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The Complete* Motorcycle Compendium
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Manufacturers Name

1922 Excelsior Henderson De Luxe
1922 Excelsior Henderson De Luxe

Eagle USA, 1913
Swiss, Used a full body fairing that enclosed the rider, BMW engine
USA, Ecstasy Cycles makes Chevy V8 powered trikes
eCycle USA, eCycle plans to release limited numbers of their hybrid motorcycle in 2002. It uses a 219cc Yanmar diesel engine and an 8kW brushless electric motor drive. They are still designing their own 125cc engine. The bike is supposed to get 180mpg with a top speed of 80mph and acceleration of 0-60 mph in 6 seconds
USA, E.J. Edmond designed and built a motorcycle in 1899 using a DeDion engine, he later went to work at Auto-bi. Oscar Hedstrom from Indian motorcycles called Edmond a motorcycle pioneer
USA, see Fleming
Electra USA, 1913, Electric
Electrobike USA, Electric mopeds
France?, Made several racing models in the 1980’s using Honda engines
Elf England, Early 1900’s also Elf-King
England, 1903 – 1920’s, Elswick was a bicycle maker and made purpose built frames to attach Cyclemaster engines to. They later made complete motorcycles
USA, 1907 – 1925, Emblem Manufacturing Co. Used Thor engines until about 1909 then built their own singles and V-twins up to 1255cc
EMC England, Ehrlich Motor Co. Made racers and street bikes on and off from the 1930’s to the 1990’s
Erie USA see Marvel
Esarati Electric Technologies Corp. is developing a line of electric motorcycles in 2002
Czechoslovakia, 1950 – 1963, In 1950 Jaroslav Simandl bought the rights and all of the spare parts from Josef Linhart for the JOLI engine, which was a copy of a JAP engine. They made speedway and ice racers. Taken over by Jawa in 1964
Esse motorcycles were made in Sweden in 1913 by Monark. 
E-Ton Taiwan, The Ji-ee company makes scooters and small motorcycles
USA, 1919 – 1925, Evans Powercycle, was Cyclemotor
Excelsior England, 1896 – 1964
Excelsior Germany, 1901 – 1939, Excelsior Fahrrad Motorad-Werke in Brandenburg used JAP and other engines
USA, Excelsior Supply Co. started making motorcycles in Chicago in 1907 and was purchased by the Schwinn bicycle company in 1912. They made V-twin bikes up to 1000cc. see Henderson – see Super-X
Excelsior Henderson after Schwinn bought both Excelsior and Henderson motorcycle companies he called his motorcycle co. Excelsior-Henderson. see Henderson. To describe the Henderson fours built between 1911 and 1931 as the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles would be an understatement. The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost may have dominated the Austrian Alpine Rally in 1913, but in the same year, a 1912 model Henderson had just completed circumnavigating the globe, a journey of over 18,000 miles, in ten months and the first motorcycle ever to do so. Over a period of almost two decades the Henderson continued to break both endurance and speed records. During the prohibition years it was the preferred patrol bike of U.S. Police Departments. The Henderson was without doubt, from beginning to end, the finest motorcycle in the world.
In 1999 the Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Manufacturing Company shipped its first bikes after purchasing the rights to the name. They filed for bankruptcy within two years
Exile Cycles USA, Harley clones
Germany, 1901 – 1959?, The name was acquired by Sachs in 1965
Eysink Dutch, Eysink at Amersfoort started in 1897. They made cars until 1920 and motorcycles until around 1956 and then made mopeds. Over the years they used JAP, Python, Villiers, Kelecom, Minerva, and Sarolea engines. Was bought by NVT in 1975