Inspiration Friday: Easter 2020 Message of Hope in a Time of Crisis

Easter 2020 Message of Hope in a Time of Crisis

Easter 2020 Message of Hope in a Time of Crisis

We live in interesting times today don’t we? Lockdowns, flattening the curve, social isolation, social distancing and we fear the unknown. Where does hope, family, friends and even religion fit into this predicament? While we are not able to be with all of those we love, I wanted to post today’s Inspiration Friday: Easter 2020 Message of Hope in a Time of Crisis not to dwell on the present but remember the past.

That photo is of me and my family in the 90s, in the wish-we-did-it-more family dinner get-together. I’m the geeky looking dude in the middle with the glasses and around the table is (from left to right) my brother, mom, me, dad and grandpa. Family dinners for me, like Easter or Christmas, were always filled with, shall we say, interesting times!

My dad loved the wine and the turkey drumstick, my mom loved to talk and socialize, my brother loved his Blackberry (or pager), and my grandpa kinda kept to himself. I was famous for eating the entire 1st pumpkin pie (and taking the 2nd home) after 3 plates of dinner. Thankfully I had a fast metabolism! The hosts were always my Aunt who loved to throw a party but secretly hated to cook it, and my Uncle who, bless him, tried to help my Aunt cook but was always in the wrong spot in the kitchen at the wrong time.

All this was before I met my wife Andrea in late 1998. While we still do family dinners today with my Aunt and Uncle, the gatherings are smaller as my parents and grandparents are no longer with us. But we still remember the good times, funny things that were said, each other’s company and my brother now has a new love, his Smartphone (some things just never change). Haha.

This week, Andrea and I will be making an Easter dinner for two. No traveling, no family over, no going to my Aunt and Uncle’s this year (but we will call them). As we sit down to our Easter ham, we will take a pause and remember the good times, the things that were, the people who are not with us today, and wish, hope and pray for the people of the world and for things to not only get better but for life to “go back to normal” soon.

The Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” may be a little too accurate today. Don’t you think?

Happy Easter, Good Friday, and here is to Happier times ahead for all of us.

Mike Le Pard & Family.



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