Inspiration Friday: Start a Touring Business!

Inspiration Friday Start a Touring Business

Inspiration Friday Start a Touring Business

This week’s Inspiration Friday: Start a Touring Business is a great way to think about “What could be better in life than doing what you love and making it your job?” Rob and Zayne in Portugal did just that and opened up Gusto Motorbikes and Sidecar Adventures to ​share their passion for bikes that are built to ride. We use our home as our base for the tours, as well as the place to stay for people who want to adventure with us and share experiences – a bit of Gusto Life!

With the arrival of the global crisis did that stop them? NO! They had more free time and decided take on the role as an authorized dealer in Portugal. What an inspiration!

So what is stopping you? Are you tried of being tired? What do you need to motive you to pursue your dreams, live a more meaningful life and do something that you love because you love doing it?

I started Total Motorcycle over 2 decades ago and it’s been rewarding and successful because my passion is helping others get into riding and experiencing the ride on two wheels. Life is too short to do a boring job just because it pays well!

Like Nike says: “Just do it!” 


Inspiration Friday: Start a Touring Business!


In the rolling hills of Portugal, Rob MacDonald and Zayne Dagher own and operate Gusto Motorbikes and Sidecar Adventures, both a sidecar touring company and an authorized Ural dealership.

We asked Rob and Zayne to give us the run down on their journey so far…

“We moved to Portugal….with the view to operate sidecar adventures because the terrain and the weather provide for incredible riding, all year round. The majority of 2019 was spent establishing foundation for our touring business, meeting people in the motorbike and tourism industries and generally getting acquainted with the type of riding available in our region. Our goal was to start operating properly in 2020, but as we all know, that was not to be.


Inspiration Friday: Start a Touring Business!


Unlike other regions in Europe, neither Portugal nor Spain have strong sidecar culture. We had to focus on creating awareness and understanding of these machines’ capabilities both on and off road, and the unique form of inclusivity that they offer.


We take full advantage of Urals capabilities on and off the paved road.


Inspiration Friday: Start a Touring Business!


Out of the city, into the countryside, on tracks and trails!

In addition, we offer Sidecar Experience Days for anyone interested in getting more first-hand knowledge about Ural Motorcycles – this can be people considering purchasing a Ural, journalists or anyone who wants to experience and learn something a bit different. These Sidecar Experience Days are proving very popular and are an important part of what we offer.

The foundations were all there, and with two of our own 2020 Ural Rangers in the garage, busy social media pages, a growing network and our presence at regional and national events, we find there’s always opportunity to show the bikes off, and lots to talk about.

This is Gusto Motorbikes and Sidecar Adventures.

— Rob MacDonald MBE and Zayne Dagher


Inspiration Friday: Start a Touring Business!

Hello There from Rob MacDonald MBE and Zayne Dagher!

We are Rob and Zayne, experienced bikers who love to explore new places, ride a variety of bikes and meet interesting people through our adventures.

​Gusto Motorbikes has allowed us to share our passion for bikes that are built to ride. Whether it’s motorbikes, or sidecar combinations, we want to understand what you need from a bike and where you want to go, in order to fulfil your expectations. We share our ideas, make a plan and then start your project, working through all aspects of the build. Our ultimate aim is to create a motorbike that is built to ride for you and your adventures, over many thousands of kilometres.


Inspiration Friday: Start a Touring Business!

Sidecar Experience Centre Iberia

We set up the Sidecar Experience Centre Iberia to share our experience of travelling by sidecar and to demonstrate what they can bring to a wide range of people – bikers and non-bikers alike.

​Our Sidecar Experiences Days are tailor-made to suit your interests, needs and level of sidecar riding experience. We would like to know specifically what you would like to learn about sidecar travel before the day, even it’s a just for a chance to go out and see what these machines can do. We’re sure you’ll leave wanting more.

We are keen to introduce others to the joy of riding sidecars because they offer an opportunity for more inclusivity in the motorbike world. Adventures and experiences can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you’re young or old, able-bodied or disabled, travelling as an individual, as a family or in a group.

A Sidecar Experience Day includes the following

  • introduction of how a sidecar works
  • introduction to sidecar capabilities
  • rides throughout our local environment
  • demonstration of specific sidecar riding skills
  • lunch at base
  • helmet and gloves

Price: from €80 pp/pd


To schedule a tour check out

Total Motorcycle would like to thank Gusto Motor Bikes and URAL for inspiring us to bring you this week’s Inspiration Friday: Start a Touring Business article to you. We hope you enjoyed it and it inspired you to get out there and ride, explore and discover. Each week we bring you new, unique and exciting articles you won’t want to miss!

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