2015 Zero FXP Police

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2015 Zero FXP Police
2015 Zero FXP Police

2015 Zero FXP Police
2015 Zero FXP Police

2015 Zero FXP Police
2015 Zero FXP Police

2015 Zero FXP Police
2015 Zero FXP Police

2015 Zero FXP Police
2015 Zero FXP Police

2015 Zero FXP Police Review

2015 Zero FXP Police on Totalmotorcycle.com

Thrilling acceleration with 70 ft-lbs. torque….

General Product Information

New for 2015, the Zero FXP Police offers agencies a lighter weight, more maneuverable, remarkably quick, and highly customizable option at a more accessible price point.

The Zero FXP Police features a fully modular power pack system. With slots for two power packs, the Zero FXP Police may be operated with either one or both slots filled. The removable power pack modules can be charged on the motorcycle using the standard charger, off-board with optional accessories, and swapped in and out regardless of individual state of charge.

The motor in the Zero FXP Police is configured to produce incredible torque and sits inside the lightest motorcycle in the lineup. The result is instant, silent acceleration. Zero Motorcycles designed the Z-Force® motor to be compact, efficient, and powerful while requiring no regular maintenance.

The Zero FXP Police benefits from all the advancements in the 2015 line, including ABS brakes, Showa suspension, and improved tires and wheels. Models are fully customizable with a wide array of options: protection bars, racks and storage solutions, siren, PA and microphone, chain kit, and more.





2015 Zero FXP Police www.Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

New for 2015:

Zero Motorcycles 2015 model line takes comfort and control to the next level with premium Showa suspension, Pirelli tires and Bosch anti-lock brakes on every model. With newly engineered cast wheels, fresh design highlights and 10% more range on the Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS, enthusiasts will turn heads while enjoying more spirited, thrilling and longer rides than ever before.
The 2015 lineup is fueled by Zero’s industry leading, and continually advancing, 100% electric Z-Force® powertrain. Cutting-edge, powerful and thrilling, the Z-Force® powertrain strips away all but the purest elements of the motorcycle experience to let riders focus on what matters most…the ride.


Showa suspension
»» Every Zero is now fully equipped with Showa suspension
»» Exceptionally smooth action for improved comfort and control
»» Fully adjustable settings to meet the demands of a wide variety of riders
»» Increased torsional rigidity on the front end for improved handling
»» Hollow front axle for reduced unsprung weight
»» Durable and highly protective new fork guards on the Zero DS and Zero FX
»» Developed in close collaboration with Showa


Bosch anti-lock braking system (ABS)
»» Advanced Bosch ABS is now standard on every model
»» ABS can be switched on or off depending on rider’s preferences
»» Incredibly smooth actuation for improved control under extreme braking
»» Larger 320 mm carrier-less front rotor increases stopping power on the Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS
»» New braking systems with refined hydraulic ratios for improved braking power and modulation
»» Adjustable front brake lever for customizable ergonomics on the Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS


Up to 185 miles with higher energy density
»» The Zero S and Zero SR city range can now be extended to 185 miles using the Power Tank accessory
»» Newly packaged battery cell offers 10% more energy density on the Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS


New wheels and Pirelli tires across the entire lineup
»» New cast alloy wheels on the Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS
»» New high performance Pirelli tires for every model combine excellent grip with long lasting mileage
»» The Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS wheels are now equipped with a larger carrier-less front rotor to reduce unsprung weight and increase stopping power
»» The Zero SR now uses softer compound Diablo Rosso II tires for even greater traction
»» The Zero FX now features wider 1.85 x 21 front and 2.50 x 18 rear wheels and tires for increased strength and greater aftermarket tire options
»» Larger, higher-capacity wheel bearings on every model to increase stiffness, versatility and durability


Improved rider interface
»» Stylish new mirrors provide great visibility while also reducing motorcycle width
»» Comfortable new grips use a softer rubber compound
»» Newly contoured seat for improved ergonomics on the Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS
»» New throttle for improved action



2015 Zero FXP Police Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

Zero Motorcycles engineered the patrol lineup from the popular Zero S, Zero DS and Zero FX motorcycles. Beginning with already robust and proven platforms, Zero customizes each to meet the demands of law enforcement, security agencies, firefighting departments, and more.

The Zero SP is designed for street use. The Zero DSP is a dual sport model designed for both on and off road use. New for 2015, the Zero FXP Police has increased off road capability and builds upon the light and highly maneuverable Zero FX. All three models offer a wide array of options that are tailored to suit specific, unique needs.

2015 fleet motorcycles benefit from the same features found on the industry leading consumer models. At the core is the Z-Force® motor and power pack system. The brushless motor is sealed to ensure longevity and operates with such high efficiency that it requires no external cooling systems. Using state-of-the-art cell technology and advanced battery management systems, each motorcycle can travel farther, faster, and last longer. With the optional Z-Force® Power Tank, the Zero SP is capable of traveling nearly 180 miles within the city, while the Zero FXP Police features a modular system that allows power packs to be swapped within seconds.

Throughout the expanded 2015 line, agencies will find numerous refinements and technological advancements that provide greater control, comfort, and operating range.

Zero Motorcycles is proud to introduce the all-new Zero FXP Police. Based upon the popular Zero FX, the Zero FXP Police offers maneuverability, versatility and increased off-road capability, plus the convenience of a modular power pack system, at a new and lower price point.

Advanced Bosch ABS (anti-lock braking system) is now standard on all police and security models. The system can be switched on or off depending upon the rider’s preferences.

Further refinements provide incredibly smooth actuation for improved control under extreme braking, better modulation and increased stopping power.

All 2015 fleet models are equipped with Showa front and rear suspension. Close collaboration between Showa and Zero created a system that provides excellent small bump compliance, predictable control of bigger impacts, and exceptionally smooth action
under all conditions. Torsional rigidity of the front end has also been increased for improved handling, and a hollow front axle reduces unsprung weight. Suspension settings are now fully customizable to meet the demands of a wide variety of riders.

Increased energy density within the Zero SP and Zero DSP batteries offers 10% more capacity, extending Zero Motorcycles’ class-leading range. Equipped with the optional Power Tank accessory, a remarkable range of 178 miles is achievable within the city.

Riders will also notice new mirrors with excellent rearward visibility while reducing motorcycle width, comfortable new grips, a newly contoured seat on the Zero SP and Zero DSP for improved ergonomics, and four way flashing hazard lights.



2015 Zero FXP Police – Totalmotorcycle.com North American Specifications/Technical Details
MSRP Price: See Dealer for Pricing

Available Features

»» Whelen TIR3 forward facing lights
»» Whelen TIR3 side facing lights
»» Whelen TIR3 rear facing lights
»» Programmable Whelen siren system with PA and Microphone
»» Rear rack, top box, side cases
»» Front battery / frame protection bars
»» 12 V accessory outlet
»» Hand guards
»» Heated seat
»» Windscreen
»» Scalable quick charger systems
»» Headlight / taillight cut switch and harness
»» Telescoping Pole Light

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Imagery may not reflect most current product specifications. Zero Motorcycles reserves the right to make improvements and/or design changes without any obligation to previously sold, assembled or fabricated equipment.

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