New Honda Motorcycle Model Wins Gold “Best design of the Year” Award

Montesa Cota 301RR

Montesa Cota 301RR

The commercial success of the new Montesa Cota 301RR is now joined by one of the most important design awards in our country. And is that the ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design for the Promotion of Arts and Design) has chosen the Cota 301RR to be part of the ‘ Delta 2020 Selection’ . With this nomination, the new Montesa model becomes one of the aspirants to win the Gold, Silver or Bronze Delta in the Industrial Design category , which is a golden finishing touch to a very special year for the brand, that celebrates its 75th anniversary .

Montesa continues to demonstrate in this way its capacity for innovation and design in all its products, which have already earned it two Delta awards for two of its most popular and iconic models: the Gold Delta for the Impala and the Silver for the Dimension 247 .

Historically, the Delta Selection has wanted to recognize the work of industrial designers and production companies and for many years has been a benchmark for the sector and a valuable platform for promotion and public recognition.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning the work carried out by the Montesa Honda factory located in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, from where the Cota 4RT260 and Race Replica, the 4RIDE and the Cota 301RR are manufactured exclusively for everyone . It should be noted that all production processes are carried out in the factory , including: engine assembly, plastic injection, the manufacture of the aluminum frame, fuel tank and swingarm, processes that guarantee the brand’s high levels of quality.

The Cota model has been in continuous production for 52 years . It is the only motorcycle marketed continuously since 1968 in Spain. Its success formula has been based on R&D effort and high technological quality, adapting to the needs of the market at all times. In this way, the Montesa Cota is the longest-running motorcycle manufactured in Spain and the only motorcycle, not a scooter, that has been in continuous production in Europe for five decades . Since its release on the market, more than 160,000 units have been sold .

In these 52 years in production, from the first Cota 247 to Cota 301RR, no less than 44 variants of the Cota model have been launched, a figure that demonstrates the high development and production capacity of the Montesa factory, as certified by the more than 1,276,000 units (441,000 Montesa and 835,000 Honda) produced between 1945 and 2017.

The products of the Delta Selection will be part of the exhibition ‘ The best design of the year ‘, which will take place in the spring of 2021. The selected products will also be published in the ADI Book , the book that includes all the content generated by the Awards. ADI and it will launch in November 2020.

The delivery ceremony for the Delta 2020 Awards will be held on November 24, 2020 within the framework of Barcelona Design Week . For the first time the ceremony will be broadcast online and can be followed from around the world.

About the Montesa Cota 301RR

The Montesa Cota 301RR stands out for its exclusivity in terms of technological solutions , but also for being a model of the highest quality, which has undoubtedly validated the nomination for the Delta 2020 Selection.

This model, like its 260cc sisters, equips a compact and revolutionary 4-stroke 4-valve engine powered by PGM-FI electronic fuel injection , without battery, being highly efficient in terms of the level of polluting emissions while for its significant values ​​of torque and power. Without a doubt, this is one of its main characteristics that differentiates it from the competition, which mostly equips two-stroke engines.

The overall concept of the Cota seeks to lighten the weight of the set as much as possible by using lightweight materials while simplifying the number of components. In this sense, it is worth highlighting the use of aluminum in the frame, swingarm, rims, wheel hubs, front suspension, footrests and fuel tank. Another innovative technical solution is the absence of a subframe , whose function is performed by the air filter box itself, which supports elements such as the rear fender and the silencer. Additionally, the advanced fuel injection system dispenses with the battery and the design of the rear rim with central rib allows the use of tubeless tires, solutions that help reduce the weight of the package.

The design of the rear rim in turn allows easy tensioning of the spokes, a very necessary aspect in the trial, since the rear wheel is subjected to constant tension due to the large number of impacts it is subjected to.

The model also uses carbon as an element of great lightness and resistance against impacts in the side covers of the engine.

The rear fender set has ribs that provide greater flexural strength without the need for any metal frame. Its design allows reasonable protection against dirt and mud, as well as easy access to the air filter to facilitate maintenance.

The design of the motorcycle is based on the need for the rider to control the motorcycle with his legs while having maximum freedom of movement. In this sense, the Cota 301RR dispenses with superfluous elements that could mean any interference through a compact design where everything is perfectly integrated and at the same time protected in the event of a fall. It is also worth noting the excellent quality of the plastics, which are practically unbreakable.

In addition to compactness, trial models require a high ground clearance to avoid hitting the underside of the engine. For this, a resistant cover plate is used, also made of aluminum, which in turn acts as a resistant element of the frame assembly.

At the safety level, it has a “man over board” device connected to the pilot that stops the engine immediately in the event of an accident. If the motor does not disconnect through this device, the model has a tilt sensor that stops the motor automatically.

Another safety measure is the solid core brake discs to protect the extremities, mainly the fingers, when the wheels are in motion.

The clutch system is hydraulically actuated, thus ensuring a greater level of control by the pilot, in addition to reducing their level of fatigue.

The rear suspension benefits from an advanced Pro-Link progressivity system, which allows a long travel of the rear suspension using a small shock absorber with which the objectives of compactness and lightness required in this model are achieved.

The 301RR is Cota most powerful mass – produced. It is a motorcycle designed to compete, hence its last name RR (Race Ready). The model has the proven experience inherited from the competition machines used by Montesa pilots in the Trial World Championship , from which it adopts most of its components and technical solutions.

Regarding its design, the new Cota 301RR has more aggressive and angular lines , providing a more sporty and modern touch. In this sense, it is worth highlighting the new higher rear fender and the new fuel tank design , which leaves behind its rounded shapes to make way for a more Racing design. Also noteworthy is the new LED competition headlight .

But without a doubt, one of the aspects that will attract the most attention is the new colors of this model, unpublished until now in Montesa and in trial bikes . It is a dark gray color that, elegantly combined with the unmistakable Montesa red, and some detail in white, gives it unprecedented originality and showiness. This innovative combination is also enhanced by the elegant gilding of the fork legs and some other components. In addition, for the more nostalgic, the Cota 301RR is also available with the red and black option, more in line with its predecessor, the Cota 300RR.

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