Inspiration Friday: Non-Buyer’s Remorse

Inspiration Friday: Non-Buyer's Remorse

Inspiration Friday: Non-Buyer's Remorse

Love at first sight. Perfect color, perfect looks, your heart pounds, that’s the bike for me you said, but you didn’t buy it… Why? Today I bring you Inspiration Friday: Non-Buyer’s Remorse edition. Motorcycles come and go, the years pass by, but some bikes just stick in your head and heart and you look back with rose colored glasses and think, wow, that would have been amazing if I just owned that bike. Now that style is gone, the fashion trend changes, the newer bikes never look right or good enough or comfortable enough or offer what that motorcycle you never bought did. You think of buying it used, but it’s super rare because like you, others were on the fence about buying it, waiting for it to be “cheaper” used. Now the manufacturers don’t even offer that model anymore because not only you didn’t buy it but others didn’t either and the chance of owning it new is lost.

Non-buyer’s remorse, we all have it, had it or will have it. I do. You most likely do too. And this week’s Inspiration Friday: Non-Buyer’s Remorse was inspired to me not only by my own experiences but also by one of my staff, whom, it looking for a bike he and I know he should have bought new in the first place!

It’s one of the reasons I bought my Moto Guzzi, after not buying a 2010 Yamaha MT-01 Special Edition pictured in the title photo. Loved that bike, the color, the incredible sound, the look, the concept, but nope, didn’t buy it and now it’s 11 years old and rare. But my Guzzi V7 I jumped on right away, bought it first year offered and new and wow I could not have been happier! Now the new, new, new version of my Moto Guzzi V7 is out, the 2021 Moto Guzzi V7 improved in every way, they are not a big seller and have loads of character, hmmm, maybe it is time to get a new bike again…

Oh, and what was the bike that my staff member is now looking for? It’s a 2017 Honda CB1100EX (or newer). Yup, love that bike too, nope, didn’t buy it (seriously looked at it but I didn’t fit well on it). I’m helping him find one, maybe you can too?

There is a lesson here, we all make excuses not to buy something, sometimes are they not overcomable like money, other times we don’t want to treat ourselves or think we deserve the happiness it would bring us. But bikes that make your heart sing don’t come along often and as well all age, well, the clocks a ticking.

Do you have, had or are experiencing Non-Buyer’s Remorse? If so, why not join us in our Community Forums for a good old chat about what it was/is for you?


2010 Yamaha MT-01 Special Edition

In September 2004 Yamaha created a whole new Torque Sports category with the launch of the remarkable MT- 01. Powered by a massive 1670cc Vtwin engine and featuring an aluminium sports chassis, the MT-01 is a truly unique motorcycle that underlines Yamahas position as the leading innovator in the motorcycle industry.

Since its launch, the original MT-01 has won over many riders. This head-turning machine has introduced open-minded bikers to the pleasures of the Torque Sports world, where low rpm torque and effortless roll-on acceleration are the name of the game.

For 2009 Yamaha introduces the MT-01 SP, a special limited-edition version featuring a range of significant chassis and stylistic changes designed to offer an enhanced riding experience.

Ohlins front and rear suspension
One of the most significant new features to be seen on the new MT-01 SP is the use of Ohlins front and rear suspension.

New 43mm Ohlins front forks have been designed to offer high levels of feedback from the road surface. These high specification forks have been developed in association with Ohlins specifically for the new MT-01 SP, they feature optimal spring and damping settings which, after intensive testing, have been set to match the unique characteristics of the MT-01 SP high-torque engine and aluminium chassis.

The Ohlins rear shock absorber features a separate reservoir which ensures consistent damping performance. This new rear suspension offers high levels of comfort combined with first class handling, stability and road holding.

New levels of road-holding and excitement can be reached with the addition of these finely tuned updates, adding a greater level of sophistication and performance to an exclusive top of the range model.


2017 Honda CB1100EX on

Improving On a Classic Idea…

Since 1959, when they first adorned the twin-cylinder CB92 Benly, the letters CB have always meant a great deal to Honda and Honda owners. They came to mean even more in 1969, as the four-cylinder CB750 represented a seminal moment for motorcycling, as the world’s first production superbike took center stage, laying down a blueprint that still stands today.

Old school became new school in 2013, when Honda brought the CB1100 to the U.S., satisfying pent-up demand from an army of riders for whom a traditionally styled air-cooled four-cylinder CB was a must-have piece of engineering craftsmanship. For 2017, the CB1100 EX has been imbued with extra layers of retro style and several performance upgrades. Manufacture takes place in Honda’s Kumamoto factory, with a production process that’s been fundamentally revised to integrate technology and expert skill in order to create motorcycles rich in craftsmanship and attention to detail, plus a place in history that only comes with the passage of many decades.

“As with past CBs, we understand the timeless pleasure that our customers get from owning and riding an air-cooled inline four-cylinder motorcycle,” said Mr. Mitsunobu Imada, Large Project Leader for the 2017 CB1100 EX. “Building on the CB1100’s desirability and joy of ownership, while adding functionality and quality to deepen the sense of fulfillment, were very important elements for us to consider. With the CB1100 EX, we hope many riders get to appreciate and understand a very traditional motorcycle structure.”



2021 Moto Guzzi V7 Special : FASTER. COMFORTABLE. REFINED.

Introducing the 2021 Moto Guzzi V7 Special…

The revamping is so profound that the progressive numbering in Roman numerals, which had characterised the various evolutions of the model since its return to the market in 2007, is gone. But the character and authenticity remain intact, as these values are destined to last over time and embedded in the genetic code of every Moto Guzzi.

More than fifty years after the launch of its first unit, Moto Guzzi is proud to present a new and important evolution in the history of the V7, a prominent symbol of Italian motorbikes around the world.

Two versions are available: the patriarch, V7 Stone, with its strong and minimalistic style, is joined by the V7 Special, with its classic and elegant lines.


2021 Moto Guzzi V7 Special Key Features


2021 Moto Guzzi V7 Special Features and Benefits

new Moto Guzzi engine makes its début on the new V7, a close derivative of the one that powers the V85 TT. This is the most recent and modern drive built in Mandello, which guarantees better performance and overall greater efficiency in order to provide maximum riding pleasure, fun and reliability.

It has 25% more maximum power, going from the previous 52 hp at 6200 rpm to the current 65 hp at 6800 rpm. Maximum torque has also increased significantly, going from 60 Nm at 4250 rpm to the outstanding value of 73 Nm at 5000 rpm, with more than 80% of the torque already available at 3000 rpm.

Compared to the previous version, the new addition from Mandello is generally more complete in terms of equipment and demonstrates superior maturity, also evident in the aesthetic impact of the larger engine, which stands out for its generously sized exhaust pipes in a different layout; the view from the rear highlights the larger cardan final drive and the wider rear wheel, as well as the more robust pair of Kayaba shock absorbers.

The stylish side panels are new, as is the shorter rear mudguard, elements which, along with the new exhaust system, give the new ‘eight and a half’ a revamped and more seductive look.

Many new features have been introduced to improve stability and comfort, leaving the proverbial handling of the Moto Guzzi best-seller unaltered.

The frame has been evolved with the addition of steel elements in the headstock area, whereas the new pair of shock absorbers with greater travel and the new, two-tier saddle ensure greater comfort. With this same goal in mind, brand new rider footpeg support are used.

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone has the new, full LED light system with the headlight that includes a DRL in the shape of the Moto Guzzi Eagle, whereas the new instrument cluster is perfectly in line with the look of a minimalist motorcycle, entirely digital on a single, circular dial. The aluminium wheel rims, in the sporty style that equips the Stone, are also new; the rear rim is shod with a wider 150/70 tyre.

V7 Special maintains the elegant, dual dial analogue instrument cluster (speedometer and rev counter) and the ultra-classic spoked wheel rims.

 V7 will also be available in a reduced-power version, in line with Italian A2 driver’s license restrictions and ideal for new Guzzisti. It will also come standard with adjustable MGCT traction control (which can also be disabled).

V7 Stone is available in three satin-finish colour schemes: Nero Ruvido, Azzurro Ghiaccio and Arancione Rame. The colour variants of the V7 Special, the version closes to the classic and elegant spirit of the original model, are Blu Formale and Grigio Casual.

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