New European Tour Winds its Way Through the Austrian and Slovenian Alps

Guarding the beautiful lake Bled

Grand Island, NY, February 21, 2020 – Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures, Ltd. announces a new motorcycle itinerary highlighting the Austrian and Slovenian Alps. Starting in Munich, the 9-day tour will travel through Germany, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. Tour dates will be May 30 through June 8, 2020, scheduled perfectly to capture spring riding in the Alps.


“This new itinerary offers a beautiful blend of stunning scenery, very comfortable lodgings, picturesque stops, and magical little roads,” said Rob Beach, CEO and Tour Leader, who has guided more than 200 tours worldwide. “The mountains here will definitely stir a rider’s soul. Between the beautiful vistas, quiet Austrian roads, and rolling hills and farmland we venture through, the riding on this tour is simply unforgettable.”


The Austrian Steiermark, an area largely unknown to North Americans, features scenery best enjoyed from the seat of a motorcycle. Water in alpine lakes glistens with stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains. Snow-capped peaks contrast with the lush green fields below. LakeBled is on the itinerary for two overnights in choice accommodations. And no trip focusing on Austria would be complete without a crossing of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Climbing the pass on a road cut between 20+ foot-tall snow banks is an experience that will not be easy to forget.


“Our new Alpine Apogee tour exposes riders to an interesting mix of cultures—from Slavic cultures in Slovenia, the Germanic cultures in Germany and Austria, and even a little bit of Northern Italy. After conquering dozens of major mountain passes, riding breathtaking panoramic routes and visiting fascinating Alpine towns, every tour member will have a very full scrapbook of memories to bring home,” said Beach.


The legendary Grossglockner Road


Alpine Apogee Overview

4 Countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy
Overnight on Austria’s famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road
Enjoy a free day on stunning Lake Bled
Ride the best passes in the Dolomites
Visit King Ludwig’s Bavarian Castles

Parameters for superb motorcycling:
Mountains to cross. Pastries to enjoy during breaks. Scenery to keep eyes and mind amused. A variety of good roads. Light traffic. And finally, friendly, inviting accommodation for the traveler. The lovely little country of Austria has it all, and is a natural focus for our newest 9-day itinerary, the Alpine Apogee.

Spring is a special time in the Alps. The mountainsides come alive with flowers pushing through the snow, and the pass roads open for the first time inmer months. Tourists have not arrived in significant numbers, and the light traffic contrasts with the industry of the Alpine fars preparing for a busy summer. It is our favorite time to ride the Alps.

Adventure on the Alpine Apogee begins right away, with a ride to Salzburg, Austria. The route may be an enjoyable jaunt across the Alpine foothills or a more involved ride through the dramatic Bavaria Alps. Each day on a tour with the Beachs is a choice of routes, pace, and stops.

Regardless of the path you choose, the day ends in the impressive 1,300 year-old city of Salzburg. We explore the city with a walk through the old section with a Salzburgian guide, and enjoy our first Austrian dinner in a cozy restaurant serving local specialties.

The magic of central Austria
The Austrian Steiermark, an area largely unknown to North Americans, features scenery best enjoyed from the seat of a motorcycle. Scenery? Water in Alpine lakes glistens with stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains. Snow-capped peaks contrast with the lush green fields below. Tiny villages, each with its own perfect church tower, dot the countryside.

The ancient settlement of Hallstatt couldn’t possibly be in a more picturesque location. That wasn’t why the original settlers gathered here 2,800 years ago. Then, and up to recent times, it was to mine salt which is found in abundance in the Dachstein mountain range.

The riding is exceptional as well. After crossing the Nockgebirge range or climbing the steep Taurern pass it will become clear why these mountains are favorites of European riders.

To Slovenia
30 years ago an “iron curtain,” at the Yugoslavian border, would have brought our ride to Bled to a standstill while we worked on visa issues to enter that communist country. Today our arrival at the Slovenian border requires little more than slowing down a bit.

Lake Bled, our base for the next two nights, was a favorite of Yugoslavia’s larger-than-life leader, Josip Tito. Nikita Khruschev, Indira Ghandi, and King Hussein were among Tito’s guests at his lakeside villa. Today the villa is choice accommodation for our motorcycle adventure!


Get High!
No trip focusing on Austria would be complete without a crossing of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Better than simply riding over it, we overnight up high in the snowfield at 2,313 meters. In the old days it took 360 men more than 2 months to clear snow to our hotel. Now a team of 12 purpose-built snow blowers does the job in far less time! Climbing the pass on a road cut between 20 (or even 35!) foot-tall snowbanks is an experience you will not forget.


The Remarkable Dolomites
A quick dip south, to ride the famous passes in the Italian Dolomites, will keep everyone busy for the next two days. Throughout the middle ages this area was part of the Holy Roman Empire, so our exploration fits right in with the Austrian focus. Besides, how can one be so close without visiting, and enjoying, this stunning mountain range and enjoying these challenging roads?

Arabba, Italy lies serenely in a valley surrounded by towering mountains. Sitting on the patio of our hotel sipping a drink, you will confirm the nagging thought that has been flirting about all day—that this is someplace very special!



Say auf Wiedersehen to Austria
Our last night on the road brings us back to Austria and ends, of course, in the mountains. Enjoying the view across the valley of the sun setting on the surrounding peaks is an evening you will not forget! The Alpine Apogee wraps up with a ride back to Munich along country roads, some not much wider than a driveway.

Having conquered dozens of major mountain passes, ridden breathtaking panoramic routes, remote minor roads, and visited fascinating Alpine towns, you now have a full scrapbook—just enough to last until your return!

Climbing high in Italy

About Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures, Ltd.:
Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures is the world’s oldest motorcycle touring company. Operating as a family business since 1972, everyone at Beach’s is dedicated to creating incredible motorcycle tours in Europe. A lifetime of experience riding motorcycles and traveling have taught Rob and Gretchen Beach the finer points of how to craft a great motorcycle vacation on two wheels in a foreign land. With thousands of repeat customers, there’s a distinct reason why Beach’s is the leader in European motorcycle adventures. We Turn Dreams Into Memories.

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