Introducing the new 425hp V8 2019 Yamaha F375 XTO

Yamaha’s astonishing 425hp V8 XTO, launched only a few months ago, set new standards that got the world talking – not just by harnessing previously unreachable technologies, but by enhancing the user experience in ways people had simply not dared to dream of before. Now, we can proudly announce another launch …

Yamaha’s new 5.6 litre V8 – the F375 XTO

Our exciting new 375hp model joins the Yamaha V8 family to bring these incredible new advances in outboard performance and control within reach of an even wider range of boat sizes. Hence it shares much of its outstanding technology with the awesome 425hp Yamaha V8 XTO and therefore boasts significant ‘industry Firsts’ such as its Direct Injection fuel delivery system and fully Integrated Electric Steering.

With 5.6-litres of brutal torque and thrust – and 375 exhilarating horsepower – this really is more than simply an outboard. In reality, these engines establish their own unique place in the market, being fully integrated power systems that create an entirely new class of extreme offshore performance and control, particularly when teamed with Yamaha’s latest generation Helm Master® integrated boat control system with its CL7™ display.

Yamaha – a global reputation for premium quality

Like its sister engine, the new F375 XTO is designed to take Yamaha’s premium quality brand position to an even higher level, with massive power and thrust, unmatched toughness and reliability, unprecedented system integration and precision control, along with ultimate convenience and customer care.

Yamaha achieved this by ‘rethinking’ the concept of the outboard and its related systems, by the application of technologies new to the industry – and of course, by calling on the many years of dedicated experience in outboard technology and production for which Yamaha is renowned the world over.

Extreme power, torque and thrust

Delivering the sheer brute force needed to ‘push’ the heaviest and largest offshore boats and luxury RIBs requires massively rugged gear cases and the toughest powerheads ever made, working hard together to drive very large propellers.  In this area, the two new XTO engines are already unique, being the first 4-strokes in the industry to use Direct Injection. The high-pressure injection of fuel directly into the combustion chamber greatly improves atomization and increases the effectiveness of the fuel burn for maximum power and efficiency.

Extreme combustion efficiency

The advanced Direct Injection system features no fewer than five fuel pumps – and generates injection pressure up to 200 Bar! The three-stage fuel pressure system also features two independent fuel pumps that activate at specific, individual RPM levels within a Vapor Separator Tank (VST). This ensures unprecedented high-precision fuel flow and delivery, even at max RPM.

Yamaha’s F375 XTO also boasts an incredible compression ratio of 12.2:1. The In-Bank™ Exhaust feature gives the gas a direct route to the lower unit and out via the centre of the propeller hub, improving the flow. Put simply, all this means more “bang” from every spark, as well as extreme combustion efficiency and higher power.

Talking of pumps … they’re extreme too!

It’s not only fuel that needs peerless pumping technology in an engine as advanced as this – oil and water demand it too – so the F375 XTO has a unique two-stage water pump and a dual chamber oil pump, each designed for consistent, trouble-free operation at high RPM.

The water pump features a massive rubber impeller for high pressure, along with a super-tough steel impeller. Together, they provide high volume cooling water flow and accurate temperature control at all RPM levels, even under the most extreme offshore conditions.

Extreme toughness and reliability – built in from the start

In addition to an oversized gearcase, hardened gears, a robust, offshore bracket and super-strength motor mounts, the F375 XTO also features plasma fusion technology for the cylinder liners, not only for durability, but also for a more compact engine.

The micro-textured surface is 60% harder than steel and significantly lighter, allowing us to create a greater engine capacity without increasing the dimensions of the powerhead. The lower surface friction also helps to maximise fuel economy.

Dual overhead, endurance-driven camshafts on each cylinder bank are connected via a self-tensioning chain immersed in an oil bath – for accurate valve timing and long life – while carbon-coated valve lifters also increase durability. delivering quiet and precise connection for consistent timing.

Extreme system Integration for power and control

Another ‘Industry First’ is the fully integrated electric steering system. It has no hydraulic lines or linkages, so responds more quickly and smoothly than conventional systems and allows for cleaner rigging and an orderly bilge area. Of course, the ultimate control solution is to team the F375 XTO with Yamaha’s unique and successful Helm Master® fully integrated boat control system, with its revolutionary joystick-controlled docking facilities and  CL7™ colour display.

Extreme Convenience is the name of the game too

The special new XTO OS™ propellers are made to complement the huge torque of the Yamaha F375 XTO. These props produce more thrust in both forward and reverse, using diameters from 16 to 17⅛ inches. The latest blade design, with its huge surface area, moves even the biggest boats with less effort and more control.

Thanks to the new exhaust-gas relief system, these propellers have yet another advantage; they ‘bite’ clean water in reverse, delivering thrust up to three times that developed by our F350 … for easier manoeuvring and control when docking.

What’s more, with the F375 XTO you need go no further than the dock for a lower unit service, thanks to our unique gearcase lubricant exchange system that allows this to be done without the boat leaving the water. The F375 XTO also has great charging capabilities, providing up to 90 amps of total (gross) power.

The ‘extreme performance’ future has well and truly arrived!

In summary, Yamaha is leading the way in ‘extreme’ all-round performance with the new V8 XTO Offshore and this latest F375 XTO, both of which offer a unique ownership and driving experience that’s second to none. Revolutionary marine design and engineering technology, supreme innovation, quality and excellence – this is the future – right here and now – from Yamaha!

The F375 XTO will be available in the market this Autumn and is available in the classic Yamaha Grey colour.

It will be launched at Duesseldorf boat show, starting on January 19th, 2019.


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