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Product: Kit Bike Clean Motorcycle Cleaner
Manufacturers Website:
Manufacturers Description: Cleans, Shines and Protects All Motorcycles – Instantly!

– Deep cleans bugs, tar and road grime.
– Gives all surfaces deep reflection and shine… without streaking.
– Safe for paint, chrome, windshields and fairings.
– Just Spray on and wipe.

Kit Bike Clean cleans and details all motorcycle hard surfaces instantly. Deep cleans the toughest motorcycle road grime and dirt without streaking or spotting. Leaves paint, chrome, lexan and fairings shining. And nothing’s easier to use. Just spray on and wipe off.

Product History: After many months of development and testing, we now have premium waxes and polishes to give the deepest, richest shine ever from Kit. Even more natural Carnauba Wax is used for the ultimate long-lasting shine and protection. And all Kit Carnauba Gold products are fast and easy to use so you can spend more time admiring your work.
Suggested Uses: Paint, Chrome, Windshields, Fairings and other Hard Surfaces.
Our First Hand Review: Shining like brilliant gold in the sun, aerodynamically curved and sculpted to easily fit in your hand; and that’s just the bottle!

Before using a deep cleaner product like this to wash your motorcycle first with soap and water to get rid of the surface dust, dirt, mud, grime and bugs. Then you can sit down and start deep cleaning it. It is well worth your time and the results will be better.

Kit products have been around for over 40 years on the market. Kit is a product from Northern Labs located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin who also make Formula 1, Pan Clean Pro Wash, Goddard’s, Mr. Metal and Mr. Leather products.

We wanted to test this product really well so our test bike was purposefully not washed for over a month and we even found some fresh road tar and a few hundred “volunteer” bugs to ride through. Here is our first hand results with Kit Bike Clean:

Since we are testing our both Kit Bike Clean and Kit Bike Shine washed our bike with wax removing soap and water (normally we recommend using a wax/polish friendly soap) to get the light surface grime off. The tougher stuff (bugs, road tar, grease and oil) the soap couldn’t get off with light washing, so we pulled out the Kit Bike Clean to tackle the job.

Kit’s Bike Clean is a light liquid that we found foams lightly on contact when sprayed. Since you don’t really get a huge amount we used it like you would, as much as we need but not being wasteful.

It does work best if left to sit for a minute before you start scrubbing away. Sorry, if you were hoping for “Scrub Free” that’s a bathroom product and has no place in the garage.

We recommend using a plastic scrubber for general cleaning, light steel wool for stainless steel and a soft cloth for paint, plastic and anything delicate. Always use the least abrasive tool first.

We did find that Kit Bike Clean did do its job. It did clean away the bugs, tar and road grime. In fact we would put it in the same class as Simple Green our highest rated cleaning product. To be honest, it had a hard time cleaning the road tar without lots of scrubbing, but everything else (bugs, dirt, grease and grime) it did a great job at and the bike looked great.

After the job was finished we found that we used about 20% (1/5th) of the bottle which is ok since the whole bike needed a good cleaning.


We found a 16 FL. OZ. (473 mL) spray bottle will set you back $3.99 USD at Checker Auto parts.

*And as a crazy side note, it makes 3 year old running shoes look like new as well!

Overall: Excellent deep cleaning product for almost anything you throw at it. As good as Simple Green Automotive if not better.

Does require elbow grease for good deep cleaning of really dirty parts but you will be rewarded in the end.

Availability in the USA at major auto part retailers (e.g. AutoValue, Pepboys, AutoZone, more). Unfortunately it is not available in other parts of the world yet.

Very recommend.

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