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The Complete Motorcycle Compendium
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Manufacturers Name

1985 Ossa 250 Copa
1985 Ossa 250 Copa

Oakes USA
OD Germany, 1920’s. Built by Willi Ostner in Dresden, Ostner Dresden, OD. Used MAG and other engines
OEC  England, 1900 to 1954, Osborn Engineering Company.
OK England, early 1900’s, Became OK-Supreme
Okay USA,1916 – 1917, Built a motor wheel for bicycles
England, 1927 – 1946
England, Frank Parkyn built a few motorcycles in the early 1900’s and then stopped until 1919. Built motorcycles using the New Courier name in 1922 closed in 1923
Olympus Japan
Omega England, had a factory in Hillfields in 1909. Designed by A.J. Dorsett 
Opel built motorcycles long before GM took them over
Orbit England, 1919 – 1924, Used Blackburne, Bradshaw and their own engines. Designed by A.J. Dorsett 
Orient Orient-Aster see Metz
Orionette Germany, 1921 – 1925
Orle Poland, 1933 – 1934
England, 1950’s, A prototype scooter, never put into production
Spanish, 1951 – 1985. One of the most charismatic motorcycle manufacturers in the history of Spanish motorcycles.
Over Japan