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This Week: - 2015 Yamaha Super Tenere - Vote Now - July 24th to July 31st, 2015
Last Week: 2015 Harley-Davidson Road Glide - Voted - 59.0% Cool - 2015 TMW Cool Wall Rank: 24 of 27
What's New on Total Motorcycle
2016 BMW S1000XR to hit the showroom floors!
2016 BMW S1000XR to hit the showroom floors!
Looking for that magical trifecta of motorcycling? Sporty performance, go anywhere comfort and everyday usability! The impossible has arrived! Introducing the new 2016 BMW S1000XR, a 160hp, 450lb, all day bike with a list of options and accessories that would make any Harley dealer jealous. 2016 BMW Motorcycle Model Guide
This Just In - Brand Spankin' New 2016 Husqvarna Models
This Just In - Brand Spankin' New 2016 Husqvarna Models
Be the first to check out the new 2016 Husqvarna TE, FE and FES dual sport models right here on TMW! With DOUBLE sized HD non-ugly tagged photos, full USA, CDN and EU press features, specifications and more! Often imitated but never duplicated, no site anywhere does it better than TMW! 2016 Husqvarna Motorcycle Model Guide
Get Your TMW T-Shirts - $10 a Shirt Deal
Get Your TMW T-Shirts - $10 a Shirt Deal
Step up and grab yourself a deal! Any size (S-XXL), color or style at just one price, $10.00 USD! Not only do you get a great t-shirt but all proceeds go to supporting motorcyclists and motorcycling worldwide through Total Motorcycle! What's cooler than that? Get 1, 2 or 3 of them today. TMW $10 T-Shirt Deal
2 Amazing new 2016 BMW Concepts Released!
2 Amazing new 2016 BMW Concepts Released!
The expression of freedom...the spirit of the open road... two terms synonymous with bikers no matter where they ride or what they ride. Now BMW has brought those ideas close to heart in the new 2016 BMW Concept Path 22 and 2016 BMW Concept 101. Special bikes for special rides. 2016 BMW Motorcycle Model Guide
Daily Motorcycle News, events and stuff that matters to riders
Daily Motorcycle News, events and stuff that matters to riders
Total Motorcycle brings you motorcycle news from around the globe! Local, regional, national or international news we have the news that matters to riders. If you are not getting your motorcycle news from Total Motorcycle then you are not getting the Total story. Posting 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Total Motorcycle News Daily
Suzuki takes on all challengers with the new GSX-S lineup.
Suzuki takes on all challengers with the new GSX-S lineup.
More than just an attitude, a spirit, or a lineage. The new 2016 Suziki GSX-S1000, GSX-S1000 ABS and GSX-S1000F ABS are about shared technology and components with performance-packed parts evolving from one generation to the next. The new GSX-S models carry the spirit of Suzuki GSX-R to the street!
2016 Suzuki Motorcycle Model Guide
New Canada Gas Prices added! Now North America wide.
National and Local Gas Price Maps added to our Travel Guide
Canadian canucks not left out in cold anymore! You can now find the lowest, cheapest gas in your area or where you are traveling across Canada (and the USA too!). No more guessing where the best deals on regular, mid-grade, premium and even diesel fuel prices are in your area or across North America!
TMW Canada and USA Gas Prices Map
Onward and Upward - 200 Million Unique Readers!
Onward and Upward - 200 Million Readers!
Today, I'm very proud and honoured (as well as humbled) to say our site and community, Total Motorcycle, has achieved a 200 Million Readership over our 15 years of being online! Each one of those 200 Million visitors are unique visitors as well, making it even more special. A BIG thank you to YOU for being a part of something unique on the 'net. Total Motorcycle - Family owned and operated, by riders, for riders. TMW has 200 Million Readers
Total Motorcycle's Top 10 Bikes of 2014
Total Motorcycle's Top 10 Bikes of 2014
52 Bikes, 52 Weeks, 1 Cool Wall. You Voted - You Discussed - You Debated... And now the results. Presenting the Top 10 Coolest Motorcycles of all 2014 as determined by over 200 million readers. No one, no where does it like Total Motorcycle does. You have arrived. Top 10 Coolest Motorcycles of 2014
It's a Black Out! New 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Reviewed
It's a Black Out! New 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Reviewed
Raw. Powerful. Geniune. Affordable. Indian releases it's first 2016 motorcycle model, the Chief Dark Horse cruiser. With new cast wheels and a minimalist design approach, the Chief Dark Horse is the lightest and quickest Chief model. Read the review, features and multi-country specifications right here: 2016 Indian Motorcycle Model Guide
Exciting News! TMW 2016 Motorcycle Guides are now LIVE!
Exciting News! TMW 2016 Motorcycle Guides now LIVE!
Are you EXCITED? Yes indeed! Just as the 2015's are just finishing up, the 2016 motorcycle models are starting to appear and with that, the new 2016 Total Motorcycle Model Guides are now live for y'all. This year Total Motorcycle is media for 39 one does it better than TMW! 2016 Motorcycle Model Guides
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