reliability and user-friendly serviceability of the electronics
  • High performance LED headlight for exceptional light output
  • Premium-quality ProTaper handlebar and ODI grips
  • Electric start powered by a lightweight Li-Ion 2.0 Ah battery on all models


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